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after going to a cat recuse meeting, I had to rush to another opening event after one of my friends told me there was a watch opening that i might like to write about so I hurry and over and sure enough I had to be late when the event already open for almost a few good minutes as well as having no carmen man with me... I sure had one thing was not able to take a lot of good pictures and having a load of other issues was sitting on the ground crawling to the other side, was I going to interview the big guest Ms Joey... no.. cause one I talk like a monkey and two I'm going to end up speaking a bit of cantonese and english... so... not smart of me.

here the embrassing pictures i took so poorly with my phone, thank you to all the staff for helping me. maybe i will post the rest later... cause i did a horrible job...

ih yeah, the bodygurads there didn't see me as a media and thinks i was a fan who randomly go in for a close up picture, when in fact I wasn't a fan but too short to be give the attention as one... for those who are my heigh <- guess, don't worry you can crawl your way for a better close up... trust me.. they won't mind a short fellow in.


Uh, I can't believe my work is so bad... i'll post the rest later... once I tried fixing it... oh my bad job as a blogger... oh my bad bad job this week... I did so wrong with the pictures... I failed... this time.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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