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Guest back-sue

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Guest Benjamin Chen

my parents wont let me send in my audition how do i help convince them to i want this to atleast happen for yg and i want to live my dream its a hard position for me i dont know what to do any advice? would be helpful thank you

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I wasn't aware that YG Audition only has post auditions now...but I got an e-mail (shown below) because I sent them pictures/sound files: 

(Just as an FYI for everyone else - they responded 4 days later for anyone interested LOL)


This is YG audition manager.

For the application way, we have the "post" audition for now. We accept post audition all the time. E-mail or direct application cannot be acceptable.

We need (Saved in CD / Memory stick / Any other storage equipments)

1.   Your songs (English pop 1 & Korean pop 1 / don’t need full song / cover possible / video clip),

2.   The application ( introducing paper / download at http://www.yg-audition.com ),

3.   Your photos,

4.   Something else you want to show (such as dancing, beat-box, etc. / optional). 

If you prepared everything needed, please send them to the office by post,

"398-21 Seongkwang building 3F, Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea" to <YG audition>.

(Postal code: 121-886)

This post application is the first step of whole audition. Therefore, if you pass this step, you have to participate in the next audition in Seoul, Korea. There is no limitation of nationality, language ability or age for applying, so please freely challenge for your dream. YG audition team will personally contact with applicants who are selected from the post audition by mobile or e-mail, and it usually takes 2~5 weeks to notify.

Visit www.yg-audition.com for more information. 

Thank you for your concern.

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Guest kpopsavedmylife

hiiiiii~ \:D/ i have a few ?'s 1. i heard that once you debut that you have to payback YG all the money they spent on you, is this true? 2. if your not the best singer do you think its possible to make up for it with your personality? 3. im thinking of rapping, any song suggestions? 4. ( last one i promise ) im not Asian and im a tomboy, do you think that i have a chance? thanks you :)>-

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Guest dyyo

Hello! I am from Australia (VIC) and I am thinking about auditioning at YG's Global Audition 2014I am only 14 years old (99') as of now and I think it is an alright age to become a trainee (right?)My background is Cambodian but I was born in Australia.
I don't have much expectations of going in but I really want to try. I haven't talked to my parents or anyone about my thoughts on auditioning yet because no details of where the audition is placed has come out yet but if it is a reasonable (flying) distance from Australia, should I try to go? I don't know if my parents will let me go to another country without them, however I don't really want them to be with me... I don't want to come off as rude or disrespectful in any way but I am honestly quite uncomfortable around them when I am singing or "showing off" my skills(?)
Honestly, I am a person who gets nervous easily! Even in class when we're doing a debate my cheeks go really red and my eyes are all over the place but I am able to stay stable and read what I have written on my paper. I am trying to gain confidence but it will take a while. The people around me say I am good at singing and when I went for singing lessons (for a term) my teacher said I had a really cool r'n'b voice (I honestly don't know what she meant by that but if you do, please tell me~) Although I auditioned for my schools rock band twice, I failed both auditions. At my second audition (which was pretty recent) the two teachers (judges) told me I had a light smoky voice (please tell me what this means as well lol) but aside from singing, I recently have been putting a lot of interest in learning how to rap, dance, play instruments and compose music. 
I am really curious about the trainee life; especially for a foreigner. I saw an interview (SBS PopAsia - 

) where a man from YG talked about what they are looking for in new trainees and he says that if you get chosen "you would be coming with us to Seoul and start living there" Does this count for young foreigners like me? because I am not fluent in Korean so I was wondering about if how they would give you education if you don't speak Korean. There are many things that I am curious about but I feel that it would take so long to write haha, if possible does anyone know what (daily) schedule you would have for YG trainees? I have seen one or two videos about being a JYP trainee and their basic schedule but I was wondering what YG trainees do.
Someone please answer my queries and give me advice~ ^^(Sorry.. this is quite long..)

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Guest melaprilia

i can dance very well, dance is my passion and i focused on hip hop dance. I am 18 girl and i already a teacher, i really want to be a choreographer for YG entertaiment that's my dream job i guess. I'm Indonesian and have no idea to make my dream come true since i don't have any connection to Korea. i don't expect to be a choreographer now, but at least for the future, what should i do so i can realize my dream? can anyone help?

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