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[philippine Drama 2006] Gma-7's: Atlantika

Guest Galchi

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[GMA-7] Dingdong Dantes, Iza Calzado

Atlantika will be the next telefantasya from GMA Network. It will be directed by the director of the Encantadia saga Mark A. Reyes. Atlantika is based on the original concept of Jun Lana and will have nothing to do with the The Man from Atlantis or Aquaman.


Dingdong Dantes as Aquano

Iza Calzado as Cielo/Amaya

Rudy Fernandez

Ariel Rivera

Chynna Ortaleza

Bianca King

Valerie Concepcion

Mark Gil

Jean Garcia

Cherry Pie Picache as Remedius

Paolo Contis

Isabel Oli

Gardo Versoza

Elvis Gutierrez

Gene Padilla

Arthur Solinap

Pen Medina

Jojo Alejar

Jojo Hernandez

Geoff Aguirre as Shokoy


Teasers of Atlantika

Music Video of ATLANTIKA title Maghihintay Ako (I'll be Waiting)

sang by regine Velasquez


credit to jhnmgl of PEX for all the teasers and casts

*wiil update this thread*

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GMA 7 to nail primetime ratings anew via the uncharted concept of ‘Atlantika’


An underwater community, the vastness and mystery of the ocean, new characters to rave about and the unpredictability of an unexplored idea, "Atlantika" looks like it has everything the public haven’t seen in local TV.

Top-billed by Dingdong Dantes as Aquano whose plight is to dethrone a villainous ruler by finding his princess, "Atlantika" assembles not only an interesting cast based on an equally interesting original plot. The new fantasy series signals a looming triumph what with a grand scheme of creating an advanced world underwater.

According to "Atlantika’s" head writer Renato Custodio, Jr., the show is by far the biggest GMA’s esteemed creative team has put together so far. Of course the new show always has to be better than its predecessors but the creative team led by Jun Lana is looking at topping the phenomena each achieved by "Mulawin," "Encantadia," "Sugo," "Darna," and "Majika."


"It’s difficult to mount something like this kasi iniiwasan mo yung mga nagawa na nung ibang series. There exists a huge challenge kasi napa-hit na yung ibang mga series so there’s really pressure na dapat mag-work ito," disclosed Custodio, who shares with Kit Langit, Denoy Punio, Dode Cruz and A.D. Ho the pleasure and passion of realizing that something as big as "Atlantika" is possible.

The concept was drawn from Hollywood’s "Atlantis" but the creative argued that fishing for the idea is the only thing derived from the foreign counterpart. "Ang kinuha lang namin ay yung idea na may city under the ocean. Everything else from the story to the characters is original. Nagsimula kasi yun when we tried to think of a world na hindi pa napupuntahan. Sa ‘Mulawin’ nagawa na yung langit," Custodio explained.

Langit added, "So why not go underwater and explore its depths with a world that exists there. Productionwise, madugo talaga, then again the more difficult the task, mas lalo naming pinagpupursigihan."

The result is a rich story with complex production values and a whole deal of never-before-seen-things on TV.

Custodio detailed, "The story is centered on Aquano who is played by Dingdong Dantes. He has a destiny to fulfill which is to save Atlantika by finding the two princesses of Atlantika. He can only save Atlantika if he becomes king and the only way for him to become one is if he finds the princess na dapat niyang mahalin. The other princess naman is the one whom he should kill."

There are four princess-possible candidates as Aquano goes about his search, those roles played by Iza Calzado, Isabel Oli, Katrina Halili and Valerie Concepcion.

The question viewers are dying to ask is how GMA-7 will be able to pull through a credible underwater world. "Yun ang pinakamahirap kasi the first time we offered the concept mapapatanong ka talaga kung paano natin gagawin yan?" Custodio shared.

The creative team then mapped what "Atlantika" should look like (containing all the gloss and mystery of underwater life) and how it should flow (with an engaging story and well-written characters).

"Atlantika" will be about the size of a huge island plunged to the depths of the sea. Since it is impossible to shoot drama underwater consistently, "Atlantika" unfolds while being protected by a huge mystical cove with ‘polaris’ (source of energy and life) at the very core of it.

