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Fahrenheit (飛輪海)

Guest takki_fanatic

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Guest Mademoisella



AHAHAH I love Fahrenheit, maybe cuz Wu Zun is in it, lolz..

But yes, more hottt pictures!

I'm starting to like Aaron also, he seems to have the mysterious look, yet exotic, lolz..

<3333 Wu Zun

also I don't think they'll be as big as F4 but hey I dunno, maybe they will, lolz..

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lol i <3 aaron~ =3

they say hes the female version of rainie yang XD they do look alike lol, i also saw on this show where he said hes ideal lover is rainie, aww :P

i saw wu zun in tokyo juliet, didnt really like the show lol

jiros so buff :phew:

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jiro is the only one i recognize. he's cute! he almost has a jrocker kinda look if you dress him up like one. hahaha. he'll pull it off well. he's cute. i thought he was good looking since i saw ISWAK.

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Guest Snowbunni3z

Question: Does anyone have the HQ version of their Mv with Hebe

^^ and would like to share with me/everyone hehe i've been looking for it 847204823 times and can't find it *cries*

pweezze *hugs*

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Guest apple_time

Jiro and Chun has a new drama coming out soon called Hua Yang Shao Nan Shao Nu.



based on the on the Japanese shoujo manga "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e" or Hana Kimi "For You In Full Blossom", (花ざかりの君たちへ) by Hisaya Nakajo.

Looks cute.

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Guest luluchan

wao can't believe they are all so old ! except for Ya Lun~ i think he's a 85er

wu zhun is like 79er and the other 2 are like 80 or 81 i thinK~~

O_O hahha ~ they are like 26/27~

wao that guy really looks like matsumoto jun ! hahah but i saw him in some show and in real person he doesn't really but in pics ya

matsumoto Jun is way cuter :X no offence~ but dis guy is smart cuz he sed he finished his masters @ Uvic already and going to Zheng Da @ TW for another master~

i wanna watch the ELLA drama!! i love ella!! and the manga is good too!

hope the drama is good !

but yeah :X

they can't sing :X and they aren't in harmony too


acting is so so too~ hope to see improvement~!

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