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[Drama 2016-2017] Still Loving You 빛나라 은수, Mon-Fri 20:25. Thanks for watch!


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KBS daily drama

The Shining Eun Soo (aka Still loving you)




Title: 빛나라 은수 / The Shining Eun Soo
Chinese Title: 閃耀的恩秀
Also known as: Bit Na and Eun Soo
Previously known as: 그래도 사랑해 / I Still Love You
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 125 
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2016-Nov-28 to may 26, 2017
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:25



The tale of former teacher and student, Oh Eun Soo (Lee Young Eun) and Kim Bit Na (Park Ha Na), who meet again years later after they married brothers, Yoon Soo Ho (Kim Dong Joon) and Yoon Soo Hyun (Choi Jung Won). They even become stepsisters after remarriage of their parents.


Main Cast

Kim Dong Joon as Yoon Soo Ho
Lee Young Eun as Oh Eun Soo
Choi Jung Won as Yoon Soo Hyun
Park Ha Na as Kim Bit Na

Official site:





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just finish episode 1 with sub. the drama was alright.

that scne in the bar was funny.

i laugh when ES kick YS. the guy though she was a easy woman. how wrong he was.

i already dont like BN. she such a spoiler brat. how can she be so mean to someone ma.

didnt like her in the promise too.

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11 hours ago, wunwing1 said:

just finish episode 1 with sub. the drama was alright.

that scne in the bar was funny.

i laugh when ES kick YS. the guy though she was a easy woman. how wrong he was.

i already dont like BN. she such a spoiler brat. how can she be so mean to someone ma.

didnt like her in the promise too.

Hello All, Well we got a spoiled rich brat needs to be taught some major life lesson but she will gibe ES hell she got serious mommy issues.. Did mommy leave her with dad to persume a life for herself or to be with another man.. So capital punishment is out teacher can no longer punish the students but that student is going to hell to deal with.. I'm not so fond of the theory of this daily because it's a no brainer were it's going.. Unless Es marryis the brat dad I don't know what will make up for the torment she's about to dish out..

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The first episode of The Shining Eun Soo shows lots of promise. In contrast to the long suffering female leads too frequently found in Korean Dramas, Eun Soo doesn't go looking for trouble but knows how to handle it when trouble goes looking for her.

Eun Soo is a newly minted high school teacher preparing to teach her first class.

Apparently no Korean Drama is complete without an insufferable rich brat. She makes her appearance in the department store where Eun Soo's mother works as Eun Soo is buying clothes to wear to work.

The rich brat stomps around the store and snarls at the staff. When Eun Soo's mother helps remove an ink stain on her sleeve, the rich brat almost seems cheesed off that she has one less grievance to pursue. So she pursues it anyway, demanding that Eun Soo's mother pay the price of the garment (over $899.)

Another staple of Korean Drama seems to be the person in authority who placates the rich brat and further abuses the plebes who find themselves in her way. In this case, it is the store manager who kisses up to the rich brat and reprimands the sales personnel who tried to help her.

The only person who stands up to the rich brat is Eun Soo. Likely there will be further encounters between the two women as the series progresses.

In the spirit of gender equality, we are introduced to a male jerk as well. Likely he is rich, as he sleeps late and doesn't leave his crib until it's time to go clubbing.

Eun Soo ends up in the same club as the insufferable jerk. He hits on her and she hits back, practically dislocating his shoulder as she pins his arm behind his back. Likely we will also see more of him in future episodes. Will he continue to be a jerk, or emerge as a flawed man redeemed by the love of a good woman?

Thrown into the mix is a middle aged couple. Hard to tell at this point whether the husband is a lovable hot-head or an abusive spouse. Their relationship to the other characters is unclear.

Back to the female of the jerk species. Did I say we will encounter her again? The night at the club concludes with a dance contest in which Eun Soo competes with the rich young mother of a dog and wins first prize. The brat later retaliates by dousing one of Eun Soo's friends while she is in a restroom stall. While rich brat manages to escape before she can be seen, she drops a bracelet which Eun Soo quickly identifies as hers. To be continued.

Very soon. Eun Soo reports for her first day of teaching and literally runs into rich brat. Is rich brat a student or fellow teacher? We don't know because the first episode concludes.

