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[Movie 2017] The Fortress 남한산성 Namhansanseong

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November 21, 2018


KIM Jee-yong Earns Top Camerimage Prize for THE FORTRESS
Korean Cinematographer Earns Coveted Golden Frog


by Pierce Conran KoBiz // EnergaCAMERIMAGE 2018


This past weekend, KIM Jee-yong earned the Golden Frog Award from the 26th edition of EnergaCamerimage, the world’s top cinematography event which takes place in Bydgoszcz, Poland every year, for his work on HWANG Dong-hyuk’s austere siege drama The Fortress (2017). It is the first time that a cinematographer from Korea has earned the prize. 


Meanwhile, the Silver and Bronze prizes were picked up by Paweł PAWLIKOWSKI’s Cold War and Alfonso CUARÓN’s Roma, respectively. Earlier this year, KIM earned the Best Cinematography Awards from the Asian Film Awards and the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards, also for The Fortress.


Released during last year’s Chuseok holiday, The Fortress features PARK Hae-il as the King of Joseon who confers with his ministers, played by KIM Yun-seok and LEE Byung-hun, about whether to surrender to the Qing Army invaders laying siege to their fortress.


KIM Jee-yong, who spent time working in America before returning to Korea, made his debut as a feature cinematographer on KIM Jee-woon’s action-thriller A Bittersweet Life (2005). He has continued to work frequently with KIM, having shot his Hollywood debut The Last Stand with Arnold SCHWARZENEGGER in 2013, as well as his acclaimed colonial-era espionage yarn The Age of Shadows (2016).


Prior to The Fortress, KIM also shot Director HWANG’s previous films Silenced (2011) and Miss Granny (2014). Other notable credits include YIM Pil-sung’s Hansel and Gretel (2007), JANG Joon-hwan’s Hwayi: A Monster Boy (2013) and LEE Won-suk’s The Royal Tailor (2014).

Published on November 17, 2018 by Polskie Radio PiK


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December 12, 2018

The 18th Director's Cut Awards Announces Winners For Actor Categories

Source: Soompi by K. Lew


This year’s Director’s Cut Awards has announced the winners of the actor award categories as well as some of the nominees for the director awards.


The awards ceremony began in 1998, with this year marking the 18th Director’s Cut Awards. The Korean Film Directors Association hosts and chooses the awardees for the ceremony. This year, the directors in the association personally voted for the awardees whose works premiered from October 1, 2017 until September 30, 2018.


There are four award categories for directors — Director of the Year, Rookie Director of the Year, Vision of the Year, and Screenplay of the Year. There are four award categories for actors — Male Actor of the Year, Female Actor of the Year, Rookie Male Actor of the Year, and Rookie Female Actor of the Year.


This year, Lee Sung Min won Male Actor of the Year for “The Spy Gone North,” while Kim Tae Ri won Female Actor of the Year for “Little Forest.” The Rookie Male and Female Actor of the Year awards went to EXO’s D.O. for “Along With the Gods” and Kim Da Mi for “The Witch” respectively.


The nominees for Director of the Year are Hwang Dong Hyuk for “The Fortress,” Jang Joon Hwan for “1987,” Im Soon Rae for “Little Forest,” Lee Chang Dong for “Burning,” Min Kyu Dong for “Her Story,” and Yoon Jong Bin for “The Spy Gone North.”


For the Rookie Director of the Year award, nominees include Kang Yoon Sung for “The Outlaws,” Kim Dae Hwan for “The First Lap,” Jeon Go Woon for “Microhabitat,” Shin Dong Suk for “Last Child,” and Kim Eui Seok for “After My Death.”


The nominees for Vision of the Year are Shin Soo Won for “Glass Garden,” Kim Il Ran and Lee Hyuk Sang for “The Remnants,” Jeon Go Woon for “Microhabitat,” Go Bong Soo for “Loser’s Adventure,” Shin Dong Suk for “Last Child,” and Kim Eui Seok for “After My Death.”


For Screenplay of the Year, nominees include Hwang Dong Hyuk for “The Fortress,” Kim Kyung Chan for “1987,” Oh Jung Mi and Lee Chang Dong for “Burning,” Jung Seo Kyung and Lee Hae Young for “Believer,” Seo Hye Rim, Jung Kyuh Woon, and Min Kyu Dong for “Her Story,” and Kwon Sung Hwi and Yoon Jong Bin for “The Spy Gone North.”


The ceremony for the 18th Director’s Cut Awards will be held on December 14 at 6:30 p.m. KST, where all of the winners will be revealed.


