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[Drama 2016] Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 낭만닥터 김사부 Baeksang Best Director


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Glad to find new RDTK lovers even after the drama ends, found this fan acc on IG which is quite typical of a lot of RDTK viewers characteristics;-

(my rough translations) ~FY IG This drama title already is not attractive, if its not for some recommendations, i would not even have clicked on it. But I am glad I did not miss this drama. The first episode was fast and intense. I almost choked on my food when I watch the female lead using her index finger to stop the bleeding. And daebak! we have a kiss scene in Ep 1! So I thought it was going to be a lot of romance scenes but there isn't. The whole drama was about saving lives, and the face off scenes with TK and thrash Dir Do was really good. From start to finish the romance scenes was just to point but when its so sweet it makes you curl your fingers omo~please have a second season. Strongly recommend Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim, and after watching you'll fall in love with SHJ, next time I won't avoid a drama just because of the name,

I think a lot of people have to try RDTK to know how good it is, and I think more people would watch it even after it ends just through recommendations.

And here's a whole news article on RDTK Season 2, how people are asking for it, it analyses the possibilities of a S2 and what are the possible scenarios it could do if it has a S2! http://www.dailian.co.kr/news/view/607778/?sc=naver


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Beside the tittle, i think the main poster of RDTK not too attractive. But it's already suitable with the theme and the main purpose of the drama. @angel2013 yes, i hope more people will recognize how good quality of this drama.

RDTK already aired on One TV Asia, now will be broadcasted in Japan on KNTV from 25 March every Saturday-Sunday.C2ox8vDUUAAf5Th.jpg

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good news for all who are still trying to get over having no RDTK for Mon/Tues, SBS hanbam will feature, RDTK last filming scene and wrap up party tomorrow at 5:55pm KST. Think they will also reveal the 'secret' to the success of both the kiss scene in the drama kkk


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Omo just when Im trying to move on I see /this - Barley Tea Couple... Even though each scene they did so well in portraying their emotions or chemistry I still wished there were more scenes of them - Im just being greedy HA! :tongue:


SHJ interview on YYS is too cute -

But looking back at her BTS I do think she does some "agyeo" am I wrong?

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3 hours ago, anjelikaeyes13 said:

@angel2013 --- I am having doubts if I want to watch the drama slotted today and tomorrow. Although I know its promising I had 2 nightmares literally --- About RDTK ---- probably too much thinking about them. They are inside a box --- and shouting let us go. Hahaah and waaaahhhh. 

Wah...you even have nightmares about RDTK? tomorrow Hanbam let you relive one more time, remember to watch it, and of course the video that @Kasmic just posted will make you go missing barley tea couple all over again!

@Kasmic She doesn't really do "agyeo" she'll probably curl her own fingers while doing it haha, but if its required for filming she will do but naturally she's not like that, but can be playful/joke around like in bts with people she is comfortable with. :wink:

It is very good to have good drama, good ratings and good filming atmosphere! and RDTK is one of them! Looking forward to the SBS hanbam tomorrow for a glimpse at the wrap up party.B)

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15 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

Sorry since this is kind of random. I was catching up on Legends of the Blue Sea this past week, and in episode 19, I was amused that the chief surgeon who operates on the mermaid Cheong is acted by Manager Jang from RDTK. That Manager Jang is a talented man for sure, since one week he's managing a rural hospital, the next, he's the chief surgeon in a Seoul hospital. :)



@stroppyse the reason also why he cannot join the reward activity in Cebu. I watched and manager Jung is really talented. 

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Yoo Yeon Seok says he is open for ‘Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim’ Season 2

By diana/2017.01.241
Korean actor Yoo Yeon Seok arrives at the 52nd Daejong Film Awards.

Fans are asking for more of "Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim" even after the SBS drama concluded on Jan. 16. In fact, Yoo Yeon Seok approved the idea of having a sequel for the medical series.

The Korean actor admitted many of their fans were suggesting for a second season of "Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim." Yoo Yeon Seok revealed even the staff have thought about a follow-up of the drama.

"Suggestions of a season two came out near the end of our drama. The viewers were sad, and even the staff wondered, "What if there was a season two?" Yoo Yeon Seok said as per Soompi.

He went on, "I even thought another project with this cast and crew wouldn't be bad even if it's not another medical drama."