This drama replaces The Unusual Family on KBS this week and KBS America next week. Like the drama it replaces, themes of class resentment if not class struggle are front and center in the Shining Eun Soo. For those of us who like to see common folk land a punch now and then, The Shining Eun Soo seems likely to be more satisfying than The Unusual Family.

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It suddenly dawned on me that the rich brat is likely Eun Soo's former student who becomes her sister in law. 

Will rich brat experience a personality transplant before she becomes Eun Soo's live-in sister in law, or are we in for many episodes of strife and struggle?

Will one of the two married brothers in the household turn out to be the jerk from the club?

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For the ratings for SES  for the first 2 eps are good which somewhat surprised me

(11/28: #1 20.2% /Seoul #2 19.9%) (11/29: #2  19.3%  /Seoul #2 18.3) 


Hello  Nice to see you here  Yes currently I’m checking out all three dailies (Shine Eun Soo(KBS1), First Love Again(KBS2), Love Bubbles(SBS))  They all started the same day(11/28).  I think all of them have a time jump like 6 /8/?? years.  So some of the older female leads looked  rather strained when they had to play a younger age.   But at least they can act so I might have to grit my teeth till they move into the present time period.    lol

About who’s with who in this drama, that turned out to be interesting.   There are two females and two males.  I thought the older lead female(Oh Eun Soo) would be with the other older male but I found out today she would marry the younger one.  I laughed after seeing how you described this male jerk.   I guess we have to remember that the majority of kdrama viewers are women and they hold the purse strings.  To cater to woman’s fantasy, OTP with dongsang + noona combo must be commonly practiced, right??   But, the real age difference between LYE and KDJ seems to be a bit extreme.:) 

Here is the age chart.

Lee Yeong Eun (Oh Eun Soo) is 34 playing as 31 // Kim Dong-joon(Yoon Soo Ho), 24 playing as 28.

Park Ha na(Kim Bit Na), 31 => 25  // Choi Jung Won (Yoon Soo Hyeon),  35 => 33


HanCinema article shows a brief synopsis.  http://www.hancinema.net/winter-dramas-coming-soon--100829.html

"Winter dramas coming soon!"

- KBS 1TV "Shine Eun-soo" 

"Shine Eun-soo" is the story of a student and a teacher who hate each other, reuniting 7 years later, married to brothers. Then they become step sisters because of their parents' remarriage.

The key point here is the two women. Lee Yeong-eun takes on the role of Oh Eun-soo, a contract worker at Yoonga Foods and former teacher.   Eun-soo became enemies with her student Bit-na not long after she became a teacher.   Lee Yeong-eun appeared as Kim Rae-won's goody-two-shoes sister in the SBS drama "Punch" but this time, she's a fussy character with some trickiness up her sleeves.    Park Ha-na takes on the role of Kim Bit-na, the only child of a wealthy family who was raised with everything she ever wanted.      ZEA member Kim Dong-joon takes on the role of Yoon Soo-ho, an employee of Yoonga foods and youngest son.


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Well I thought that I would give this show a shot. My initial thoughts are that it isn't so bad but give it time I am sure that can change especially since this is only the first episode and all. :) The characters are interesting but you can be sure that a lot of them are going to chance some for the better and some for the worse. :) Though from reading the synopsis of said drama I think that we are going to get a real unusual family than the last one.  Perhaps this drama should have been called The Unusual Family instead. What step sisters isn't going to be enough but now you have them also marry brothers as well :) WoW going to be real awkward when those two meet and especially when you consider that they had a teacher/student relationship at the start :0