Source (1)

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Thanks to the highlight & English translation by mistymorning at LBH soompi ~


December 20, 2018


Exhibition: Creating faces in movie - extensive records of Korean Movie make-up by Cho Taehee


Source: Interview365


Movie make up artist exhibition, who's specialized for historical movies. He did make-up and hair for the movie Gwanghae and The Fortress. Exhibition "Exhibition: Creating faces in movie - extensive records of Korean Movie make-up by make-up artist Cho Taehee" will be held in Dec 29th 2018 to Apr 23rd, 2019 in Ara Art Center in Insadong, Seoul.


This exhibition will show concept drawings, special wigs and mustaches, accessories and other high quality make up techniques, in the movies he worked on starting with the movie "Gwanghae"(2012), The Fatal Encounter(2014), The Throne(2015), The Fortress(2017), Park Yul(2017), The Great Battle(2018), total of 15 movies and main characters in those movies. 


From Cho's instagram, the exhibition poster.


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Thanks to the highlight & English description by mistymorning at LBH soompi ~


Bring you nice clip from 

The show is called "Pocha without border" (Pocha = Pojangmacha, a street food stall you can see in Korea, sell drinks and foods). I think they go abroad and I see old movie star Park Joonghoon here and current star Shin Sekyung(I remember her from drama, Deep rooted tree) cooking and serving foods here. In this clip, a French writer, Bernard Werber(Famous in Korea for the book , Empire of the ants),  visited with his friend a movie script writer. His friend is talking about the movie "I saw the devil", that it's his all time favourite movie.


Not in this clip, but later Bernard Werber said he liked the movie, "The Chaser" and "The Fortress". (Source) Hey, they happen to have great tastes in movies, just like us. :D


The Clip mentioning THE FORTRESS from tvN 


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#TheFortress #Throwback


CINE21 pictorial feat. Lee Byung Hun, Park Hae Il, Park Hee Sun and Go Soo.

Published on September 13, 2017 by cine21, thanks to mistymorning for the gist ~


LBH: Wish you a bountiful Chuseok, and please watch many movies during the long holiday.


PHI: We're wearing hanbok in the movie. (Banner saying, hanbok is the must for traditional holidays. everyone laughing) looking forward to seeing you in fall with our movie.



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March 15, 2019


"The Fortress"  is one of the movies appearing in the "Creating the Face of Cinema Exhibition" which featured the work of Cho Tae Hee, an amazing makeup artist. 




Make up tools used on Lee Byung Hun. 




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Actor Park Hae Il who played King Injo in the movie visited the Screen Drawing, Movie Make-Up Exhibition (March 26?). He took photos and left his message at THE FORTRESS section as well.


Photos: Cho Taehee


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May 10, 2019


MOON So-ri and JANG Joon-hwan to Visit Korean Film Festival DC


by Pierce Conran KOFIC


The Korean Film Festival DC returns this month for its 2019 edition, which will unfold from May 10 to July 1. This year’s event will feature 11 recent Korean titles as well as a pair of very special guests, acclaimed actress MOON So-ri and director JANG Joon-hwan. Screenings will take place at the Freer Gallery of Art, Meier Auditorium and the Korean Cultural Center in Washington, DC, as well as the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center in Maryland.


Kicking off the program on May 10 will be YIM Soon-rye’s youth drama Little Forest (2018), the remake of the Japanese manga and films of the same name, which stars KIM Tae-ri and RYU Jun-yeol. One of the event’s highlights will be a screening of LEE Chang-dong’s Cannes-selected BURNING on May 18, which, as part of the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, will feature an informal discussion of the film’s literary sources, the ‘Barn Burning’ short stories by William FAULKNER and MURAKAMI Haruki. The selection will then come to a close with the acclaimed period siege drama The Fortress (2017), from director HWANG Dong-hyuk and featuring stars LEE Byung-hun, KIM Yun-seok and PARK Hae-il.


A Good Lawyer’s Wife (2003) star MOON So-ri will be in town to present a screening of her directorial debut The Running Actress (2017), which she also stars in, on June 7. Director JANG will accompany the screening of his latest film 1987: When the Day Comes (2017) on June 9.


Other films to be featured this year include the Hong Sangsoo films Grass (2018) and Hotel by the River (2018), the indies Hit the Night (2018) by JEONG Ga-young and JEON Go-woon’s Microhabitat (2018), as well as commercial titles such as PARK In-jae’s election drama The Mayor (2017) and PARK Kwang-hyun’s action-thriller Fabricated City (2017).


The Korean Film Festival DC is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of the Republic of Korea.

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