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[Official] ♥ Lee Joon Gi x IU ♥ || JoonU [2016 SBS Best Couple & Hallyu Star Awards!!]

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STARGAZERS, Joon Gi has spoken in his own way about where he stands with Jieun and how important Jieun is in his life.   Joon Gi attending the LA premiere of RE:6 was a CONFIRMED event. He

I never ever thought I'd ever make an appearance here but, I couldn't help it today... MY SHIPPER HEART IS OVER THE ROOF RIGHT NOW. I personally don't think IU & JKH broke up just last week, I thi

~ W E L C O M E  ★  S T A R G A Z E R S  ~ Lee Joon Gi and Lee Ji Eun (IU) met for the first time on January 8, 2016 for the script reading of their historical romance drama, Moon Lovers - Scarle

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8 minutes ago, anniexxx said:

Annyeong, stargazers fellas!! I was being a silent reader of this thread for quite a while and I can't keep myself being silent after the break up news of our queen came up. For a long timer uaena (I've followed her since 2011), I knew it right away that she was single when she attended SAF by looking at her behavior around Jun Ki and vice versa. The way she look at him, her body language, how she interacts with him, they looked all the same with when she first met Voldy at his radio show for the first time (she said it was a love at the first sight, right?). I kept being silent bcs I (and all of us) was still unsure about their relationship status at that time (both iu and voldy kept their relationship low profile so it's kind of hard for me to monitor how their relationship is going plus I was being super busy with my thesis). She was always being cautios whenever she was around her male friends (even best friend) when she was still together with Voldy, but look at how carefree our queen was at the SAF?! Just by looking at her eyes, I knew it right away that our queen is finally available on the market:tongue: lol. Tbh it surprised me that IU and Jun Ki's chemistry was way much better off screen and after the drama end (their chemistry was good in moon lovers but the after-drama-ended chemistry was superb! Gosh, I've never felt IU has such chemistry with any of her male friend!). I'm not a fan of Jun Ki and moon lovers is his first starred drama that I watched, but the way he treats our queen.. the way he talks to her and take care of her, it is what makes me pay more attention to Jun Ki (in a good way ofc)^_^^_^

Oh and for any of you who haven't and might be interested in IU and Voldy's first met, well here's the link ^^ 

Hey Hi, welcome on board, and decided to delurk and spazz with us :blush:

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So I assume there is a party going on in this thread right now?! 

I cannot believe that IU's break up actually came true... although I've been kind of expecting it since the drama awards at the latest.:ph34r: 

Lee Joon Gi, you better find yourself a good present day wifey soon! Have you noticed how great you and IU look together? You must have... after all you won an award together! :wink::D:wub:



Breaking: IU And Jang Ki Ha Revealed To Have Broken Up

IU Jang Ki Ha

After dating for four years, singer couple IU and Jang Ki Ha have officially ended their relationship.

Both IU and Jang Ki Ha’s agencies revealed the news on January 23, saying, “The two recently broke up and have decided to remain in a good senior-junior relationship.”

The two singers first met through Jang Ki Ha’s SBS Power FM radio broadcast and began their relationship in 2013. Then two years later, media reports announced their dating relationship in 2015.

Source (1)

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dropping by here, it's my first comment on this thread. i want to congratulate you, IU-LJK shippers :)

i'm on happy mode right now ( OMG it makes me look bad to be happy over a break up news :huh:). the ship is sailing ~ let it sail.  i can now start shipping them without any guilt hihi.

 i back read 7/8 pages, well to me it is obvious LJK has some feelings or JE is important to him if he went back to korea instead LA. it makes things supicious. Journalists will try to dig in as much as possible to find the reason of their break up and LJK's name will be cited. It was a smart move from LJK to go  back and fight back with JE these journalists.

I believe, now our lady is single, they'll be scrutinized even more and have a bunch of reporters following them. If they become BF&GF in the future, it'll be away from the spotlight. They might even not make it public unless they'll get caught or they're in a very serious relationship, thinking about marriage. 

i'll drop by from time to time and read the updates about their " relationship"

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  • Guest changed the title to [Official] ♥ Lee Joon Gi x IU ♥ || JoonU [2016 SBS Best Couple & Hallyu Star Awards!!]

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