@jimb are we sure that Bit Na threw water on Eun Soo's friend on purpose? I may be mistaken but from what I gathered was that Bit Na was behaving a bit imaturely and couldn't really handle her loss all that well and that she instead intended to water throw (or whatever you want to call it Water Dunk/Water Drench?) Eun Soo but mistakenly got the wrong stall. Have to say that either she was still immature or that she is an immature brat that can't seem to take loosing all that well. I know that I shouldn't really be defending her actions at all but I think I can say that I sort of understand her bratty behavior towards Eun Soo's mother and the other employee that made a mistake of scratching her new dress accidentally. Please note since this is the first episode and all I may have judged her completely wrong and it will indeed turn out that she is a total brat instead. Granted what she did was still wrong mind you. Still if one should note that she had gone out shopping and was spending money like crazy when the previous sales lady made the mistake of trying to sell her that ring. She unfortunately couldn't read the situation well and that made things worse. Now I have no real idea of what her relationship is with her mother. I am thinking that she died but knowing that this is a Korean Drama and we can certainly expect Birth Secrets and what not so she may have left her family without any forwarding address and what not. But either way bringing up her mother was certainly a sore spot and all. She tried to sell the ring as not only a couple ring but a couple ring for mother and daughter if I gathered right. At that point Bit Na had already come under a bad mood and she needed to release her frustration and unfortunately the first person to feel the effects had to be the unfortunate sale ladies who worked at that shop. Do I think that was right certainly not but I have seen people either pass on their frustration of like that and then it is the other person who tends to further pass it down the line. Such as the poor sales lady is most probably going to vent that frustration down at her family since she can't do so to other customers. In the sameway a kind word or action equally goes a long way they can do the same and the progress can continue. When people are frustrated they can make dumb mistakes which they can easily regret down the line.


Though I doubt that Bit Na is one of those characters that cares all that she does or doesn't do. Heck after all she managed to steal Lee Yuri's step dad in this show finally :) she gets everything that her stepsister wanted in that drama (Heavens Promise) So I certainly doubt that she is going to suddenly change over here :) Then we had that club scene. She tried to use all her skills a K-POP star unfortunately she lost out to the so called youthful energy of youth presented by Eun Soo. At first I thought that when the two recognized each other they wanted to have fun or more likely she did anyway. Come to think about it her throwing water may not have been due to her being a sore loser. Well not completely anyway. After rewatching said scene I think that it may have to do a bit about embarrassment. She not only lost but she also ended up tripping in front of all those other people and that is kind of embarrassing. I know it has sort of happened with me. Not that it embarrassed me for long I got over it. When I was studying in boarding school at lunch while I was getting up from the table I somehow tripped right infront of all the other students and teachers and some important VIP Guests that had come to check out the school and all. It was like I said embarrassing for a short moment but I got over that. Well in that case it might have helped since it most likely was my fault and a touch of bad luck. But with Bit Na it was more due to her own fault and perhaps a touch of competitive nature and all. She certainly didn't want to lose only to be embarrassed by doing so by the woman that she didn't have an all so pleasant encounter earlier. I also think that she might have been a bit jealous of Eun Soo as well. Now I don't mean jealous of losing to her. That might certainly come down the line but like I said her not having a mother is certainly a sore spot for her. She would like to do what other girls do with their mothers and all but she unfortunately can't. Then only to be reminded of said fact first by the sale ladies and then witnessing the bond between Eun Soo and her mother. Here she first hand witnessed how not only did Eun Soo try and defend her mother but also how close she was with her. Something that Bit Na herself doesn't have. Wouldn't she like to be close to a mother figure and fight with her and make up or defend her from others. At this point I don't doubt that she being second lead material she may even try to engineer said situation down the line. For instance cause some sort of commotion where it may seem that lets say Eun Soo's mother gets into trouble and she then swoops in to save the day making her extremely grateful for her help and all.


Like that Soo Ho's dad is trying to make something can't be sure what that is at the moment. I mean I think I saw something familiar in some previous drama but I just can't seem to recall it at the moment. So he left his cabbage patch for that and maybe making kimchi for this new product. :) Soo Ho on the other hand certainly fits the bill of male lead material :) One would have thought that it would make more sense to pair up Eun Soo with that other male teacher but I guess they need the opposite attract or perhaps the balancing of natures to make said relationships work. I am only going to guess that said male teacher is going to turn out to be Soo Ho's brother? Regardless if we end up following drama laws and all I am going to go with the following steps. First of all that teacher is going to be Bit Na's crush and she certainly won't like to see Eun Soo and him get close. She may feel like Eun Soo is out to steal more from her. Best way to get rid of her is to cause a scandal. This is going to cause Eun Soo to get fired from her job. One thing that we can tell is that she loves to teach so why would she leave to work in another company. It makes sense that she would have to leave for some reason and that she couldn't find a job anywhere else (teaching profession). Though at this point I can't see how see can cause a scandal between Eun Soo and the teacher since both are adults and teachers as well. The closest that I can come up with is that she catches Eun Soo in a compromising situation. We have already heard of how the principal has said that there is to be no form of Corporal Punishment meaning no beating of the students by the teachers. But we also know that both Bit Na and Eun Soo don't get along well. They drive each other nuts to an extent since one is far to immature and the other can get angry quite easily. In this case Bit Na just needs to make it seem like Eun Soo was about to strike her even if she didn't that is bound to get Eun Soo into trouble. Perhaps she can make it seem like Eun Soo may be nice to her in the school but outside she hunted her down and took out her frustration on her by attacking or beating her up and that she would use her friends as witness.


