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[Official] ♥ Lee Joon Gi x IU ♥ || JoonU [2016 SBS Best Couple & Hallyu Star Awards!!]

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I never ever thought I'd ever make an appearance here but, I couldn't help it today... MY SHIPPER HEART IS OVER THE ROOF RIGHT NOW. I personally don't think IU & JKH broke up just last week, I thi

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2 hours ago, jiyue said:


A question to all long-time Uaenas that just popped into my mind, is it normal for JE to change clothes / leave the stage (to them/completely) during their guest's songs? I was just wondering... :phew:


Yes. It's common as she has scheduled costume changes throughout her show. She'll change either during a video or a guest spot when they do their own songs.

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36 minutes ago, sublimelyheureuse said:

Me to random non-shipping, IU, LJG, or MLSHR fan: So, you don't think Lee Joon-gi and Lee Ji-eun are about to become an item?

Random non-shipping IU, LJG, or MLSHR fan: No.

Me: That's fine. That's fine....Do you have a psychiatrist?

huahahahahahaha, I like your post chingu.. how can you think about psychiatrist? LOL  :w00t:


last night, I dreamed about JoonU. even my dream cant get over about last event hahaha, hope today we will have party agaaaaiiiiiiin ~~~

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7 hours ago, akinahana89 said:

Joon Gi's Taiwan FM Press Con, IU segment


Host: IU has a concert in Taiwan today.
Joon Gi: Yes.
Host: Do you want to greet her here? Just look at the camera. She can see you!
Joon Gi: *Awkward hand pose*
Host: She can see you!
Joon Gi: Are there any Chinese phrases I can use to congratulate her and give my best wishes?
Host: *Gives some old traditional phrases* I feel so ancient with these phrases. Hahaha.
Joon Gi: Can you tell it to me slowly?
Host: With the way you're looking at me, I'm shy.
Joon Gi: Let's just consider this a Chinese teaching session. I'm your student.
Host: Why is my face all red?
Joon Gi: *Stares intensely*
Host: ... What am I supposed to say again?
[To translator: I suddenly forgot.]
Translator: Congratulation phrases to IU
Host: Oh, oh. To IU, right? Right?
Joon Gi: Dui, dui, dui (Yes, yes, yes)
[Joon Gi follows Host's words, wishing IU a successful, smooth performance today. HIS MANDARIN IS SO CUTE AND THE WAY HE GOES, "EUWEH?!" LOLOL. I'M DYING!!]
Joon Gi: *Cute, awkward hand wave of pride*
Host: Wooow! Lee Joon Giii!
Joon Gi: Wait, wait. Can I speak freely for a minute?

Joon Gi: Everyone, listen closely! I heard that IU has a lot of fans in Taiwan. I think IU is the best entertainer, so I feel that her concert tonight is going to be the best. Please be happy with IU and create beautiful memories. Congratulations, IU! I'll see you soon!
Host: Thank you for offering IU your sincere congratulations, but we will also have to congratulate you on your FM tomorrow and wish you lots of luck!

This post is past "crumb" and more like "pure gold." It melts me. :wub:

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  • Guest changed the title to [Official] ♥ Lee Joon Gi x IU ♥ || JoonU [2016 SBS Best Couple & Hallyu Star Awards!!]

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