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:grimace: So... Who is Timmy Xu?

Name: 许魏洲 (Xu Wei Zhou)
English Name: Timmy Xu
洲洲 (Zhou Zhou)
Profession: Singer / Song-Writer / Actor / Model / Voice-Actor
Birthdate: October 20th, 1994
Birth Place: Shanghai, China
Height: 184.5cm / 6"


Timmy is a Chinese rising star. He first became popular as a rookie actor from an online web series by the end of 2015, along with two self-composed themed songs. While trying his best achieving his big dream being a singer, he released his first self-composed music album《光 Light》in May 2016. Not only he held his first Asia tour concerts from June to August 2016 in big Chinese cities such as: Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai; he also held tours in Seoul, South Korean and Bangkok, Thailand as well. He is the first Chinese artist to achieve the TOP on bothChina V Chart and Mandarin Chart of Billboard China. Timmy had made his first voice-acting for the first Chinese animation 大鱼海棠 Big Fish and Begonia》. Within just a few months, he had been honored to receieve eight awards in China. On the other hand, Timmy is known for giving a hand to many charity organizations in China; which lightened up blind children's hearts and gave many people the light in darkness. With his risen popularity, Timmy sure is well-known in many countries by now. He is known as the light of this generation. Many of his fans are following his shinning footsteps towards the bright way.

(For more detailed information on Timmy, please visit wikipedia)

:glasses: Timmy's Got Talent!

Timmy has many talents and he was able to use them well in concerts and fan welfares.

  • Singing & composing
  • Dancing (Latin / Hip-Hop / Kung-Fu)
  • Electronic & Acoustic Guitar
  • Piano / Keyboard
  • Drums

Just way too many to talk about!:wub:

:blush: What do people call Timmy?


Many fans call him the Master of Teasing because he tends to tease people without intending to. Never once he admitted it, but fans still love him for who he is. Some people call him "Light". Timmy said many times during interviews that he would like to be called as "洲洲 Zhou Zhou" the most by his fans.

:grin: Who does Timmy work with?


Timmy works with this super-manager, Li Hao (Left in pic). Hao is a very considerate man who is wise enough to support alongside Timmy and takes care of Timmy 24/7. Fans appreciate him just as much as they appreciate Timmy.

:glasses: What did Timmy win so far?

  • 2016: 16th Annual Billboard Music Festival - Most Popular Network Drama Idol Award (China)
  • 2016: 4th Anniversary of OK! Magazine Awards - Annual Beloved New Generation Actor Award (China)
  • 2016: 2nd Yinyuetai Fan-Festival - 1st place in Yinyuetai Fan-Festival's Top 100 Poll (China)
  • 2016: 2016 WeChat donation function supports charities - 1st place in Favorite charity by poll (China)
  • 2016: 2016 Alibaba Planet Wars - 1st place in Alibaba Planet Wars (China)
  • 2016: 2016 Sina & Weibo data Center - Top 20 Most Popular Celebrities in Weibo (China)
  • 2016: 2016 Fresh Asia Music Awards - Best New Artist of the Year Award (China)
  • 2016: 2016 iFeng Fashion Choice Awards - Annual Fashion Popularity Pioneer Award (China)

:heart: Introduction to Timmy's BIG FAMILY :heart:

Yes, believe it or not...Timmy has many fan bases all over the world. He named all the fans who truly love him 白粥 (Bai Zhou). Under this name, some of the fan bases already got their own nicknames differ from other countries:


:wub: 韩国白粥 Mimi:Baizhou of Timmytalk in South Korea대한민국

:wub: 美国白粥:Baizhou in USA

:wub: 俄国白粥 MiaoRu:Baizhou in Russia

:wub: 香港白粥 Monologue:Baizhou in Hong Kong

:wub: Thai Fan Base / Viet Fan Base / Japan Fan Base

Even though there are still many fans from all over the world that have not yet come up with fan names; once the fan base names from different countries are confirmed officially, they will be added on here!;)

:glasses: What are the rules here?

Many of you might be thinking why we're creating this NEW TOPIC for Timmy now. Tell you what? We welcome anyone who comes to this ROOT of Timmy's Big Family Tree. You absolutely reserve the rights to post pictures or videos of Timmy ONLY in order to make him more well-known to the world. Please, NO other idols involved here except for Timmy ONLY. One more time, this topic is for TIMMY ONLY. Together we can out grow many branches with beautiful leaves, blooming flowers, and fruity fruits. We sincerely ask for you to respectfully follow the rules here, and have as much fun as possible meeting new friends. Thank you:heart:


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So... Who is Timmy Xu? Name: 许魏洲 (Xu Wei Zhou) English Name: Timmy Xu Nickname: 洲洲 (Zhou Zhou) Profession: Singer / Song-Writer / Actor / Model / Voice-Actor Birthdate: October 20th, 1994 Birth P

Hello there! Wifi has just joined in the Timmy Soompi crew! 

Introduction to the BIG Timmy Family   BaiZhou: Official Chinese fan-name named by Timmy himself  Mimi: Fan-name from TimmyTalk in South Korea  MiaoRu: Fan-name from Russia  We also

Introduction to the BIG Timmy Family :glasses:

:heart: BaiZhou: Official Chinese fan-name named by Timmy himself

:heart: Mimi: Fan-name from TimmyTalk in South Korea

:heart: MiaoRu: Fan-name from Russia

:grin: We also have everybody else all over the world that love and support Timmy :heart:


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 Доброе утро! 

10 минут назад, wifipwdxwz сказал:

Введение в семье BIG Тимми :glasses:

:heart: BaiZhou: Официальный фан-имя китайского имени самого Тимми

:heart: Мими: Тимми ТОЛЬКО вентилятор имя из Южной Кореи

:heart: Wi-Fi: Тимми ТОЛЬКО веерной имя из США

:heart: MiaoRu: Тимми ТОЛЬКО веерной имя из России

:grin: У нас также есть все остальные во всем мире есть любовь и поддержку Тимми ТОЛЬКО :heart:



о Twitter пром otion (ссылка должна быть спойлер :P


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