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[SeokMin Spazzland] Ha Seok Jin x Jeon So Min <3 1% of Something's Jae In x Dada

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Lee Jae In, played by Ha Seok Jin

Kim Da Hyun (Dada), played by Jeon So Min

"1% of Something" main drama thread

Get your sweetness fix on "1% of Something" 


Get to know Seok Jin and So Min - interviews and more

Playlist thanks to by @zae91

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Thank you very much @hazelnutthursdays and @triplem :) I'm in!!!



Ha Suk Jin talks about his current love life, ideal type, and marriage

By yckim124    24 days ago    26,576    2,147    8


Actor Ha Suk Jin opened up about his current love life, ideal type, marriage, and more during an interview with News 1

First, Ha Suk Jin revealed his current relationship status, saying, "Right now I'm not dating anyone. But I think my dating style has changed after meeting people and gaining life experiences. I think I'm more mature now." As for his ideal type, Ha Suk Jin said, "I've come to not care about the physical qualities now. I like someone with whom I can converse with well. Even if her visuals fit my ideal type, if she only stares at her phone when we meet up, I'd hate it. I want to meet a good person I can relate to, and someone who will be satisfied by just looking at each other in the eyes and conversing."

He also shared some thoughts on marriage, adding, "My peers told me that I should marry late. But first, I need to date. And if I do have to name a particular ideal type, I'd say that I'm more attracted to tall women. And since I have a dark complexion, I tend to like ladies who have fair skin."



‘Something About 1 Percent’ 2016 Lead Cast Dating? Ha Seok Jin Dropping Hints About Jeon So Min?

Posted on October 28, 2016
Something About 1 Percent 2016 debuted earlier this month and has been getting fairly good reviews. Now, the on-screen chemistry of cast members Ha Seok Jin and Jeon So Min might have developed into something deeper.

In an interview with News 1 Korea, Seok Jin opened up about romance and his ideal woman.

The 34-year-old actor first revealed that he is not dating anyone. According to him, this is because his dating style has matured after several life experiences.

Many of Seok Jin’s friends have also been pressuring him to get married because of his age. He jokingly replies to them that he “needs to date first” before even thinking about getting hitched.


Suk Jun plays a superficial and rich bachelor in Something About 1 Percent 2016. His bad attitude pushed his grandfather to come up with a condition for him to eventually claim his inheritance. He enters into a fake engagement with So Min’s character to satisfy their family patriarch’s demands.

However, the Hallyu heartthrob claims to be the opposite of his character in real life. “I’ve come to not care about the physical qualities anymore,” Seok Jin said. He specified that he gets annoyed with girls who are pretty but are on their phones the whole time.

The star of Drinking Solo detailed that he wants someone who converses well and can relate to him. “Someone who will be satisfied [with us] just looking at each other’s eyes,” Seok Jin gushed.

Related: ‘Something About 1 Percent’ 2016 Cast, Spoilers: Revived KDrama Similar To ‘Uncontrollably Fond’?


The actor then went on to describe the physical attributes of his “ideal woman.”

“I’m more attracted to tall women,” Seok Jin said. Since he has a dark complexion, the TV star said he tends to like girls who have fair skin.

K-drama fans were quick to comment on his interview. Some went online to say that the actor might be describing Something About 1 Percent cast member So Min.


Photo from Something About 1 Percent official Facebook page

The 30-year-old actress is also single after going through a highly publicized split with Yoon Hyun Min.

“Go date Jeon So Min for real!” a fan commented in an Allkpop report, adding that she is also tall and has “fair skin”.





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Ladies - as promised! It isn't much yet and the first post is still going to be a work in progress (and that will take time, specially as I'll be traveling for a week in the coming week and you all know how that goes). Unfortunately, only thread-starters can edit the first posts, so that'll be a while yet. But I promise I'll help clean this up. :)

Now that we've a couple thread for this, it's now appropriate to post this


Hihihii - more and more are bitten by the 1% (love) bug. :wub:

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Yay! @zae91..

