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[Drama 2017] Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People 역적: 백성을 훔친 도적

Go Seung Ji

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Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People: Episode 9

by dramallama | February 28, 2017 | 9 Comments


The revenge plot begins, with Gil-dong making small but steady steps forward to get back on those who hurt his family. He begins to adopt his father’s role and carry on his legacy by protecting his people and paying his enemies back. He may not be as ruthless as Amogae (yet), but he has the heart and now the strength to actively resist anyone who seeks their destruction.



The mysterious scholar leads Gil-hyun into a court of students all furiously studying Confucian text. Gil-hyun remembers the time in his youth when he loved to read but was punished for his unfitting intelligence as a slave. As Gil-hyun looks around in awe, the mysterious scholar explains that all these students are studying for the upcoming civil service exam.

He then turns to Gil-hyun and asks who he is (in reference to his family ancestry). Gil-hyun quickly thinks back to the information he gathered at the deceased man’s home in the woods. He repeats the family credentials listed in the man’s will as his own, and then the scholar asks about his parents. Gil-hyun is saved by an interruption by a fellow student, who calls the scholar “Teacher” — we’ll call the scholar TEACHER SONG now. Teacher Song introduces Gil-hyun to the student.

The friendly student walks with Gil-hyun and asks if he also met Teacher Song in front of the stationary stand. It seems Teacher Song frequently picks up new students in this manner, and we learn that he does so because this house is a place for scholar-hopefuls whose fathers have passed away early, like him, or who lack the money, background, and social standing to pursue this path.

The student suggests that Gil-hyun join them, since people like themselves need to stick together to succeed. But Gil-hyun claims that he does not plan on taking the civil service examination and that he merely visited the scholars’ hall because he was curious about what it looked like. Unfazed by the rejection, the student insists that Gil-hyun study with them, saying that he feels like he’s known Gil-hyun like an old friend. The music cue at “old friend” gets my spidey senses tingling…


Read more:: http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/02/rebel-thief-who-stole-the-people-episode-9/

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[Spoilers] Rebel Ep  10




Naver - Osen: Yoon Kyun Sang's revenge X Honey Lee's temptation... approaches Kim Ji Seok 

1. [+1,239, -17] Looks like Amogae's life is in danger, it's making me anxious.. I'm so tempted to make a  neat man bun out of his disheveled hair

2. [+725, -19] It seems that he's reuniting with his hyung in the next episode, hope it's gonna be a good one

3. [+548, -17] Mori makes me nervous

4. [+527, -17] I miss Eorini

5. [+479, -22] In the scene where Kim Sang Joong is crying while clasping the flower shoes in his hand, I cried with him

6. [+228, -10] Yoon Kyun Sang's acting is better than I thought...

7. [+185, -2] I hope Amogae doesn't die and stays until the last episode ㅜ

8. [+186, -4] Such a well-made sageuk, I have always wanted to see a drama like this

9. [+184, -5] This drama is amazing. I wondered why Kim Ji Seok speaks in a feeble voice but turns out he's portraying a weak king ㄷㄷ
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Trying really hard to stay away from all the spoilers because I've watched only the first five episodes so far, but I've done that in one go. That itself points to how much I like it. Not only is the story interesting,  but the acting is good, the cinematography is beautiful, and the show is well-written. Oh, I love the OST, too. I wish it was a bit shorter (30 episodes, my goodness...), yet I'm happy I came across this one.

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Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People: Episode 10

by tineybeanie | March 2, 2017 | 12 Comments


The first parts of Gil-dong’s revenge plan are set into motion, and slowly I can start to see the big picture of how events will lead up to the final showdown against Yeonsangun. My heart goes out to the faltering king even as I’m rooting for the hero to prevail, because most of the events that pit them against each other seem to be a tragic result of social inequality and inevitable differences in their childhoods rather than a true hatred of each other. Had they been born in a different era, I think they could have even been friends, so the realization that class differences can create such a divide is even more devastating.



Gil-dong gives Heotaehak a choice: live the rest of his life as Choongwongoon’s hunting dog, or join the Amogae Avengers. At first, Heotaehak doesn’t see the benefits of joining Gil-dong’s crew, but then Gil-dong points out that he would no longer be living as a beast, but treated as an actual human being. He offers to give Heotaehak a share of the profit once they take their silver mine back from Choongwongoon. Knowing that Choongwongoon would never give him the same type of deal, Heotaehak seems to reconsider Gil-dong’s offer.

