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ViVi杂志访谈翻译(Trans of Q&A in ViVi Magazine)


Q: what’s the difference between this shooting for ViVi and the shootings you’ve done before?

A: I enjoyed this shooting a lot. ViVi Magazine has a distinct style, I’m sure that the photos will be special. One of the looks was done with red outfit and an apple, that was interesting.

Q: you filmed a TV drama <Evolution of Our Love> last year. Can you talk about the drama and your role in it?

A: <Evolution of Our Love> is a story of how urban people get to know themselves again and complete their self-evolution. It’s very realistic, should be easy to connect with lots of people. My role is named Ding Yuyang. He’s an investment banker, but not a typical bossy boss. He’s older than me. In order to interpret him better, I consulted some friends who work in finance before the filming.

Q: your private dressing style?

A: simple and cozy. T-Shirts, hoodies, sweatpants. Sometimes I try to look cool too. Haha, it depends on the mood.

Q: what are you like in private? Cold and distant? Sharp tongue?

A: I have different facets of my personality, but I’m not cold or distant at all.

Q: what do you want to do if you get some time off?

A: go travelling with my parents.

Q: most desired role?

A: I’ve got no limitation for that. But I do want to try some roles that contrast with myself.

Q: you just released your second album <The Time>, in 4 parts, Craziness, Radiance, Monologue and Fantasy. Are these 4 words also the keywords of all the facets of your personality?

A: the concept of this album is that we all get the chance to shine in our 15 minutes of spotlight, to get the 15 mins and to share it with everyone else. There are a lot of rock elements in <15 Mins for Craziness>, which is my music attitude. The three songs in <15 Mins for Radiance> are more diversified, with EDM, rock music and also love songs. <15 Mins for Monologue> is more about the soft side of me, in which there’s a song I wrote for my fans, <Cat>. <15 Mins for Fantasy> is more creative and free with imagination. But I wouldn’t say that these 4 words are enough to summarize me. They are what I want to share with everyone at this stage of my life. Maybe I will have many more facets to release after gaining more experiences, more thoughts and sentiments.

Q: Rock has always been the keyword of your music, what other elements do you want to include in your music?

A: Besides the rock songs, there are also love songs in <The Time>. Such as <Leave Me Alone>, <Between Us> and <Orange Sky>, some are cute and sweet, some are more of deep feelings. There is also a song like <It’s Always You>, with strong sense of rhythm and electronic music element. Many genres are included in this album, with different target audiences.

Q: your recent fav music? The song to put on loop?

A: haha, let’s listen to my new album <The Time>!

Q: you used to have your own rock band. What kind of concrete influences does rock music have on your current song writing?

A: it’s like deep in my bones. I was into heavy metal in high school. The majority of the album is in the genre of rock music as well, including heavy songs like <Edge of Darkness> and <Rio>. I hope that gradually I can share the songs with rock elements and the rock spirit with everyone.

Q: the thing you can’t resist?

A: cats.

Q: you tried a lot of things last year, actor, singer, dubbing.. How does it feel to switch from role to role? We saw the group photo of Talu Wang, Zhang Rongrong and you in the movie <The Rookies>, what was it like to work with them?

A: it was great. I tried many different new things last year, to keep stretching my limits both in music and acting. As a new comer, I learnt a lot from Talu and Rongrong in our collaboration. The whole crew was sweet together, we always had group dinner after work.

Q: You’ve sung promotional songs for several movies, such as <Maze Runner3> and <S.M.A.R.T. Chase>. What types of movie would you choose normally? What types do you enjoy watching?

A: it depends on the storyline and the suitable music for it. The ones I’ve sung so far are all of igniting styles, such as <Maze> and <The Ruins of Time>. We also want to give people strength through the movies and songs. Personally I like watching drama and action movies.

Q: it seems to be for the first time ever that you got a female lead in your MV? Anything different from filming it alone?

A: it feels better to act with a real partner.

Q: what’s your interpretation of fashion? With the trends being all about new and unique for individual styles.

A: fit for yourself, dare to break through.

Q: Plan for 2018?

A: act well, sing well, and continue with my second tour.

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Trans of <ChaeShow> on GMM25

04.09 02:17
阅读 279

Q: how many times have you been in Thailand?
Zz: should be the third time here.

