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34 minutes ago, egoswithpopcorn said:


yeah, there's an audition through smule :). I haven't tried it out yet but I know they're already at round 2 or season 2 of auditions as they released a new set of audition pieces.

Oh. Thank you. I'm so outdated. 

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Hey guys,

In regards to YG Auditions, because they don't have walk-in auditions, and only weekly auditions in Korea, I just have a few questions in regards to that.

1.) The YG audition truck, can anyone explain the general gist of what that consists of?

2.) What if I'm a foreigner (someone who's not Korean), going to audition in Korea, would that language barrier be a problem?

3.) Has anyone ever tried to walk into the YG building to ask about anything, or try to, audition? 


Thanks for the answers! 


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On 9/25/2015 at 11:51 AM, flowerboyjaejoong said:

Ok i see it thanks! What if I send an email audition but i don't receive the email saying they got it and to wait 30 days? Does that mean they didn't get it? Or do they not send those any more? Should I send it again?

Unfortunately yes, but we can still send them new videos to show more of our skills!

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Okay guys I told my parents about this. I’m suppose to go and audition this July but they won’t stop critisizing me for everything I don’t have, they think I need to know like literally everything, they think I need to know a bunch of instruments and go to competitions. I have never been trained before but I’m pretty confident in my dancing, and what I’m thinking is to try and show them that I have the potential since I have never been trained and can dance like this, because I know yg catches potential and is not traditional like other companies. But my family won’t calm down, they talked me for like 4 hours in everything I don’t have, they tell me I need learn instruments, go to competitions, they say I have legit nothing except for dancing and some rapping. They’ve never seen me performed but they have no confidence in me. Am I worrying too less or are they worrying too much, they talked me through all these things like what am I going to do if I fail after training for so long, do I have to pay for myself, what if we don’t have enough money. My brain was hurting so much yesterday, and I still believe in myself that it’s more likely they will see potential in me if I haven’t trained and can dance good then if I do all these bunch of other stuff, can some please helppp

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