This will be fun. The connection they have is one of the best I have seen in drama land. Maybe it will translate to real life, you never know. Plus HSJ is at the age where he could do with a Wife ..hahaha

Edited by triplem
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@hazelnutthursdays, THANKS! I'm on! @triplem@zae91 and @anjelikaeyes13, now we're here. Yeah! Nobody knows what happens with this pair and if they ever match, although the amazing chemistry they have, but this is a shippers' paradise for dreamers who daydream. This is for fun and it will be fun. We only need to enjoy the ride. Here we go! :blush::blush:

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Check this latest interview about HSJ that @mrdimples has posted in HSJ soompi thread before http://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/17590-ha-suk-jin-하석진/

He mentioned about 1% of something


Last one. Here is more of question and answer session with actor Ha Suk-jin who played a star instructor Jin Jung-suk in Drinking Solo. [OSEN, STAR NEWS] Ha debuted in an airline commercial in 2005, and gained an upright director image through projects like ‘Childless comfort’ or ‘Thrice married woman’ by acclaimed writer Kim Soo-hyun.
Q: Did you get any different response this time from your previous dramas?
A: With weekend dramas, you usually talk in terms of ratings, but now I hear it[DS] created buzz in internet communities and among younger audiences. I feel that my fan base got widened also.
Q: You have ‘Brain-sexy man’ and ‘Cool Man’ image.
A: ‘Brain-sexy man’ title is thankful. Even though it could create prejudice and limits on my acting activity, I think it is thankful title as a product to appeal to the public.

Q: You are very active in variety shows.(He did ‘I alive alone’ which shows single life and ‘Problematic Men’ which solves puzzles given.)
A: Actually I am shy and not so kind, but as I do ‘Problematic Men’, I think I learn how to change. Showing real Ha Suk-jin in variety shows can be helpful with my real occupation as an actor. When I was doing ‘I live alone’ program, I wanted to show real Ha Suk-sjin. Many entertainers try to cover themselves, but I didn’t want that way. I didn’t want to look cool. I didn’t want to be another director-nim (like my role in dramas). Even thought I have been doing ‘Problematic Men’ for a while, doing variety is still scary. It is easy to cause misunderstanding and hard to decide if I have to cover/hide something or show all.

Q: Your character was un-cool in the beginning, but comical enough to gain love from viewers.
A: I also thought that when I pushed Min Jin-woong ssi’s forehead in the elevator. Fortunately writer-nim made it funny. The time I dressed up and checked myself in the mirror (ep 9) was funny for me. My mother loved saying “I laughed the most among all the projects you have done so far.” I wanted to do a comedy. Because the script was written so funny, I just mostly followed the script. I felt I was alive on the set. Currently airing ‘1% of anything’ was filmed before, but the set (atmosphere) was really difficult. Compared to that, shooting atmosphere in Drinking Sole was really fun.

Q: Some say this is your life project.
A: I was confident to do well when I read the synopsis. I thought I could understand well about living contending with yourself regardless of what others think. Rather than thinking about ratings, I just thought about how I can make this character alive. Actually there are times I check my name in the internet out of curiosity. I have done ‘Problematic Men’ for a long time, but Taylor said he only saw me in the commercial. I have to give long explaination about me to the person like Taylor. I think after ‘Drinking solo’ there are less people who don’t know me. When I read comments about me, I only see hateful comments (It catches my eyes more). I use it as a tool to fix when I do acting. Many times I make much effort to fix them. I don’t feel wronged or have grudges. I just think whatever people like or dislike about me is all me. I am just thankful for the comments.

Q: There are many fans who want Season 2.
A: If they do S2, I think one of Jin Jung-suk or Park Ha-sun has to be eliminated. My mother asked if I do Season2, and I said I don’t know. Mother said I should be out. Park Ha-na character has lots of story to unwind or be developed, but Jin character already achieved and has a lot.

