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[Official] ♥ Lee Joon Gi x IU ♥ || JoonU [2016 SBS Best Couple & Hallyu Star Awards!!]

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10 minutes ago, chi13lou said:

Have you noticed that the brown-haired actor at the LOTBS table beside theirs was smiling when JoonGi hugged Jieun when they were named Best Couple. Then when the ceremony ended and Joongi placed his hand on Jieun's back, he had his back facing them as he was leaving and yet glanced back at them? When news breaks out, he will go, I knew it! 

Yeah, he was totally getting #theFeels the entire night. Honestly everyone around them could not ignore the vibe they were giving out. It was raining JoonU crumbs all throughout the night (Hallelujah lol)

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1 hour ago, violet90 said:

okay long post ahead.....

what i loved the most about their interaction is that they both are not faking anything but really just enjoying each other and the night.. this one is rarely present in award show cause people try to behave the best and show the best of themselve cause many people are watching and its being broadcast live too.. but not with our JoonU.. its either they forgot or just don't care about it but seriously i found it refreshing in the awkward and boring award we can see the interaction between them and also all the cast just being goofy and enjoying the award in their own way.... MLSHR table is the most fun and funny table in that night and the visual from the lead to supporting cast just really blow my mind...

back to our OTP.... since the beginning i always said that JG is always brave enough to defense Jieun in every way he can.. keep on praising her and show how much he enjoying working with her.. but that night he just so proud having her as his partner and to be honest its like other girl is not exist cause his eyes is glued to Jieun.. i just admire his bravery to do this cause Jieun we all know some kind of difficulties and issue so she a lot more careful on screen but he able to make her enjoying the night as much as he did and be with her through out the night..

i think JG already have some issue with her sitting on the chair since i did pin point that JG said no to Jieun and she refuse but can't reject it when MC said she have to sit.. but for him to personally helped her and up to the point helping her wearing heels in front of so many people and his own fan just blow my mind.. he indeed really care for Jieun so much to do that cause i think we all can agree that he hate scandal but what he did can lead to it (thankfully both JG and Jieun fan protect them) but he don't care cause he just have to take care of his partner.... love this one to bits cause its show he care about her deeply...

this is one of few reason why Jieun can be so carefree with him cause she know he have her back in term of support and everything else.. i just love how Jieun sincerely thanks JG for helping her with her character.. you can see JG is taken back and touched with her words... and how can people not be suspicious of them?? they just so into each other all night long.....

i just give up on thinking what their status are but they just a close friend they sure did playing with a fine line that cross between love and friendship.. cause i think we can rule out friendzone COMPLETELY with what they showing us.... LOL

p.s i think JG way past Nicky Wu at this point... i saw the video both NW and LSS and even if he clearly into LSS but JG just beat him when its come to Jieun... JG just so obvious and its just really show that night... kekekekeke


agreeeeeee.. for him to do that kind of acts in front of public plus his own fans was mind blowing! plus the hug after they went away after that best couple stage totally assure me that they are indeeeedd soooooo close to be comfortable like that! 

24 minutes ago, meahri_1 said:

He's been instrumental in sharing crumbs with us, and we're hoping he will continue to do so. Let's celebrate our most beloved traitor

happy birthday our biggesttt reporter HJH~~~

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6 hours ago, Siracusa said:

Another reason why I love Jieun and Joongi. Celebrities would be nothing without their fans so I love any celebrities that go above and beyond for their fans. (Another reason why my number two wish is for Jieun to become friends with Taylor Swift. Tay-Tay buys her hardcore fans Christmas gifts. Going so far as to research the fan's Tumblr blog to see what their interests and hobbies are. One time she showed up at a fan's bridal shower and gifted a KitchenAid mixer.)

Funny you should mention that. IU is my favorite Asian celebrity. Taylor Swift is my favorite American celebrity. LOL. Both of them, which I became a fan of, shortly after their debut. ^^


6 hours ago, berny said:

That Massage Chair though....i cannot even...

I think that chair is a shipper too... what with its timing to rattle..and 

It has an automatic-eject JE button - straight into the arms of JG... whaHAHAHA :w00t:

Good thing JG has fast and good reflex to catch her in his arms...yieeeeee :phew:

HAHAHAHAHA. I love this line! LOL

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8 minutes ago, lanjung said:

do you all remember when he went to Japan for last FM?? ... He had just gone late jn the afternoon & come back sooner because there was some one waiting for him at home.

Today, it's different cause that person's in Taiwan recently, He went to Taiwan very soon, He must be wake up from 5AM or sooner to get to the airport so that Fan could take some pictures & posted to twitter at 6:42 AM, even his FM gonna be 2morrow ... =)))

my delulu mind's going crazy to think that he's just in a hurry to see her ... =)) ... They can't be apart too long, right ...

because he cant wait to see her... look at him ..glowing ..looks like he is very happy today hehe

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Wow, he go so early.... haha maybe to visit her at her practice before the concert? Have lunch together.... lol #delulu

Love their airport fashion, black seems to be their signature colour. 

Just wanna share this 


JG is on 7 spot n JE is on 8... even on rank they r side by side... :D


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34 minutes ago, NerinaC said:

Wow, he go so early.... haha maybe to visit her at her practice before the concert? Have lunch together.... lol #delulu

Love their airport fashion, black seems to be their signature colour. 

Just wanna share this 

  Reveal hidden contents

JG is on 7 spot n JE is on 8... even on rank they r side by side... :D


is this jooongii first early airport flight? 


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  • Guest changed the title to [Official] ♥ Lee Joon Gi x IU ♥ || JoonU [2016 SBS Best Couple & Hallyu Star Awards!!]

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