Yoo Yeon Seok was one of the principal cast members of "Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim," alongside Han Suk Kyu and Seo Hyun Jin. The 32-year-old actor took the role Kang Dong Joo, who was trained by Han Suk Kyu's character to become a great doctor.

The "Reply 1994" star thought teamwork made it possible for the medical drama to become successful. He also commended the writers for making the viewers relate to what they were watching.

Aside from that, Yoo Yeon Seok considered "Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim" as the turning point in his life after going through a slump in his acting career. The actor said he was to introduce himself to those who failed to acknowledge him in "Reply 1994."

"I think I was able to show people various sides of myself through my character. ["Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim"] delivered the message, "What do people live for?" and I was able to ask myself that same question," he added.

The recently ended drama maintained its viewership ratings until the production wrapped up. "Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim" even surpassed the record of Park Shin Hye's medical drama "Doctors," Yibada cited.

Reports claimed the 20-episode "Doctors" recorded 23.1 percent as its highest viewership rating, while "Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim" have crossed the 30 percent mark even before the finale.

"Our drama received a lot of love. I knew it would be a meaningful drama, but I did not expect it to receive this much love," Yoo Yeon Seok shared.


Similar article: SOOMPI ARTICLE

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OK, I just finished binge watching this series in 3 days and It was sooo good. I was so happy I've waited the end to start watching it!! B)

It's by far the best medical accurate drama I've ever watched!! The characters development was good, the relationship between them nice to watch and the acting on point!!  I loooove Master Kim and I'm so sad there's no more eps to watch :(

I came here hoping to see/read an eventual Season 2 (we're talking about KDrama so logically NO) since the ending didn't feel like it, like they can tell so much more... 

But really, a good watch :D

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Another pic from wrap up party, did you miss them on this Romantic Monday?

RDTK is definitely among the TOPs in the most watched drama.

And our barley tea couple at a play, SHJ went to support nurse (Kim Bo Jung) in RDTK and YYS went to support LeeChungAh.

Many drama wrap up interviews have been out already from YYS, YSJ, JK, YNM and even SES but none from SHJ and HSK, guess they are not going to do one :(

Happy lunar new year to those who are celebrating it (like me) hehehe

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crazy-monkey-emoticon-046.gif?1292792391 HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!!!! crazy-monkey-emoticon-058.gif?1292792394



Translations on YYS twitter page - "A lifetime work comes with a lifetime character at the same time. It's not easy to meet one lifetime work but I have met two. I am lucky"


I just read this article in soompi from YSJ. I thought it was really cute. Wow he didnt know he got the role until he arrived at the first script reading hehehe!  :tongue:

Yang Se Jong Talks Audition For “Romantic Doctor Kim” And Acting As Yoo Yeon Seok’s Rival




Before “Romantic Doctor Kim,” Yang Se Jong was almost entirely unheard of, but his role as the rude and inconsiderate Do In Bum in the highly popular drama has instantly garnered many fans for this fresh rookie.

In a recent interview with Herald POP, Yang Se Jong talked about how he had gotten the role in “Romantic Doctor Kim,” saying that he had heard about the audition about a month after he finished filming “Saimdang, Light’s Diary.”

He said, “At that time, I stayed up all night preparing for it. For about 40 minutes, I acted as Do In Bum, and there was also a question-and-answer session. I prepared for it frantically, it was fortunate that the director and the camera director liked it. I thought it would end there, but two weeks later, they contacted me again with a script much thicker than the previous one. I thought it was a second audition, so I prepared really diligently, but when I went there, the director told me, ‘You’re In Bum.’ I was so surprised, I stuttered while asking, ‘Can I really be In Bum?’ That was also the day before the script reading.”

During the interview, Yang Se Jong also spoke about acting as Yoo Yeon Seok’s peer and rival in the drama. The latter is older than him by eight years in real life, so to show a sharper expression, Yang Se Jong had gone to a gym to lose weight, and even emulated the sharp gaze and gestures of a doctor he had met there.

Yang Se Jong also thanked Yoo Yeon Seok, saying that it was because of him that he could film comfortably.

“Senior Yoo Yeon Seok is very cheerful and good-natured. He’s the moodmaker on set. We shared many scenes, and he made me feel very comfortable. Even when we were going through our lines, we discussed a lot. I used to say ‘I love you’ to him whenever I met him on set,” said the actor as he finished with a laugh.

