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Kim Yoo-Jung & Park Bo-Gum | Moonlight Couple|


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Thank you, magrace93 for updating this thread with both BG and YJ individual activities. 


It's no surprise that BG is taking the Seobok's role with GY.  And YJ looks so refreshingly beautiful with her new hair cut in the recent event with JY.


God bless them in their individual projects that they are undertaking ...........

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Many thanks to Magrace93 for all the updates for both BG and YJ.  Glad that BG did manage to have a day of outing, sightseeing in some HK places ....... 


It's such nostalgic memories whenever he sings his only MDBC OST My Person. Believe it has a special meaning to him and to us his fans around with differing meanings and memories too ........ As this drama together with this song further boost his popularity and if I may say, it also gives him the confidence to debut his 1st single album and in Japanese with Bloomin as theme song along with "내 사람" in Japanese version in one of its track ............???


God's Shalom be with PB and YJ and all of you as well :blush:

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