Q: have you ever been here as a tourist? Not for work?
Zz: all for work, no traveling yet.

Greeting in Thai

Q: when did you enter the show biz?
Zz: about 2 years ago.

Q: what did you do before entering the show biz? Just going to school? 
Zz: just going to school, I was a student. And running my band.

Q: any different thoughts and feelings about present and two years ago?
Zz: it feels the same. I still have so many fans supporting me. So i'm really happy to see you guys here today. Thank you very much.

Q: now you know how popular you are in Thailand.
Zz: I do all right.

Q: in which country you've been to have you many many fans?
Zz: Thailand. 

Q: do you like Thai girls?
Zz: I do!

Q: do you have a girlfriend?
Zz: no. Do you want to introduce one for me?

Q: how long have you been single?
Zz: I like being single. Work matters the most now. I have a very busy schedule, it's hard for me to be responsible to my significant other in a relationship.

Q: when was the last time you were in a relationship?
Zz: I'm not going to tell you!

Q: fav Thai dish?
Zz: crab meat.. What was it, the one we had at your home?(to the translator) crab meat and squid, might be.

MC had his eyes on zz's new assistant. 
Zz: he's shy. Is this a matchmaking show? (Trying to stop this topic)Just look at me. Can we get to the point? 

Q: people think of you as someone full of positive energy, no matter what kinds of trouble you have. What is positive energy in your mind?
Zz: my fans have been staying with me all along this way. As an artist, there have been ups and downs in my career, but with my fans, it's just easy to keep going. Thank you guys for being with me all the time.

Q: do you need to be very rich to be an artist in China?
Zz: I drag that standard down..

Q: they said that you are from a very wealthy family.
Zz: nonononono. He's from a very rich family(pointing the translator)

Q: what does your family do?
Zz: they are just ordinary people. My parents are hard working. They tried their best to provide the best for me when i was little. So i'm fortunate to live in such a family.

Q: your concert is in next month?
Zz: yes, on May 26. The Thailand concert of my second Asia tour. I hope that i can put on a better performance this time.

Q: any special surprise in the second tour?
Zz: there will definitely be brand new shows. New dance, and songs from my new album. I want to show more new aspects of me, and more matured performance.

Q: all new songs?
Zz: old songs too, and covering songs from other artists.

Q: you came here from USA, what were you doing in New York?
Zz: campaign shooting for Coach. Will be released later this year.

Q: you remind me of an actor from Thailand.
Zz: show me the pic. He's more handsome. I live on my talents.

Q: any special thoughts about this trip to Thailand?
Zz: I really appreciate that so many people came to the airport today to see me. It's been a long time, i miss you very much. May 26 is a very important day to me, the Thailand concert of my second Asia tour. Hope that you can all come to have fun!

Q: how long will you stay in Thailand?
Zz: till the day after tomorrow. (Leaving on April 9)

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20180515 许魏洲 Xu Weizhou MTV 头号人物



English translation by doeeyedbb




ZZ: Coming next is the 15 mins of xwz.

-First question: How many pushups can xwz do in 15 mins?

-15 mins, it is too long. I could do about 40, 50 pushups in a row, when I was stronger. Probably can’t do that anymore. Not having enough exercise nowadays. We used to play basketball every day at school


-Next question: how many dishes can I cook in 15 mins?

-I only know a few dishes. Tomato and scrambled eggs, fired green pepper, simple ones.


-How much can xwz score in the wechat jump game in 15 mins?

-My highest score is only about 60-70. I’m clumsy with my hands.


-What do I do when I’m waiting for my flight?

-On my phone, read magazines, usually I eat things, eating is what I do the most.


-How do you warm up your voice before performances?

-(doing lip trills) that’s my warm up. Everyone has their own tricks.


-Next question: how to get into a sad role?

-Get emotionally involved, dig into the memory.


-Last one: how to get over anxiety?

-A common question. The work is pretty stressful, the living pace is very fast, sometimes you worry about whether people would like your work, your acting, your songs, xwz’s music. I managed to turn all these thoughts into the motivation for my next work.


ZZ: My agent always asks me to care more about being an idol. But I’m more of a casual person, good is good, bad is bad.

I write my songs very quickly, half a day, sometimes it just takes 1 or 2 hours to get the gist of the whole song.