Q: You must be really satisfied with Drinking solo.
A: I loved working site so much. Shooting itself was very fun. After the first broadcast, when I went to the set thinking to ask if we had good ratings, they all clapped. I thought if this drama was not going down in ratings, they’d keep shooting in this atmosphere. When we did the last shooting on 21st, Ha-sun was sobbing and asked me “Why oppa is not crying?”, and I said “I’ve never cried in time like this.”
In the beginning of drama shooting everyone got nervous. In the case of PD, we even said he was slave of viewership ratings. When I think about it now, I wish I made the ratings promise that I dress up like Jin Jung-suk and drink alone in somewhere nice without notice because I have never done it.

Q: Was it all fun?
A: No. There was a scene I was hit with a lobster and they did it with real one. Staff said sorry when I asked why soft form was not used for that. It was very heavy and felt like a weapon. I felt pain when I got hit. When I went to the beauty shop to change my hair style for following scenes, hair designer said “Hyung, you are bleeding.”

Q:In the drama, you insisted for high quality and your ideal type was a tall model type.
A: I actually like a tall woman. While shooting I nagged Park Ha-sun ssi to arrange a meeting with a woman for me. “Ha-sun ah, when show ends, arrange a meeting with a women who graduated from Seoul Univ., who makes salary about 1/10 of mine, and has model style”. She said “Go away”. But as I got older, I like a person whom I can communicate with. I’d like to meet a woman who can make me not to check my cell(phone) while we are together.

Q: The kiss scene with Park Ha-sun with her on your shoulder was unique.
A: That pose was only possible because Park Ha-sun ssi was thin. She is shy and not the type who can make a friend easily. She still uses informal speech to me. I talk down to her, so Park Ha-sun ssi says I feel like a real boss like Jin Jung-suk character. She is not like her character in the show at all. Jin-woong is same way. Oh, Hwangwoo Seul-hye ssi is just like her character (Hwang Jin-yi) in real person.

Q:How was Gong Myung who played your younger brother? What would you do if you are really tangled in love triangle?
A: Gong Myung is 12 years younger than me, and he felt like my real brother when we went out for meal. We were like real bickering brothers, so I felt real and nice. We had good chemistry. [With same love interest] I am not sure about siblings, but I think I will step back if he is my friend. I don’t want to spoil my friendship because of a woman. It will be like Ki-bum’s choice.

Q: Are you similar to Jin Jung-suk in real life?
A: Living contending with myself is similar, I think. I have this confidence which I don’t know where it comes from. I have optimistic view that everything will work out well. As an actor, people seem to want me to become a top actor. They say “Why you are not popular like a halyu star?” but I want to ask back “Why should I?” I live working hard right now and am on right path, and keep working in various genres- those are worthwhile, I think.

Q: You majored in Engineering in college. How did you become an actor?
A: It has not been long since I thought acting was my path. Like until 2010 I just thought acting was a tool to make money. I became an actor by accident. My friend from middle school got a job in a new entertainment agency, and they needed actors. So he recommended me. I didn’t even watch much TV then, and I’ve never thought I got some entertainer thing in my blood. And even after I became an actor, whenever I made money and had time, I just went to PC room playing soccer game. I lived like that for 5-6 years. In winter of 2010, I played the male lead in tvN’s drama ‘Once upon a time in Sangchori’, and it was really cold. After the show, I took a trip for a month, thinking I worked hard and deserved a reward. I thought a lot during that time. My conclusion was “I should work hard”.