From the trailer of the next episode it seems that the male teacher is more understanding of her and her circumstances so I guess they can perhaps show that his actions help ballance Bit Na in the future. As for Eun Soo I guess she can be matched up with Soo Ho because he is totally immature at the moment and another rich brat who needs to do a whole lot of growing up before he can claim the title of male lead and all. In this case only Eun Soo will be able to change him for the better and since she is the only one that can discipline him since she was a teacher and all. I guess one can perhaps expect him to turn out to be her future student in the upcoming episodes? Ofcourse given that she is the female lead you can be sure that she is going to lose all of her aggressive behaviour and become this poor meek little person in the future. I guess one of the reasons will be because she lost her job due to her temper and all and thus she is going to end up working at Soo Ho's family company. You can also be sure that his mother is certainly not going to be very welcoming towards Eun Soo as joining part of their family. His father seems to be the reasonable kind but not his mother she seems to be the kind that spoils her son a lot. So I guess one can perhaps expect her to start out a shouting match with Eun Soo for her even scolding her son when he was her student and thus have a bad impression of her from the start. She certainly won't have an issue for letting Bit Na as part of the family since Bit Na seems to come from a well of family and all unless they lose it all which might be possible but a bit unlikely. Perhaps that is how Eun Soo ends up working at the company in the first place. After her losing her job and then later on becoming family with Bit Na her Stepdad tries to help her out and perhaps recommends her to a friends (?) company. So she is in that company through connections and we know that people are going to be talking about her over there. I do wonder though how Soo Ho wil be a part of that company. Is he going to try and pull a Son Of President and let everyone know his identity from the start, or will he play the Hey I am just A Regular Employee Part. We do know from his current nature that he is going to be forced to join the company and that he won't do so on his own accord plus that is K-Drama Law 101 "Rich Children Who Are Generally Uninterested In The Family Business Must Join It At All Cost" Now there are small changes on whether they have other interests such as perhaps making movies, acting, etc.. or are simply to lazy to work thinking that they have it all. They then come across their significant other who then manages to change them up for the better if they aren't the hard working type and if they are then through some other means or so. :)


Though to be honest I am simply wondering whether or not they can pull of this weird relationship and till how long. For instance when exactly do they find out how they are related to each other. Clearly there is going to be time skip as indicated by the synopsis so does the entire drama happen then? Perhaps one of them leaves the country which would most likely be Bit Na since she can clearly afford it. During this time her dad gets married and she doesn't show up (which is a bit odd but hey I can live with that) and that is why she doesn't know who her new sister is now. As for them getting married to brothers I have no idea how that can even be possible without the other not knowing. Perhaps Bit Na got married to her boyfriend and went to attend her honeymoon and during this time her dad got married? No that doesn't make sense why make two events so close by. Perhaps she had to avoid a scandal so she leaves town for a few years and when she returns she discovers the new addition to her family. Still I can't seem to get the two brothers not inviting their significant others to said wedding. I am already starting to wonder how this is going to work exactly. So in that way this drama has already succeded in hooking me in :(


Well till then take care all of you and hope to read all your posts soon. Hope you enjoy this show unlike the previous one. :)


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I tell you I have to let some episode go by because I know watching Bit Na act a fool is going to take over the majority of the episodes it's no telling when this brat will mature..I don't think I can handle the agony of this for a 120 episodes..


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The Shining Eun Soo continues to show promise in its second episode. Both the plot and the acting are plausible and well done.

In ep. 2 Eun Soo is on her way to teach her first class when she runs into, quite literally, Rich Brat. As we knew would happen, Rich Brat turns up in the class Eun Soo is assigned to teach.

In an unfortunate coincidence, corporal punishment at the school was abolished on Eun Soo's first day of teaching. As Rich Brat and some of her classmates are cheeky and disrespectful, a swat or two on their richard simmonses would have been an attractive option.

