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[Drama 2016] Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 낭만닥터 김사부 Baeksang Best Director

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Just saw this seeies on netflix and Im glad I did!  I still have so many questions though,


- it seems President Yeo (president of Doldam Hospital) and Do go way back.  He spoke little nuy i am interested to know, What is Yeo's backstory?  


Who is the woman he is talking to at the udon shop?

- is dr Yoon really not the daughter of Pres Do?  After all they didnt push through with the DNA Test.


- Dr Kang didnt know of Yoon's relationship with Pres Do, that he acted as her guardian.  That is why he gets jealous of In Bom. He didnt know that IB assumed that they might be half siblings at first.


- what was Chairman Shin's secret to be said to teacher Kim after the operation?  



Follow up, will there really be a season 2? 





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Hey Season 2? What about Yoo Yoon Seok again? Yang Se Jong? So no original cast for S2?



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