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[Official] ♥ Lee Joon Gi x IU ♥ || JoonU [2016 SBS Best Couple & Hallyu Star Awards!!]

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STARGAZERS, Joon Gi has spoken in his own way about where he stands with Jieun and how important Jieun is in his life.   Joon Gi attending the LA premiere of RE:6 was a CONFIRMED event. He

I never ever thought I'd ever make an appearance here but, I couldn't help it today... MY SHIPPER HEART IS OVER THE ROOF RIGHT NOW. I personally don't think IU & JKH broke up just last week, I thi

~ W E L C O M E  ★  S T A R G A Z E R S  ~ Lee Joon Gi and Lee Ji Eun (IU) met for the first time on January 8, 2016 for the script reading of their historical romance drama, Moon Lovers - Scarle

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4 hours ago, meahri_1 said:


@akinahana89 Actually, there were 6 OSTs nominated from DOTs, 4 nominated from Moonlight, 3 nominated from Oh Hae Young Again, and only 1 from SHR and 1 from Uncontrollably Fond. :tears:


Mlshr ost - will b back- really give me goosebumps...weird others also can't make it 

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7 hours ago, Joseph Lim said:

Regarding the negative comments, here is an appeal from IU.


Let their agency protect them. Fans just need to focus on loving their idols.




I just have time to post again, i agree what our captain said and i really hate what happened even i'm late and didn't know what they wrote in voldy IG, i never thought such things would be happened to my otp, so much worried when i read this will be hurt Ji Eun and Stargazers. I ever experience this happened to my first otp, there're some of immature shipper and i feels they don't have responsibility sense to protect their otp in good way, just selfish mind to make their shipper heart satisfied with extreme act.

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18 minutes ago, meahri_1 said:


By the way, yeorobun, I'd like to share a fun fact with all of you regarding our captain's FMV from YTBLSS. The second song playing during its credits toward the end is 'Beautiful Song', a piece written by IU and sung by both IU and Jo Jung Suk. It was gifted to the fans of the drama via Soundcloud not too long after the drama concluded. The lyrics speak to the perfect match between the lead characters, but ironically, it also featured commonalities shared between the actual leads.

The reason I bring this up is I know how many of us have mentioned wanting to hear JoonU sing together, thus it's become part of our updated chant. I sincerely hope our wish comes true. Listening to the sweet harmonies between uri Ji Eun and JJS (he is also a veteran of musical theater and was originally majoring in classical guitar) makes me want to hear her and Joongi's voices meld together in a collaboration even more. So keep chanting and let's help make this one come true. Just as Jieunie thanks Joongi for helping make Haesoo's character beautiful through his efforts and skill as an actor, I'd really like for Joongi to experience firsthand the magic that our IU weaves with her music. If he appreciates her now, I can only imagine how much more he will afterwards. LOL. Forgive me for being so biased, but if you've never listened to IU's songs, try to do so when you get a moment. I'm confident you won't be disappointed.



Agree..!!! And some fans even said 'is she eat VCDs?' Lol bcs her live voice is more nice to hear than the recording version.. hehe

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8 hours ago, aimwanie said:

u r in korea? have fun there! and if you dont mind update anything you found related to joonU. hehe

Lol I'm currently in Jeju and I don't think I will find anything related to JoonU here. One thing I found so far is SJK and LJS are very popular here haha sorry off topic 

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27 minutes ago, tinniet said:

Lol I'm currently in Jeju and I don't think I will find anything related to JoonU here. One thing I found so far is SJK and LJS are very popular here haha sorry off topic 

Is Jeju Island just like in the dramas?? Every other drama or variety show always has a scene on Jeju Island!

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24 minutes ago, caramelovers07 said:

Here's my FMV from SBS Drama Awards, guyss!!

Caution: Prepare your weak delulu heart!! As I almost loose my conciousness due to over delulu heart when


OMMOO chingudeul this needs more viewer advisory. My weak delulu heart almost exploded from watching this. I could almost imagine this song playing on their wedding day. I've seen JGs previous awards clips from before and I don't remember him being so dashing and beaming like he did here. Your videos never fail to make HMS JoonJi go from cruise control to turbo mode kekeke 

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  • Guest changed the title to [Official] ♥ Lee Joon Gi x IU ♥ || JoonU [2016 SBS Best Couple & Hallyu Star Awards!!]

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