(on Orange Sky) I finished the melody first. Mr. Fang said that he saw beautiful sky. The orange sky inspired him to write the lyrics to my tunes.

I’m the MTV VIP this month, xwz.




On his dancing experience in childhood

ZZ: I started learning Latin dance in primary school, all the way till my high school years. At first I was very intimidated on the stage. As a little kid, I was so frightened and nervous about the big audience watching me. Together with my partner, we were just dancing rigidly like this. But gradually, after going to more and more contests, I stopped feeling scared about it and was able to put on a show at ease, to enjoy the feeling of competing, this is a huge help to my later career.


On his band experience in high school

ZZ: The band was called Eggache, we were mostly doing covers of songs, Sum 41, Greenday, Linkin Park, Bon Jovi and such. I remember very clearly about our first performance, it was in the auditorium of our school, our drummer, don’t blame me for telling this, our drummer kept missing the beats, the rhythm was switching from too fast to too slow then back to too fast the whole time. Thanks to the enthusiastic crowd, we managed to finish the show and had a good time. Although we were pretty immature at that time, I knew that this is the thing that I will keep on doing in the future.


On his first concert

ZZ: my first individual concert was in Beijing, in the smaller venue of Wukesong Sports Center. When I was at the backstage and heard the fans chanting my name, I was so nervous that my hands were shaking. But the moment I got on the stage, the moment I appeared out of blue, I saw my fans and I was relieved. My fans and I have always been like friends, to have my friends at my concert, to have fun together at this big party, not much to be stressed about.




Q&A with fans

ZZ: these are letters from my Baizhous. This one is from @许魏洲的小仙女 (xwz’s little fairy). The little fairy said: GeGe(elder bro, more like oppa here), I saw some of your pics that were taken at the airport, you were stretching and yawning in the pics, looking tired. It made my heart ache, that was so different from when I saw you at the ERC Chinese Top Ten Awards two days ago. When you are on the stage, you always seem to be so energetic, but when you are off the stage, you always seem so tired but you never complain about it. (If not for the observation from Baizhous), would people just assume that you are invincible? I guess you will say that Baizhous are your motivation again. Isn’t it the same that you are our motivation too? ‘There’s light ahead of us’…you are the fervent time of my life.

ZZ: They know me so well. I know what’s on their mind too. So I try to do my best, I want them to always see the best of me.


ZZ:This one is from @薇薇酒红. “Hello zz, I saw in an interview that when you were asked about your feelings of your career so far, you said ‘happy, sad and excited’. I was very sad when I heard you saying sad. You’ve been through so many obstacles…I’d rather you lived an ordinary life: hang out with your friends at your spare time, play guitar, write some songs and sing them. But since you’ve chosen this path, we will support you all the way through it. At last, let me borrow this line from my favorite writer: you are the starlight glittering in my sky. P.S. Think of us when you are unhappy, we will always be with you by your side.

ZZ: Let me borrow this line from you, you guys are the starlight glittering in my sky. Thank you for staying by my side all the time.


Voice message from @许洲洲的喵喵Tracy: zz, or zz GeGe, I’m a little baizhou in my senior year of high school. I’ve liked you for almost 2 years. But because I’m just a student, I haven’t got the chance to meet you. I’m 18 now, I hope that I will get to meet the best of you at the best time of my life.

ZZ: wish you a good result in the College Entrance Examination. It’s an important milestone of life for everyone. So don’t think of me much during this time, focus on the study and the exam!




ZZ: Next is the segment of xwz’s fantasy

-If you had 15 mins to go back to the past.

-Let me write down in secret the things I would do, I’m not going to show you.

I would like to go back to a break between classes in high school, to play basketball with my classmates. Playing basketball is a thing that all the boys love to do in the high school. It was also the easiest and happiest time. So if I could go back, I would play basketball.


The second one.

-If there were only 15 minutes left till the end of the world.

-First, I would stay with my family. I would say goodbye to my friends on wechat. So sad. Then I would stay online with my fans during the last moments, to comfort them, and spend the last 15 mins together. Cheer up! There’s no such thing as the end of the world.


I will sign both of these two boards as gifts for you guys. There are 4 different 15 mins in my album. There will be a lot of 15 mins in our life. I hope that you will shine in your 15 mins, to fulfill your dreams, your goal and the things you love doing. My best wishes for you all.

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