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[Chinese Webseries 2016] Advance Bravery | Shi Bu Ke Dang | 盛势 | 势不可挡

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Final ep 30.

Well, given the current censorship issue in china (even though this is now broadcasted on taiwan's chocotv)...there are no kiss or bedscenes...just some shirtless scene and hugging. They also didn't admit their relationship as gay....until the well scene when the 2 chars expressed some thoughts...Yuanzong said he love (chinese char "ai") xiayao who followed with he want to be with him. Well...they were spoke out in their mind...


Think this is only consolation point besides how good the 2 leads (and also supporting chars) look so suited to each other visually and the acting isn't too awkward.


But it does look awkward with the sudden use of cartoon to show the last part...where Xiayao finally found the person who webcam with him many yrs ago. This part is like an afterthought.



For eng sub in youtube...can check here...so far until ep 28.


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For me, I think I am the only one who thought that the ending was fitting for a Chinese drama, given all the restrictions placed on it. I just that I thought it would be okay to just end with the scene at the hospital without the animation, which was just plain silly and unnecessary. At the very least, I am thankful that they didn't go down the bromance route with the grave scene which they showed during the initial screening.


I felt that the ending was fitting because:

  1. Both of them, at a time of near death, could only think of each other and their memories of one another be it happy or sad
  2. Both of them were not willing to sacrifice one another - XY wanted to be with him at all cost and YZ just wants him to be safe and sound, and they just want to be with each other
  3. The confession itself, although delivered telepathically, is a ROMANTIC confession, and no matter how many times you read it, I don't think you can mistake that as bromantic, "I-love-you-bro" kinda confession. I mean, YZ already outrightly says that he loves XY and will do anything for him and XY did not come with anything less when he said that he just wanted to be together with YZ. All this while both of them were facing almost certain death.
  4. The fact that both of them used their nicknames for each other during the scene ("Yao-er" and "Da-zong-ze"). Why I thought this should be highlighted is the fact that, in Chinese communities, nicknames are terms of affection you use only when you are very familiar with one another and if you look at YZ's character, the fact that he called XY, Yao-er, when he doesn't even have an affectionate name for his own sister, speaks volumes about XY's position in his life.

Of course, if there could be a direct translation of the book to the screen, that would be ideal but considering that this was done in China, I think this scene alone was commendable in trying to let people know "hey, look, these are 2 men in love with one another, and not another bromance, yo!". Yes, it could have been just as intense as Addicted but I guess we can take what we can get and run with it.


The only gripe I have is with the flow of the story. I felt that they took the wrong parts of the book to put in the forefront which makes the story seems so choppy and haphazard. I was also waiting for that vital "He's MINE!" scene but then I think that was scrapped because of the restrictions, really. What I am really disappointed about though, is the lack of development for both Zhi Shui and Da Yu, much less Peng Ze and Zhenzhen. I mean, at this point in the book, I believe Zhi Shui and Da Yu's relationship had progressed far beyond just being nice to one another. That was the main disappointment with the drama.


All in all, I think, given with what they were able to work with, I think it was pretty commendable. Now, if this was a Thai or Taiwanese production? I will raise hell and burn the production company to the ground if that had happened. LOL!

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I wanna a season 2, I don't understand what kind of relationships the other couples can be, I wanna the young sister with the captain of the bodyguards, from the first time I watched the Drama I guessed that they're have to be together, even in the opening I thought that that characters would be couple. ¿¿??  

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Hi all,


I just finished the series recently (I know, so late) and read the book. Pity the series is quite choppy but all the comments about censorship makes it a lot more understandable so I decided to read the novel (pity translation not even close to finish yet, might have to brush of my chinese reading now..). 


The cut version did a bit of disservice to the book and the actors. At the beginning the story is a bit confusing and lots of scenes seemingly jumbled together with quick cuts. Seems they filmed the movie to follow very the book very closely, but ended up has to cut a lot so the flow is mesed up. Could've been better if they adapted from beginning, change few things here and there to anticipate the censor (although from my understanding from few sources they already did this but the censorship gets even thougher than they anticipated). I do think the 2nd half flow better, the leads as well as supporting characters has established their chemistry well (more on this later). 


It is real pity because the book is really good, but I think due to the messiness of the series beginning (and the continuous delay in airing), the popularity did not catch on with this like with Addicted series. Many of my friends have never heard of it, and some actually started but gave up after few episodes coz they couldn't follow it. I hope it still has time to grow in viewership and popularity because good BL with good message is still rare.  


Regarding the acting, Liang Xue Feng as WZS actually maybe bring the best performance in the series. His character in the book is quite tricky to pull off, but he brings vulnerability to the characters that you know why he managed to trick XY and DY many times but makes DY fall for him anyway. The 2 leads are sooo charismatic and their chemistry is undeniable. I can not not imagine them when reading the book now. So well-cast. Simon as XY is playful, sometimes childish sometimes have mean streak but deep down good-hearted. Jason as YZ is stoic and righteous, seems very serious and only becomes soft for XY. Surprised to see from BTS clips how funny and playful the actor really is, no wonder Chai Jidan said he acts very well. They both deserve to be big stars. If this series does not become the jumping stones for that, I hope they get many more opportunities.


I am actually surprised Jason Xufeng was not that famous before. The rest of the cast is pretty young so understandbly they're probably just starting out but he is on his 30"s now. This is his debut acting?!? With that face (looks mixed-race which can adds appeal, is he?) and that build and that charisma (also seems very charming from social media), I thought casting agents would've knocked on his door already. Could it be he wasn't interested before? Or he just not look this good in the past lol. Thank god that CJD found him tho. Hope he and the rest breaks out in big way.  

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On 10/27/2016 at 12:22 AM, futmop1 said:

Yup that's what i've got too.. but it's still on yt with the cut version..

Can you tell me the name of the movie??? :grin:

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