The middle aged couple makes another appearance, with their teenage son. The husband is shaping up as at least inconsiderate and emotionally distant, if not abusive. The teenage son turns out to be the Club Jerk Eun Soo shut down the previous night. The Club Jerk takes after his father, and they join in ridiculing the wife's cooking.

Today is the Club Jerk's first day of boarding school. For no apparent reason his mother is sad to see him go..

Eun Soo's mother is at work at the department store. Her boss makes an abortive and apparently unwelcome attempt to invite her out to dinner. She then runs into an old acquaintance, who turns out to be the woman whose cooking was ridiculed by her husband and son.

The acquaintance is surprised to find Eun Soo's mother working at a department store. During the course of the conversation, we learn that Eun Soo's mother was married to a wealthy businessman who died in an automobile accident several years ago. The old acquaintance gloats, believing that she is better off than Eun Soo's mother because her husband, albeit cold and uncaring, is rich and alive.

Eun Soo's mother goes to the hospital and has some tests done. She will have to wait a week to learn if a polyp in her stomach is cancerous.

We learn that Eun Soo is secretly dating her supervisor. One of Rich Brat's friends photographs them having lunch together so it will not be a secret for long. Rich Brat vows to seduce Eun Soo's boyfriend.

We also learn that Rich Brat is a talented pianist whose mother is deceased. It also emerges that Rich Brat is a Mean Girl who picks on her more vulnerable classmates. In the episode's final scene, Eun Soo surprises Rich Brat and her friends while they are cruelly hazing a classmate.

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Hah!  Not sure that I like where this drama is headed.

Isn't the brother who ends up married to Rich Brat Eun Soo's current boyfriend whom Rich Brat has vowed to seduce?

And isn't the brother Eun Soo ends up marrying the Club Jerk?

Please tell me that I'm wrong . . .

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As ep, 3 begins, Eun Soo surprises Rich Brat and her friends as they are cruelly hazing a classmate. Rich Brat, however, holds Eun Soo off with a "Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes" defense.

Rich Brat begins the process of seducing Eun Soo's boyfriend. If she is successful, how does he stay out of jail? Rich Brat, after all, is only a high school junior. Eun Soo observes Rich Brat blatantly hitting on her boyfriend.

In her class, Eun Soo recites a poem to comfort the girl Rich Brat hazed.

Eun Soo's mother is preoccupied with worry re whether her stomach polyp is cancerous. Eun Soo's mother and grandmother cook a meal for Eun Soo's boyfriend. During the dinner Eun Soo makes a pointed remark about school-girl crushes on teachers.

It turns out that Rich Brat loves her halmoni, who spoils her rotten. More or less the same dynamic as Samwol and her halmoni in The Unusual Family. Rich Brat also resents her halmoni, however, because she believes halmoni's love is dependent on her continuing to progress as a pianist.

Halmoni's role as Rich Brat's enabler becomes clear when Rich Brat's father joins them for dinner. Rich Brat complains about Eun Soo's alleged unfairness. Her father, who seems to be a decent sort, is appropriately skeptical. Halmoni, however, takes the bait and promises to intervene if Eun Soo gives Rich Brat any further "trouble."

Rich Brat delivers flowers to the desk of Eun Soo's boyfriend, then trashes a gift left by another student. Eun Soo catches her in the act and shames her into returning the trashed gift to her boyfriend's desk.

Eun Soo's mother receives word that her stomach polyp is cancerous. This is likely how she will meet Rich Brat's father, whom we know she will eventually marry.

Eun Soo asks Rich Brat to recite a poem. Rich Brat refuses and is seemingly supported by the other students. When the matter is put to a vote, however, one student raises her hand in favor of poetry reading and subsequently most of the class joins her. Rich Brat is humiliated.

That evening Eun Soo's boyfriend proposes to her and gives her an engagement ring.

Rich Brat rebels against playing the piano. Halmoni ignores her protests.

Rich Brat returns to the department store and insists on being served by Eun Soo's mother. Since she is a rich mother of a dog, store management insists that Eun Soo's mother serve her. The episode ends as Rich Brat's face is contorted into an expression of nasty triumph.

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that rich brat KBN is such a bully. it not enough she act like a spilor brat. now she also like to bully her class mate. i just know she going to be reason OEH lose her school job.

i cant wait till OEH/YSH have more screen together. i shipping these two together.

i want to see OEH turn YSH into a good man. so he will not his playboy way.

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