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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2017-2018] Nirvana in Fire: The Wind Blows in Changlin 琅琊榜之凤起长林

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Chinese Title: 琅琊榜之凤起长林
English title: The Wind Blows in Changlin
Genre: Ancient, Politics
Directors:  Kong Sheng and Li Xue
Episodes: 50
Broadcast Date: 12/18/2017

Related Drama: Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜


Huang Xiao Ming

Tong Li Ya

Liu Hao Ran

Wu Hao Chen

Sun Chun

Mei Ting


During the chaotic Northern and Southern Dynasties, the northern frontier of the Liang Dynasty is protected by the powerful Changlin Army led by Xiao Tingsheng (Sun Chun) and Xiao Pingzhang (Huang Xiaoming). During an expedition, Senior Grand Secretary Xun Baishui (Bi Yanjun) cuts off supplies to the front line, and Xiao Pingzhang is severely wounded. His younger brother Xiao Pingsheng (Liu Haoran) leaves Langya Hall in order to get to the bottom of the conspiracy.

It turns out that 30 years ago, neighboring kingdom Yeqin was suffering from the plague, yet Liang kept its borders shut for self-protection. In order to take revenge for his fallen kingdom, Pu Yangying (Guo Jingfei) travels to Liang under a hidden identity and colludes with top martial artist Marquis Mozi (Cheng Taishen) and Xun Baishui to weaken the Xiao Family’s power and poison the people of Liang.

Xiao Pingzhang dies from poison during the war, and a year later the Liang Emperor (Liu Jun) passes away from sickness. The Yu Dynasty takes the chance to invade, and Xun Baishui and Xiao Yuanqi, the Prince of Laiyang (Wu Haochen) coax the new Emperor (Hu Xianxu) into releasing an edict banning the Changlin Army from going into battle.

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This series is supposedly set ~30 years after NiF. My guess....follows the life of Tingsheng? Well at least I hope it does xD ORRRRRRRRR HXM plays a character on the martial arts list from LYB.

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On 3/11/2017 at 7:04 PM, carmolita said:

Has there been any new information on when the drama will begin this year? and also is the same production company that did the first one going to do the sequel?:rolleyes:

Right now, the drama is slated to begin airing  Dec. 18, 2017.  And yes, it is the same production company as the first one. The other good news is that Dramafever has gotten the liscense for this drama, so it will be subbed!

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Looks fantastic. Battle scenes look amazing. Obviously has quite a different feel to its predecessor but seems to be a fairly serious political drama with more than a dash of the game of thrones thrown in.


I hope that whoever subbed that 6 minute trailer is taking their skills to the whole drama... the subs were great.

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Yay camping in !



On 11/8/2017 at 12:35 PM, angelangie said:

still no official poster? :D 

i think these are








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I'm watching this just to kill time. If you don't compare it to the original, then it's fine on it's own. Of course, initial interest depends on riding on the coat tails of the first part. I like the main girl, not Tong Liya's character, but the doctor. She's so cute (but not with the cute cookie cutter face) but then carries the weight of her role well. The main guy, Liu Hao Ren is good too. I imagine his character will grow up more through the story line.


TBH, I hesitated to watch the show because of HXM lol but I decided to check it out and he's quite good in his role as the intelligent doting older brother and responsible son. Second young master is very well-loved in the show lol. 

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