This transparent force field-like shelter protects the characters from the vastness of the ocean. "Like a big submarine under water wherein you can see the marine life going on around you," the head writer offered.

Aside from the city within an ocean’s kingdom, "Atlantika" will also feature authentic underwater scenes. Custodio pointed out, "What makes ‘Atlantika’ also different is the combination of fantasy and a touch of sci-fi kasi it’s really an advanced city which is really tough. There will also be battles fought na nasa tubig talaga, there will be chase scenes and different creatures…" and all the works a soap of this magnitude is expected to deliver.

Like any fantasy series, characters are marked with special roles. Aside from Dingdong and the four likely princesses, "Atlantika" reserved pivotal roles for Gardo Versoza and Rudy Fernandez, among many others.

The creative team underwent several brain-drain sessions to flesh out an entirely unusual world. But the paradox in "Atlantika" is that no matter how bizarre its setting and characters are, they all struggle with the same universal themes of love, power, courage, defeats, deceits and triumphs.

The creative team divulged that they have mapped out several weeks of episodes already and one thing remained consistent: "It’s like pilot week, week after week, after week. That’s how big this series really is, the plot continues to thicken and there will be no lay offs."


The creative teams are usually the unsung heroes of a major TV project. Once the viewers are occupied with all the trappings that make a series habit-forming like production, execution and acting, the creative team’s role tends to get overlooked.

The fact is it is as difficult to transform ideas into reality and to shoot actual challenges of a project as coming up with the seeds of a TV hit.

"Pareho lang mahirap ang trabaho ng creative team at ng production. Ang kaibahan lang ay yung kung sino ang unang nahihirapan. We believe that it’s the same consistent intensity that each group puts into a project. It’s all a matter of doing your roles. Like for us we take care of the concept, story, script including the dialogues and we make sure that nothing is compromised. If there are things that should be changed to make it possible, we make sure that the impact remains the same," "Atlantika’s" creative team explained.

Like any other job, passion speaks a lot about a creative team’s output. "It’s really about our passion in coming up with ideas and passion about writing. Even if maingay kami discussing concepts during our sessions, when we head home to write the script it’s between the writer and the blank screen in front of you. [Each of us] is a hundred percent serious, it can never be anything less than a hundred percent," told one of the writers Dode Cruz.

Getting the word out that a series is worth the audience’s time is just part of the first steps to a hit series, sustaining public interest is an entirely different story—and this, again, is a responsibility for the creative team. "Keeping the interest of the viewers is what fuels us. The important thing for us is to listen to our viewers. Hear what they want and respond to it," the team expressed.

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The casts of ATLANTIKA

Dingdong Dantes as Aquano


Iza Calzado as Cielo Amaya


Valerie Concepcion


Paolo Contis as Piranus


Katrina Halili as Helena


Isabel Oli as Alona


Rudy Fernandez as Camaro


Jean Garcia as Celebes


credit to persephone_21, kyupayb @ PinoyExchange

and Dingdong Dantes Central

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Guest Galchi

^BTW, where are you from?

Sorry for me I wasn't able to watch this show in the beginning

but was able to catch for the next episodes.

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Guest Melyxcious

hmmm... yeah, this does look promising.

it's interesting =O and that image up there is gorgeous.

mm anywhoo..

I checked out Regine's song and the mv is just.. wow.. I LOVE the song- i wish i can download it... it's so pretty!! and the video, i like it a lot x] it shows that this is a really interesting series so far. the graphics and characters look really good :3

sucks that i dont have GMA =0=;

i'll just watch on youtube... ;_______;v

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Guest renzu_oni

ummm... we have gma channel on our tfc but i don't see this on the show listings... dunno why. mayb they'll show it later? :phew:

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Guest Galchi

You have GMA on your TFC, how come?

Anyways, the show was launched last Sunday on SOP

And maybe for those who have GMA Pinoy TV, you might get a chance to watch this

Atlantika launched on SOP Oct 8 2006

With Regine Velasquez singing the theme song

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