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[Drama 2016] Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 낭만닥터 김사부 Baeksang Best Director

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@tompark Yayyy! *happy dance*



There are not many staffs / fantaken photos of the cast filming available on the net, just a few photos from staffs which indicate they were at the filming site. There is no stills / news from SBS either tho the drama will air in less than a month now. Sigh. 

Anyway, I think actor Yoon Park will cameo in RDTK, based on what was stated here in his fancafe.


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4 hours ago, tompark said:

"Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim" is now LICENSED on VIKI!


Thank you @tompark

Best news to get up to...   dancing smiley face emoticon



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Just wanted to say I really like the first teaser! It has that dark aspect that I didn't think this drama would have, which is a nice and different touch in comparison to other medical dramas. Kind of gives me the Beautiful Mind vibes, but with a more "criminality" aspect. Not sure how to explain it. Will definitely be checking this out.

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