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[Current Drama 2017] My Only Love Song 마이 온리 러브송


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MOLS Still Updates. 

Seungyeon with Kim Chaeun :wub:

Cr: GongLee Global


Merci Drama updates with Gong Seungyeon and Lee Jonghyun :wub:

Trans by lyuublue: - I can't let go of your hand Ondal, come back please? You're the only one for me -

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@Changsky thank you for always updating our drama news in this thread.. I really appreciate it..

just can't wait to see this drama air.. 

how can sohu tv buy this dram with 20 episodes long.. so it will web drama or tv drama instead?

we never get this information correct yet.. if it'll tv drama. which station korean tv would airing this drama?

hope we can get more information and confirmation soon..

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Thank you for all the updates.

They are all exciting. 20 episodes is more than what wished for and it was granted to us.

Febuary is still 4 months away but with all the BTS for filming being supplied to us almost daily...I'm sure that 4 months will fly swift.

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Credit to Girl & Film

Credit to official also stated on video as my computer doesn't have the characters to be able to give proper credit due please see video for creators name thank you...

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merci_drama IG Trans: monitoring in the editing room Credit: gongleeglobal 

merci_drama IG Trans: I was smiling, not laughing~~smashing the back Cr. gongleeglobal

merci_drama IG Note: don't have a proper translation source for this post as per writing this.

merci_drama IG Trans: South Korea's biggest star, lovely Song Soojung Cr. gongleegobal

Waiting for a final confirmation, even though we would love/prefer MOLS 20 episodes to be of one full hour, it could be a web drama of 15-20 minutes only, unless changed to a regular hour drama. Hoping for more collaborations for Jonghyun and Seungyeon together for CFs, movie(s) and/or drama(s).

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Beautiful, inside out, and talented cast! :)

Sy IG Trans: Song Soojung taken by lighting Director Cr. gongleeglobal

Jh IG Trans: forest Cr. I used google

Sy IG Trans: power up after having coffee Cr. gongleeglobal

merci_drama IG Trans: Boong  Boong ah ~~Syung Syung Syung~~ #myonlylovesong #leejonghyun #gongseungyeon #leejaejin Cr. gongleeglobal

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