Ga-ryung pats down Gil-dong, checking to see if he’s sustained any injuries from their Heotaehak-kidnapping raid, and she asks him if he’s all right while the other bandit hyungs smile on approvingly. Meanwhile, Eop-san is making his greetings to the Ikhwari Great Elder. He presents Amogae with a pink flower shoe; it’s the one that Gil-dong brought as a travel present for Eorini all those months ago. Eop-san tells Amogae that someone was found dead with the shoe tightly clutched to her chest, and he suspects that it might have been Eorini. Amogae takes the shoe gently, but tells Eop-san not to tell Gil-dong. Although Eop-san protests because Gil-dong has been looking everywhere for them, Amogae insists that it’s family business. 

Later, Gil-dong announces his strengthened resolution to find his siblings while Eop-san looks away shiftily. Ga-ryung then brings a huge basket of snacks that Gil-dong wants to take away, because he’s already told her not to cook for them. However, she insists that she’s not serving them; the food is for her to eat. She asks for some rice wine while confessing that she doesn’t normally drink, but wants some to warm up because of the cold weather. So Gil-dong, trying to be considerate, pours her a half bowl, but when he stops pouring, she looks at him expectantly to continue. The others tell him to give her a full bowl, and she downs it like a well-seasoned drinker.

Perhaps it’s just kid-sister affection, but Gil-dong smiles as he warms up a hot stone for her to sleep on. Ga-ryung has already passed out like a ton of bricks, so he and Soboori take her to her room. Soboori tells Gil-dong that he thinks Ga-ryung really likes him, and Gil-dong replies that it’s not like that. But when Soboori leaves the room first, Gil-dong takes out the warmed stone he hid in his back pocket and places it by Ga-ryung’s side. On his way out of the room, she kicks him, and it reminds him of the time Eorini came to sleep with him and Gil-hyun because she was afraid of the dark and ended up kicking both of them nonstop in her dream state.


Read more:: http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/03/rebel-thief-who-stole-the-people-episode-10/

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Now, that I've caught up with all the episodes, I can see the whole picture, thus I have a new take on the drama, and my problem with it is its somewhat slow pace. Acting, cinematography, and music are wonderful. Also, I do like the fact that we've seen the characters grow up and change in whichever way; that we've seen their roots and their rite of passage, so to speak. However, there have also been instances where I would watch an episode with the story circling around itself. It wouldn't repeat itself per se, yet it wouldn't move forward either and/or add depth to the overall narrative.

I feel bad for Gil Dong for growing up in such a confused state, psychologically speaking.

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Gong Minzy to release an OST for 'Rebel'


Naver- Sports Dong A: Gong Minzy's first move after withdrawing from 2NE1... to participate in OST for Rebel

1. [+762, -34] Her vocal color is nice. Can't wait!

2. [+555, -22] Minzy~~ You'll have a lot more stuff to show from now on since you weren't able to the whole time^^ Hope to see you sing and dance a lot on variety!

3. [+495, -20] Her voice is so good! I'll look forward to it~!

4. [+350, -19] Looking forward to it!

5. [+293, -19] Can't wait~

6. [+81, -9] Gong Minzy's seriously underrated considering the amount of talent she has. She hardly lacks anything, she was in charge of dance but she got the least push in 2NE1

7. [+61, -7] Seeing news like this makes me realize that she did well for leaving YG.. She got neglected too much. Hope you make it big~

8. [+54, -6] I wish the best for her. She dropped out of high school just to focus on 2NE1 but Yang Hyun Suk barely gave her the support and only kept her in his treasure chest

9. [+48, -6] She bursts with charms in Unnie's Slam Dunk, her vocal color is great and dances wellㅎㅎ Wishing things will turn out well for you!!!!♥

10. [+45, -5] Gong Minzy's vocals are top notchㅎㅎㅎ fighting


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I have always had an affinity for Lee Ha Nui, but she is absolutely brilliant as NS so far. And I honestly want to squeeze Chae Soo Bin every time I see her on the screen. Can't wait to get into her story more. I feel SGR's story is a Pandora's Box waiting to be opened. Not to take anything away from the males, but these female characters are so strong, and feel like they're every bit a part of the story, not in the background, or side characters. Seo Yi Sook as well. I love her voice, but as usual, I seem to hate her character, lol. Even Hwang Suk-Jung is killing it in her hanboks...but she can rock anything she wears(anyone catch her nail game yet?). I hope the viewership continue to grow.

Thank you to everyone who diligently post and update this forum! :heart:

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@chewii haven't seen any discussion of Ga Ryung's background come up in any of the episodes yet. She's still a mystery. Hopefully we'll get more of her story next week. For now, she still has a huge crush on Gil Dong, so I'm guessing her marriage will come up in the latter half of the drama series. In the first episode, her hair is shown in the traditional style of a woman who is/has been married. So maybe a final rejection by GD pushes her into someone else arms. My guess right now is it will be GD childhood friend( forgot his name).

