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[Official] B1A4's Jung Jin-young 정진영 Thread #사랑해진영 ❤ Ongoing Drama - My First First Love ❤ || Completed Movie - The Dude In Me||

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1 hour ago, lovehbhjw2013 said:

  I never get tired of looking at him...He is really the energizer...one of the coolest guy I have ever seen.....despite his age.


@lovehbhjw2013 LOL whats wrong with his age? (i'm a 91 liner too hehehe :tongue:)  I do agree though, that looking at him is not something you can get tired of...something about him just makes my heart happy <3


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@grilledchicken  He is young!!!(so are you!!)  So young and so cool is great!!! :wub:   And the funny thing is he gets younger by the day......LOLL...  If you have seen his photoshoot today with Woman Donga Magazine...you will see that he looks so young there...

His latest ig update is so funny....a merry-go-round effect in the city and he looks so retro....all the way back to 1912........ultra cute! :heart:

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Only today 170306 it dawns on me what makes B1A4 so successful as a team....I think the combination of their blood types is really their critical success factor and they have rightfully used it in their name without knowing its implications   The beautiful balance of B1A4 makes the team so fun to be with and even watching them is fun.  The B1 is very important because without it...I think the crazy emotions among the A4 will blow things out of proportion.  Also, if there is more than one B1, it will also tip the required crazy emotions in the team with their crazy antics.   So in short, these guys found the magic chemistry formula of B1A4.....they have openly declared to the world for 6 years B1A4 but it has gone unnoticed the magic of it and seen just simply as blood type....today I am inclined to believe that this is their secret recipe in being the most fun and successful team who can bring heaps of fun and laughter to people around them.... Here are some Jinyoung pictures but the videos are all the funny stuff.











Here is one of the videos....Jindeul moments...



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MDBC is preparing for their director's cut now and KYJ has updated in her ig a short video clip on the four getting together again for the activity.

Cheerful Foursome!  Jinyoung looks so young...like a teenager...


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170307 Beautiful day in Japan with beautiful pictures to give you sweet dreams tonight!! LOLLL

The photocards signed today...






Pictures: Credit owners/


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"You and I " promotion pictures in Japan magazine




Some say this picture is a sad face..... I think this guy is good in expressing melancholic love like Kim Yoon Sung....and there is so much tenderness in it that it gives me the shivers... LOLLLL....no wonder he is a talented actor.


Marie Claire images from its video....he looks cool with the ear ring....





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Lastly the official short MV of the 2 songs launched officially today 170308:

"You and I"


"Choo Choo Train"


For those who love B1A4 songs, please support their latest albums...


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Soompi Interviews B1A4!!!  yooooooooooohooooooooooo!!

Interview: B1A4 As Overwatch Characters, Songs, and “Bad Guys”


It feels like just yesterday that B1A4 wrapped up their third concert tour in the US, but the withdrawal is definitely real. In between reliving the amazing evening, we’d like to give you the opportunity to get to know the members a little better!

We recently ran a “#AskB1A4” event on Twitter and collected questions from super B1A4 fans. And, they were so good. We had a really hard time narrowing the questions down to pick enough for the interview. B1A4 also definitely enjoyed them when we sat down with them in San Francisco!

Did your question make the cut? Read the full interview below, and please note that words in italics were spoken in English!

What do you like most about touring and having concerts in different countries (outside of Korea)?

– @_gongryong

Sandeul: For me, when we are touring in a country I really like to experience the ambiance of that country – to get a feel for the vibe of that country.

Please describe American Banas in 3 words!

 – @Rossy_JY

CNU: Love!
Baro: Groove!
All: Love, groove, and…
Baro: Lights!
Sandeul: Light?
Baro: Light!
All: Oooh!
Baro: It’s good!

If each member was a B1A4 song then which song would each member be?


Baro: Very difficult!
CNU: Starting from Sandeul!
Sandeul: Hmm, for me… what would I be?
CNU: “Fooool”?
All: *laugh*
Sandeul: No, please tell me seriously!
CNU: I was!
Jinyoung: I think that Sandeul has that kind of feel, “Crush.” Ah, that might be too obvious.
Sandeul: Ah, it’s my song!
Baro: Very difficult!
Sandeul: Wouldn’t it be “OK”?
CNU: No way!
Baro: No! I don’t think so…
Baro: Sandeul is a little… “Baby I’m Sorry”?
Baro: It’s powerful…
Sandeul: Okay, “Baby I’m Sorry.”
Baro: Even if you don’t like it, please accept it because it’s my suggestion.
Sandeul: I don’t like it, but you do.
Jinyoung: Baro is… we have to do this seriously.
CNU: When I think of Baro, what comes to mind? “Baby Goodnight”!
Baro: Oh! Sounds good!

Jinyoung: For me…
Baro: Wait, you aren’t going to agree with mine?
Jinyoung: I was thinking of mine – “What is this”?
Baro: Oh! Nice.

Gongchan, if members were characters in Overwatch, who would be who?

– @crongchannnn

Sandeul: Should we decide together?
Gongchan: No, I’m going to do it all at once!
Gongchan: Sandeul-hyung is Bastion. Baro-hyung is Mei.