Q: How is actor Ha Suk-jin? What is Ha Suk-jin’s unique point as an actor in his 30’s?
A: I have worked without taking a break. Now I have experience, but this occupation changes over to an artist from a technician at some point. Can I do it? Thinking that makes me feel lost. As I got older, I became to compare myself to people in my age group who found careers of their lives and working for settled life. Currently I live ‘hand-to-mouth’. Even though it has been more than 10 years since I debuted, I have to do well to be able to get next project. With My occupation, you can only work when someone asks for you. I wonder if I am a man who deserves that. Before 30, I used to think I could leave the set when I didn’t make NG, but now I work to make a character people can feel relatable. My goal is to keep working without causing trouble as an adult man. For the acting, I wonder how far I can go-like if I get to act a gloomy role, I wonder if I can get into character ruining my health like Kim Myung-min sunbae-nim.

I don’t know if I have my own unique point. I should show in my acting. There are many interesting dramas these days. As I watch young guys acting, I think if I did the acting like them when I was at their age, I would have done better now. Also when I watch actors in my age, I’m amazed how deliciously they deliver their lines. [For next project] I plan to have a break during winter. I feel like shooting in winter makes a fake to endure the cold weather. There was time I was pretending I was not cold wearing thin jumper when I was actually freezing. I don’t want to do that this winter. Oh, I think I will continue ‘Problematic Men’ because there is heater there.

source: http://www.dramabeans.com/2016/11/open-thread-472/#comment-2544205 Translation at comment #47


Yorobun, please follow the thread (above of the page) :) 


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MBC's I Live Alone "나 혼자 산다"


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Actor Ha Seok Jin is known for his handsome looks and great acting skills with the recent role in The Legendary Witch as the Nam Woo Seok. He has been living alone in the apartment and has even a hard time finding love for the past 4 years. 
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https://youtu.be/NfdcRpMx8jI  Showbiz Korea-ACTOR HA SEOK-JIN 배우 하석진 (Published on Nov 26, 2014 )

In 9:21 he asked about whether he prefer to be alone or couple and said he prefer to be alone because he overwhelmed living on his own and not ready to show considerate for others yet

In another interview  Interview with Ha Seokjin [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.07.25]

In 3:06 he asked about whether he good in play mildang (push and pull) or not, he said not. He straight-forward to the person he like. If he like someone, he will make a move. If the girl doesn't reciprocate, he will try harder and give up if it's not working. He then stated that he against his relationship being public. He said he doesn't have girlfriend. He doesn't express his love excessively. He is pretty brusque. But he likes if his girlfriend act cute because of (complained about) that :sweatingbullets:. Falling in love despite the busy schedule like fate would be more beautiful, than meeting someone because you have time.

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Jeon So Min Reveals the Drinking Habits She’s Had in the Past

jeon so min

On the episode of MBC’s “Radio Star” aired on July 1, Jeon So Min confessed that her drinking habits have changed.

When asked about the subject by MC Yoon Jong Shin, she comments, “I’m pretty stable now but I had a few drinking habits in the past.”

“When I was in my 20s, I called my ex-boyfriend,” she says. “One time, I didn’t remember the last digit of his number so I texted every number from 0 to 9. Nine guys texted me back, but one waited until the morning.”

“I regretted it so much,” she says. “Since then I haven’t had a drinking habit.”

Jeon So Min also mentions the quirky things she does when drunk. “I go on the swings in the playground after drinking because I want to be even more drunk,” she says. “Afterwards, I lie on the slide and gaze at the stars.”

“I’ve even slept on the slides. Now, come to think of it, it seems like a dangerous drinking habit,” she adds. “I don’t have this habit anymore because there aren’t as many swings in the playground. I swear I don’t have any drinking habits now.”

jeon so min 2


Both HSJ and JSM have opposite drinking habits. While JSM is have low tolerance level in drinking, HSJ in contrary really good in drinking. They matched really well to be couple, because he can protect her while drinking together kekeke :D

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I asked our brilliant @stroppyse to translate this http://www.hankookilbo.com/v/1ab8d42d9e4a6b86010ac0a10c58fa86 (in 1% of Anything thread) in the part where HSJ talked about his co star and marriage view:

[Interview] Ha Suk Jin "When I'm acting I sincerely love the actress that I'm working with"

[Korea Sports Journal Heo In Hae] To actor Ha Suk Jin has been called 'Melo Master' (*melo tends to mean romantic rather than melodramatic, though it comes from the word melodrama), when asked the reason, his answer was refreshing. 

