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10 hours ago, bubblyflo said:


While read again

I can sense something wrong come to our thread again again and again 

i asked you is there anyone here is pretending to be BOYOO shipper but not actually??? or you're actually from the other ship that pretend to be BOYOO shipper??

if yes, you may go out 

don't pretend to love them as a pairing or a couple

I can sense that!

love you!!!! Let's drive them out!:glasses::blush:

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Lets just ignore those whoever want to disturb our ship. I may say they just too afraid to admit the real affection boyoo have toward each other. If they are not a shipper, why they spare their time coming here just to write nonsense.

Its monday and I am quite lazy to go to work. But with boyoo love, my day becomes brighter. Have a lovely day all chingus ya. Spread the happiness and good vibe. Spread boyoo love :heart:


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Why is it that there's no single backstage pic of our couple to be seen? :crazy:

I will just think that no media/press was allowed backstage during the event :(

Then why did they make a fuss on making Mnet a "global" thingy?? And in this day and age where pictures are considered to be the essence of any event :frown:

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17 hours ago, 4nnlov3pink said:

Bec someone mentioned about ALL MOMENTS of BOYOO SCRIPTED, I could't help but REACT 2 this post...

QUESTION 4 U: ARE THESE MOMENTS SCRIPTED BY MAMA??? (lol... is this the next quiz from me:phew: O.K quiz no.4 kekeke...


The answer is NO, a BIG NO.. their body languanges/gestures are come from their deepest heart or maybe habituallly as a portrait of their closeness, so those act are sincerity/unconsciously/involuntarily appear to us, witneses by us in the very formal event.

By the way, what is the anwser of quiz number 3? Have i miss that one??.Coz i gave my answer too, i'm waiting for the prize..hahhaha :grimace:

@myicecreamcakexoxo, thank's for the videos.. Super love it.. :wub:



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