Gongchan: Jinyoung-hyung is… he’s a little difficult!
Baro: Genji!
CNU: Doesn’t he like Genji?

Sandeul: Is there a sly character?
Gongchan: The sly character…
Baro: Genji, his visual is like Genji!
Sandeul: No, Junky!
Baro: Junky?? You mean Junkrat!
Sandeul: Ah, is it Junkrat?
All: *laugh*

Gongchan: No, he’s Tracer!
Gongchan: CNU-hyung is… CNU-hyung, CNU… Reinhardt!
CNU: Why? Why Reinhardt?
Gongchan: Cause you’re very protective!


How do you cheer each other on?

– @anastasiamanda

Sandeul: We have this!
Jinyoung: Ah, before we go onto stage-
Baro: All together!
Jinyoung: We have a special “Fighting” ritual we do.



What do you wish to achieve in 2017 as a group and individually?

– @giantpup

CNU: As B1A4, I think our goal is to release a lot of albums!
CNU: We did a lot of individual activities last year so we didn’t release a lot of albums but this year we want to release more albums for our fans.
CNU: And personally, I want to take a vacation all together!
Jinyoung: Yes!


Baro: Anywhere!
CNU: I don’t really care where we go-
Baro: Europe? Or?
Sandeul: San Francisco?
Jinyoung: Oh, to visit for fun!
Baro: LA?
Sandeul: Hawaii?
CNU: As long as we’re together, it doesn’t matter where!

If you could play only one album for the rest of your life which one would you choose and why?

– @93erline

Baro: Every question is quite difficult…
CNU: Only one album?
Jinyoung: Just say the first one that pops in your mind!
Baro: “Good Timing”
Jinyoung: “Who Am I”
CNU: “Good Timing”
Gongchan: “Good Timing”
Sandeul: “Let’s Fly”

Do you have any advice that you could give to high school/university students who are struggling?

– @duyeou

Jinyoung: I think that we tend to be really positive people, if something isn’t working out and you think about it negatively – then it might never work out. With the right mind, the right heart, you can really achieve anything.
Baro: If you wanna do something, just enjoy it. You can do it.
Jinyoung: Isn’t that the Nike slogan?
Baro: Just do it, Nike!

Tell us one wish you want from each of the other members.

– @_gongryong

Sandeul: A wish?
Baro: Stay healthy, and let’s be together for a long time.
CNU: Let’s stay the way we are.

What is one way that all of you are similar? Why?

– @jiny__love

Jinyoung: We’re all nice people!
CNU: No…
Baro: Nah, we are bad boys.
Jinyoung: We’re all really nice. When we’re together, I realize that we all have really kind personalities. We never fight amongst each other and we care deeply about each other.
CNU: We’re planning to fight today. Just kidding~

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@lovehbhjw2013 definitely will be looking into buying the You and I album + booklet if still available. Really crossing my fingers that it is... 

Here's a pic from their Japanese twitter ^_^


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Chingu-deuls! Annyeong... 

Missing all of you... just about to be done with my FS and then I can splurge here for sure (currently watching Strong Woman DoBongSoon, really hilarious)


Instagram Updates


#B1A4 #jinyoung #정진영 #진영 #BANA 

jinyoung0423오잉 으잉?
#b1a4 #jinyoung #bana

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170310 Another of album promotion in Nagoya.

haha..he only wore classes at the end for this shot..not with fans I think...looks so intellectually cool right? :D




His smiles and laughter is everything that makes a day good. :)





Date with Jinyoung on ROTS...the kids adored him completely..




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So I ended up buying all three versions of 「You and I」in order to get a ticket for their Talk Live + Handshake event at Yomiuri Land....I had planned a trip to Japan with my friends for Mar 2017 about a year ago and I got lucky that B1A4 are here during part of my vacation ^_^ they never promote in my country so I'm really happy to witness it here:) Plus I was able to understand a lot of what they were saying thanks to hand gestures and the tiny amount of Japanese knowledge that I have~

Pics from their Japan twitter:



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@grilledchicken  hihi chingu...I have not been able to post here for a week long because technically I am challenged by the editor on Soompi when I accessed it via the PC.  Now I have to do a test post using the phone and then edit the post here thereafter.   After so many years, I still cannot understand the technical idiosyncrasies here because they are very weird...  Happens anytime without symptoms and happens to selected situations....so hard to diagnose.

In any case, I would like to share some stuff from the Live Space in Taiwan.   Hope you have a good time in Japan....any photos from your Japan trip to share?

Here is B1A4 singing Jay Chou's “告白气球" at live space Taiwan, really good!!!

And  OMG Taiwan BANAs are so impressive....even I feel so touched by what they have done for B1A4....

I hope B1A4 see this video made by them.....superbly poignant...


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hello chingus!

sorry for not being active lately... been busy with work and i must admit with SWDBS and Liar and His Lover thread.

I know uri Jinyoung is being taken cared off her and with so much love, so my heart is at peace.

I was very excited to post this here when I was informed by my officemate.  

Jinyoung sent greetings to the host of a late night show in our country courtesy of Sandara Park.

With so much screaming, he did not even hear the greetings from Jinyoung. :)  That's how popular he is.


and here's a clearer version, i hope he gets to guest in his show. 


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