- ‘Let’s Drink’ and also another shooting work ‘1% of Something’ broadcasts overlap. He was able to work well with both Park Ha Sun and Jeon So Min.
“With Park Ha Sun slowly, with Jeon So Min more quickly by necessity, I was able to get close to them. Their temperaments while shooting were different. Actors who can do comedy well are actually usually cool in nature and think a lot. Neither I nor Park Ha Sun are the types to become close to people quickly, so we took our time. Jeon So Min is similar to the character that she plays. The shooting set was also very busy. We had to shoot about 5 movies worth to show 34 episodes. You could say it was ‘camaraderie of war’.”

- Dating or Marriage Thoughts.
“I’m already prepared for such sweetness. To Park Ha Sun and Min Jin Woong, I’ve already requested them to set me up joking some parody lines that I want a “career woman like a lion with the style of a major model”, but was scolded. In truth it’s really ‘a woman with whom I can communicate well with’. Before, I looked at their appearance, but now I would lik a woman who has things to say and is able to discuss things intelligently. Meeting with just looks alone and having nothing to say but constantly looking at her phone would have no meaning anyway.


Thank you very much for @stroppyse, I can't said anything better than that _/|\_ :)

Here the forum dear @canbeMIA and @popcornhoney:)

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Hi dear @naritul:) should I invite @sooffy08 here? hehe

Sinca? you're new here and this is your first post @andriyaniekaa? huaaa welcome welcome :) 

I'm agree with @mrdimples in 1% of Anything's thread. I also won't go beyond the limit to push HSJ JSM much, I ship them, but I'll respect whether they're end up together or not since it's God's part and fate :) but I'll keep support them, so is it ok to share their next projects or news about them here? especially for JSM... Because we already have HSJ's thread

I hope this forum is still warm and good and not hurting other both of their co-star or anyone that might be have relationship to them. I'll respect them fully, and from now on since they both single (hope so), let's shipping them kekeke, in the good way of-course

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Apart from another couple that i also ship, these two have very natural and believable chemistry on screen and and the I get good vibes off screen. Does not feel forced or that it is just down to good acting. They match well and they were equally into each other.

I'm not a hard core shipper in a sense that I will be happy even if they don't end up with each other IRL. But it will be really nice if they do right? Plus it is nice spazzing and squealing with joy together with the like-minded. Perhaps a form of escapism for me from sometimes long hours at work ;) and daily routine.I believe after the drama is over , more will join this thread to reminisce about our beautiful OTP.....

Plus like @andreasofia16 said earlier: "this is a shippers' paradise for dreamers who daydream. This is for fun and it will be fun. We only need to enjoy the ride."

11 minutes ago, zae91 said:

I also won't go beyond the limit to push HSJ JSM much, I ship them, but I'll respect whether they're end up together or not since it's God's part and fate :) but I'll keep support them, so is it ok to share their next projects or news about them here? especially for JSM... Because we already have HSJ's threa


I think that is a great idea! I have no problems with that. I'm sure it's no problem to share some HSJ stuff  too..ahem...especially hawt pics..:phew:

Edited by triplem
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My fangirl heart is oh so weak...I can't resist this ship <3 <3 <3 1% of Something seemingly came out of no where and is now sitting firmly in my top three favorite k-romcoms of all time list! The reason is simple, HSJ and JSM have smoldering energy as a pair! I have never seen a K-romance come off so realistic despite some of the outlandish plot points. I would love to see these two share airtime again in any possible capacity...another drama, a variety show appearance...maybe a soompi headline announcing that they have been dating on the low ;) 

I am hoping that the upcoming fanmeet reunion will help them rekindle some of the "in love" vibes that they were feeling during filming :wub:

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