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1 hour ago, 4nnlov3pink said:

:heart:WITH FULL SPIRIT:heart:


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and long rant from me....

2 BoYoo Shippers: IN SHIPPING we've to prepare our heart & mind but then the best thing is always keeping in POSITIVE MIND. Everyone have their own opinion and they're free 2 share it here BUT hey this is BoYoo Couple Thread, the red thread all posts here are related 2 SHIPPING BOYOO COUPLE. So we're right to offend all posts who make US DOWN in this ship.

2 all shippers who said they want 2 think logic : In shipping U CAN'T HELP BUT become DELULU or IMAGINE ANY related 2 ur COUPLE u SHIP. So this is LOGIC ACT if there'll be any OBJECTION even HARSH COMMENTS 2 all those SENSITIVE POSTS that make SHIPPERS FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE. And also please re-read ur comments b4 post it here, ur post have 2 related to SHIPPING BOYOO COUPLE not SINKING BOYOO COUPLE SHIP. Thanks (sorry if I'm  so harsh here :sweatingbullets:)

2 non shippers who stalk/even post here: We, BoYoo Shippers here OPEN 2 all opinions related 2 our ship. But Well this is BOYOO COUPLE THREAD, of course what u will find all related SHIPPING THEM. So GET USED 2 that, then don't TROUBLE urself by posting NOT SHIPPING them. We got MODERATOR PERMISSION as our BACK UP here in SOOMPI. Got it B)

I super love this @4nnlov3pink ! I thank you for this post. I have written two insights that could have supported this post but to my chagrin,both got reloaded without me being able to save them. So I might as well settle for this short message. I support your post very much. This is a great reminder for all shippers(non shippers as well).

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Gd morning everyone!! Haiz..i was asleep until i received a phone call...waaaaaaaaa.... *cries* i need some sleep after watching both angels till late morning..haha.. btw my leave is ending soon..will start work on wed... Ottoke????if only im born like silver spoon..lol..... Btw happy monday to all my dearies!!!! 


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1 hour ago, gabaneme2006 said:

I super love this @4nnlov3pink ! I thank you for this post. I have written two insights that could have supported this post but to my chagrin,both got reloaded without me being able to save them. So I might as well settle for this short message. I support your post very much. This is a great reminder for all shippers(non shippers as well).


I also, want to thank @4nnlov3pink very much for her support and frequent reminders that makes us happy and united.

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2 hours ago, happysloth said:


Yes, it's a BTS still. This photo indeed speaks a thousand words! They both looked very comfortable with each other, their body language is so natural. I love how BoGum placed his entire palm of hand and arm over half of YooJung's head. This is exactly the same gesture he made toward her during the dump pit BTS, which we only get to see later on. I don't know what he behave off screen in previous dramas --and frankly I don't care-- but the way he held her head in this particular BTS still screamed A F F E C T I O N ! 

What I like the most is because this photo was posted by one of MDBC's core staff on his IG. This guy is the one who met with DongYeon around the same time as the F4's mini reunion. This guy was seen in many BTSs standing very close to BG-YJ, quite often with big smile or knowing look on his face :D  He, and rest of the shooting's core staff, must have witnessed the little seed of affection that grew and blossomed between the main leads :D 



one of my favorite BTS pics that speaks a thousand words..Thanks again for posting this

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7 hours ago, torquoiselily said:


Thanks Chingu! I understand now. It's a private event and it should remain private, I understand why press people were there but it's just funny how the media/press peeps just snapping away pics of her. 

Happy Sunday guys! 



Dear.. Hav u tried sending this via tweeter to BG or YJ?? Its going to make their day!  Haha.. Lets see if he retweet ur tweet...  Lol

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58 minutes ago, bubblyflo said:

Currently his position boost up after MAMA Awards, and he's currently at 4th postion

I'll give my vote to our baby, don't get me wrong but I guess my baby needs some help rather than BG 




I understand Chingu, and I think BG will be more happy if YJ is the winner rather than himself. Here come my "not so delulu" mind again :blush::blush:

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On 12/3/2016 at 10:06 AM, mamun said:


he always do lip-biting when he's excited, like when he dance or perform in front of fans, we can expect a lot of lip-biting from him during his FM. do note that Bogum is very passionate in his work, so he does get excited quite a number of times, even when he performed alone! LOL

but what makes the lip-biting special here is the situation and the way he smiled when he bite his lip and he looked at her afterwards. i really should extend the GIF a bit more just to show how he looked at her

okay, here you go, see how he was looking at her and bite his lip some more. that is the look of a man who wants to 'eat' the woman. okay sorry for that, didn't mean it in a perverted way :flushed:


LOL! I can't believe I missed this either. Trust me, I wouldn't take it as perverted, it's perfect :wub:

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