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[Current Drama 2017] My Only Love Song 마이 온리 러브송


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I've only watched the 1st episode - but this drama is way more than I expected!  It is hilarious and GSY + LJH are a match made in heaven!  Their screen chemistry continues as strong, comfortable and honey-dripping as their the time on WGM together...it seems as if WGM never ended and morphed into a sageuk rom-com!   Love this couple, love this drama!

AND THE KISS SCENES...whew!   LJH made me proud - he went for it, full on open lip, lip devouring kiss!  No half-baked, 'deer-in-the-headlights', dead fish kissing for both of them!  BRAVO!     

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wow this was surprisingly so GOOD! i didn't expect to like it because jonghyun's acting in gentlemen's dignity was abysmal, but he improved so much. love each character even the evil one(s) lol. 


i hope there is a season 2 where they show ondal in the present... so much potential if they decide to renew. 


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I started watching and I'm in episodes 14, but I think the scenes repeat too much, and the protagonist screams all the time.

At the beginning? Funny, cool. But after a while, for God's sake, annoying LOL


One of the funniest scenes is when he is beaten. You can not help but laugh.



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I've come across to this movie and surprisingly it's not bad overall considering it's small budget production. It's quite good and funny. I like the main couple. They are funny and have chemistry on screen.
I have found a couple of gifs. 

episode 2: 









episode 3:



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