With so many more episodes to go, we still have a lot of ground to cover. Like, where is the sister? Is GD going to see GH next week? When will the Hong family find out they all survived? How does NS finally get the King in her grasp? 

This show is really well done so far. Even without subs, I was glued to the screen at the gym :D.

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Naver - Sports Chosun: 'Rebel' Yoon Gyun Sang, The start of catching Kim Jung Tae...Lee Honey change to Jang Nok Su.

1. [+529, -14] Even though Amogae become weaker, his way of looking at the world is still so bright...I hope he become healthier~ ㅠ

2. [+444, -14] The king is gradually changing ㄷㄷ Prince Choong Won's acting is really good ㅋㅋ

3. [+335, -26] Rebel is very fun ㅋㅋ^^

4. [+171, -6] The writer knows how to write the script well, It's not slow and it's not fast either

5. [+125, -7] They will finally catch Prince Choong Won, i'm really looking forward to tomorrow, He doesn't know what's going on and I'm so excited to see Gil Dong breaks Choong Won down ㅎㅎ In the meantime, Kim Jung Tae's angry acting is really good ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+83, -2] Why is Ahn Nae Sang ahjussi doing all of that for Gil Hyun..? He even gave him the beads...

7. [+76, -4] It's getting more fun. Sooner, Choong Won will lose everything, and will fight Yeonsangun. Looking forward to that.




Naver - Xports News: 'Rebel' Chae Soo Bin, Have you ever see a girl who is honest about her one side love

1. [+529, -14] So cute. I wish it continues like this. ㅋ

2. [+444, -14] She is so cute...

3. [+335, -26] How can he not like a woman like that? ㅠ.ㅠ Gil Dong staring to fall for her...

4. [+171, -6] She is so lovely ㅜㅜ

5. [+125, -7] Chae Soo Bin is totally cute ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. [+83, -2] Chae Soo Bin ♡♡♡♡♡

7. [+76, -4] Her face is naturally beautiful, she really looks like a squirrel, So lovely and cute

8. [+76, -4] I feel like Chae Soo Bin and  Prince Choong Won will meet next time





Naver - Osen: 'Rebel' Yoon Gyu Sang, Kim Jung-tae was arrested for treason...Exciting revenge
1. [+1347, -48] It's really fun, the actor are so strong and good, MBC should take a good care of them in the end of the year awards, It's been a long time since MBC made a proper historical drama ㄷㄷ
2. [+1024, -30] Gil's brother pinched a movement ㄷㄷ Prince Choong Won goodbye
3. [+981, -31] Gil Dong is really smart~ As expected, He's Amogae's son ~ ㅎ
4. [+639, -23] Today was really fun, Next Week they will perjure Prince Choong Won
5. [+289, -8] Prince Choong Won got everything wrong, he thought that Gil Dong and that ahjussi were on his side...He was stabbed in the back for the first time~ㅋ
6. [+266, -6] Such a great writer. She studied that historical area really well and that's why it's so much fun ㅎㅎ The writer is a genius  ㅎㅎ A real legend ㅎ
7. [+244, -15] Gil Hyun doesn't have a familiar face but his acting is really good...Rebel is really exciting~!
8. [+162, -4] I want to see the reunion of the brothers really soon



Naver - Xports News: 'Rebel' Kim Ji Suk, Beginning of bloody purges...went up in front of the wall
1. [+520, -10] Rebel's writer is really a genuis, She wrote Gil Dong's role so well...
2. [+339, -11] Hong Gil Hyun...Sim Hee Seop is really attractive!
3. [+242, -10] Rebel is really fun~
4. [+226, -7] Ah really refreshing. Catching Prince Choong Wok was a collaboration between Gil Dong and his brother. Goosebumps  ~ㅋㅋ
5. [+100, -1] the write has done a lot of research
6. [+90, -1] I'm going crazy because of this drama
7. [+102, -7] Fun even though Ryu Jagwang is a little weak...ㅋㅋ
8. [+87, -2] Young Gil Dong's Nostril ~ㅋㅋ cute
9. [+84, -2] I really like it, it didn't go too far and it's such a good story
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What surprises me is the change in Gil Dong. I understand his willingness to be more proactive, take the silver mines back, get revenge, etc. That makes sense. Yet, he suddenly became a mastermind, which is almost a 180° turn from the way he used to be.

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