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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Martial Universe 武动乾坤

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Chinese title: 武动乾坤/ Wu Dong Qian Kun
English title: Martial Universe

Genre: Ancient, Action, Romance

Episodes: 60

Director: Zhang Li

Broadcast Period: 8/7/2018


Yang Yang

Zhang Tian Ai

Wu Chun

Wang Li Kun

Dong Qing

Chen Xiao Long


This is a drama adapted from the novel of the same name by Tian Can Tu Dou. It is a story that talks about Lin Dong, a child from a small village who isn't favored by his family. By chance, Lin Dong obtains a mysterious artifact that is coveted by many clans in the martial world. Because of this artifact, Lin Dong is approached by many people of different clans and is forcibly involved in various events of the martial universe.

Cr dramalist

Watch it here on Viki!

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**

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Additional Links:

Martial Universe 武动乾坤 Novel English Translations

Martial Universe 武动乾坤 Viki Episodes

Martial Universe 武动乾坤 Raw Episodes

Yang Yang Official Soompi Thread

Wu Chun Official Soompi Thread

Broadcast Schedule:

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Can't wait to see how this series pans out. Lin Dong is an richard simmons...so I'm wondering how YY will do in his portrayal xD

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Yang Yang’s Martial Universe begins filming with Zhang Tian Ai, Wu Chun

Posted by Kappy


Lol. Princess Wei Young has taken over the weekend! Anyhoo, Yang Yang‘s next anticipated drama, Martial Universe, adapted from a xianxia novel Wu Dong Qian Kun (武动乾坤) written by Tian Can Tu Dou, has officially began filming today 11/14/16 with its confirmed cast members. Ohhhhh. The pretty cast members. *___*

UPDATE (11/15/16): Regarding the issues with Gina Vs Tian Ai. Read what ZTA’s studio has to say and let’s move on from this noisy topic.


Booting/Blessing Ceremony:

Yang Yang as Lin Dong, as child regarded as untalented by his clan, who’s destined for greater things. His family is banished from the Great Lin Clan, and his journey to avenge for his defenseless father after obtaining a mysterious Stone Talisman.



photo Uni-50.jpg

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photo Uni-56.jpg



Zhang Tian Ai plays Ying Huan Huan. Seems like there’s a change-and-switch of characters. Yang Yang’s character love two girls in the novel. I already read a flaming candle (hint: female leads war, rememberChusen?) and sometimes, ignorance is bliss!

photo Uni-52.jpg



photo Uni-49.jpg

photo Uni-60.jpg



With Taiwanese actor, Wu Chun (Kindaichi Case Files), to play Yang Yang’s adversary.



photo Uni-74.jpg

photo Uni-47.jpg

photo Uni-48.jpg

photo Uni-58.jpg

photo Uni-59.jpg



Ashton Chen Xiao Long as Little Flame, one with a special body, giving him the ability to merge into any bloodline. YAY!! I’m extremely happy for him!!

photo Uni-65.jpg



photo Uni-63.jpg

photo Uni-64.jpg



The boys. ;] I won’t fight for the popular boy. Just leave Ashton to me!



photo Uni-61.jpg

photo Uni-54.jpg

photo Uni-57.jpg

photo Uni-51.jpg

photo Uni-53.jpg

photo Uni-55.jpg



Wang Li Kun! WHOA. She plays the other female love interest, Ling Qing Zhu.



photo Uni-69.jpg


Dong Qing. She was in Liu Hao Ran’s With You.



photo Uni-70.jpg


Li Xin Liang (Royal Highness, My Amazing Boyfriend).



photo Uni-72.jpg


photo Uni-73.jpg

Chart of Confirmed Cast.

photo Uni-75.jpg

Booting/Blessing Ceremony Video:

  • After Yang Yang finished his round, Crystal motioned for Wu Chun to go first. Lol. That quick dance of you-go-first-no-you-go-first.
  • Well, well, well, since our resident trouble-maker already revealed what happened between Gina and Tian Ai. It has become a heated war between the fans. Very similar to Chusen‘s initial battle (even the character’s ending sounds the exact replica!) I dislike when the fans of two actresses I like argue back and forth like this because we always know only one side of the argument. Gina’s poetic line on weibo on the day of the blessing ceremony is some fighting words.
  • The root of evil began with Tian Ai’s sudden change of character from Ling Qing Zhu to Ying Huan Huan. Remember when I said Gina Jin was rumored to partake? She was rumored to play Ying Huan Huan, while Tian Ai was officially announced as Ling Qing Zhu. But of course, this is all rumor until Gina’s weibo post, suggesting that she isn’t interested in fighting for the role!
  • Others are saying she did so to promote her upcoming drama, Legend of Ace, premiering on 11/28. Director Zhang Li said yesterday that “Ying Huan Huan in the end sacrifices her whole life for him [male lead], so this character is very significant. We considered very carefully and think that no one else is more compatible than Tian Ai. Such character requires immense inner strength and I believe Tian Ai will fulfill this role.”
  • Oy, Headaches!
  • On 11/15/16 Tian Ai’s studio puts out a notice[here]: Zhang Tian Ai’s Studio officially comes out to say that Tian Ai signed with the production team back in May and it clearly states that she’ll play the female lead. As a professional actor, Tian Ai wholeheartedly respects and accepts the arrangement made by the director and production team. They will pursue legal actions against those who want to tarnish Tian Ai’s name.

Where to Read the Translated Novel?
01. Wuxiaworld has translated 500 chapters so far:http://www.wuxiaworld.com/wdqk-index/
02. For fans of Manhua, you can read it here:http://www.mangareader.net/wu-dong-qian-kun/1/3

Directed by Zhang Li (Young Marshal), Martial Universeplans to have 60 episodes.

Via: Weibos


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This looks really interesting..:huh:It's so sad we have to wait a year to see Yang Yang is this role *secretly hopes the broadcast date gets moved up and prays Hunan doesn't air it<_< * Has anyone read the book?:rolleyes:

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On 5/3/2017 at 6:35 AM, carmolita said:

This looks really interesting..:huh:It's so sad we have to wait a year to see Yang Yang is this role *secretly hopes the broadcast date gets moved up and prays Hunan doesn't air it<_< * Has anyone read the book?:rolleyes:

I think it will broadcast in Dragon TV because last time China quality TV Drama awards which broadcast on Dragon TV invite Martial Universe Director to give award to YangYang. Also they are shooting in Zhejiang, I hope Zhejiang TV will air this drama as well. I read novel and manhwa but not finished. Zhang Tianai character has not appear in translate novel as well as in manhwa.

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[Drama News] Yang Yang Looking Handsome on the Set of Martial Universe 武动乾坤


Martial Universe (武动乾坤) stars Yang Yang, Wang Likun, Crystal Zhang Tian Ai, and Wu Chun continues to film for the xianxia drama and had a media event yesterday where they accepted press interviews. Yang Yang talked about how he continues to learn through the process of acting and he believes his character this time will be refreshing to the audience as it’s different from the cold and aloof roles he’s had in the past. As for Crystal, she said her character yells a lot, so her throat has been hurting. And another interesting tidbit is that Wu Chun has been nicknamed 厨神 “master chef” by Yang Yang because whenever Wu Chun is on the set, they always have good food to eat (lol). It sounds like the cast is getting along well!





























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