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Ji Jin Hee 지진희 - Upcoming Drama 2021: Undercover

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'I Have a Lover' (behind the scenes)  cr. jinheesky

'I Have a Lover' (behind the scenes) cr. baidu

At the invitation of the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Ji Jin-hee visited Hong Kong (July 25, 2015)





Photo with a fan in Hong Kong (July 25, 2015)


A photo signed by Ji Jin-hee for a fan on the same date


Hong Kong pictorial




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Looks like Ji Jin Hee will be a narrator on a documentary about Korea's Independence

Ji Jin-Hee, Liberation 70th Anniversary Special 'Great Expectations' narrator chosen

Ji Jin-hee / HB Entertainment

Ji Jin-hee is the last from 2011 until 2014, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism organized an actor and a deep affection and profound knowledge of the culture and art as act as the Korea Craft Promotion Foundation Design Fair hosted by Ambassador craft trends, in order to protect our cultural assets efforts will be put to the distinctive look of these charming voice. The total two-part series produced by 'Great Expectations' Museum in Kyoto, Japan built the South Korea considers culture of the lead line first-generation Koreans in Japan to inform the tub door and excellence, Korea Korean American jochangsu yunsamgyun deals with returning cultural property as national treasure to dig up the country, a total of 93 points in the Turbo King Gojong was smuggled out war. Liberation day 15 am to 3 pm for two consecutive portions are broadcast.

Translated by Google Translate



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