Meanwhile, “Saimdang, Light’s Diary,” in which Yang Se Jong plays the young Lee Gyeom, has already begun airing.

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Yoo Yeon Seok Says He Hopes To Work With The Cast Of “Romantic Doctor Kim” Again

yoo yeon seok

In an interview on January 29, actor Yoo Yeon Seok talked about how he wanted to work with the solid team behind “Romantic Doctor Kim” once more.

“If it’s this team, I think I’d like to work with them again even if it’s not a medical drama,” the actor said. “Viewers were very sad when the drama ended, and the production team also talked about having a second season.”

He then praised the writer behind “Romantic Doctor Kim,” saying, “Writer [Kang Eun Kyung] would write the script once, examine it again after checking with medical experts, and then amend it again on set. Even though she was basically rewriting the script twice or thrice, she was never late in submitting it.”

Yoo Yeon Seok also heaped praise on his co-actors and industry seniors Han Suk Kyuand Kim Hye Soo.

“When Senior Han Suk Kyu and Senior Kim Hye Soo were filming a scene and I was watching it through the monitor, it felt like I was watching a scene from a movie,” he said. “Kim Hye Soo prepared very thoroughly for her medical terms and surgery scenes, which surprised me.”

Finally, he said, “It’s not easy to have a filming atmosphere where the staff and cast can smile and laugh all the time. It’s a fond memory. Instead of feeling bittersweet about it, I mostly feel a kind of regret [that it’s over].”

Are you hoping for a season two as well?

Source: article soompi

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[Interview] 'Romantic Doctor' marks turning point in Yoo Yeon-seok's life


By Park Jin-hai

Yoo Yeon-seok, a 32-year old actor, who shot to fame in 2013 hit drama "Reply 1994," has achieved another milestone with his latest role in the medical drama "Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim."

The recently ended 20-part drama told the story of a celebrated surgeon who leaves his former famous workplace to work in a small rural hospital, where he becomes "Teacher Kim." Teacher Kim, played by veteran actor Han Seok-kyu, teaches two young doctors the true meaning of their profession. The drama drew a large viewer rating, reaching a record 27.6 percent.

Yoo portrayed a young talented doctor Kang Dong-joo whose background holds him back. After meeting Teacher Kim, Kang changes from a success-obsessed doctor to one with sincere aspirations.

Yoo didn't expect the drama to be so successful. "I didn't expect that the drama would be loved so much. Yet, I had a positive feeling from the very first script reading, from the combination of the entire cast and team of staff members," he said during a recent interview with The Korea Times at a cafe in southern Seoul, last week. "I couldn't predict the viewership at the time, but I was somehow confident that I could be in a drama that I would not be ashamed of."

He gave credit to the great teamwork between caring and cooperative cast members and staff for the success of the drama. "People cared for others. With skilled staff, all of us worked as members of a team from early morning until dark. It was fun and reminded me of my old days as a stage actor," he said.

Yoo didn't hesitate to say that it was his second milestone in his 14-year acting career, after "Reply 1994."

"This drama has become another turning point in my life. In no other drama, was I featured as such a multi-dimensional character as this time. Kang played a character that underwent dramatic changes," he said. "From an immature, success-minded human being, who is faced with emotional conflicts, he has gradually grown into what a true doctor should be, taking after his teacher," said Yoo, adding that he worked hard to portray Kang as a clear-headed and single-minded person in the early part of the drama, because in real life he is not.

As Teacher Kim and the young doctors were portrayed as medical staff, who stand firm against social ills and stick to the oath of saving lives, the drama earned the respect of many viewers. Citing the episode when Kang was requested to cover up for the death of a deserter who was beaten to death, was the most memorable. Yoo thinks people loved the drama so much because it raised various social issues.

"On the day to celebrate the drama's closing, we visited a children's hospital where we shot the drama. Patients and their parents gave us a warm welcome. I was proud when some real-life doctors came to me and thanked us, saying that the drama rekindled the doctor's oath that they'd forgotten for a while," he said.

"Romantic Doctor delivered the message, ‘What do people live for?' and I was able to ask myself that same question. Early in my career, I wanted to be recognized and become a good actor and after my name became known, I had an ambition to become a top actor. But, now I think I would like to be an actor people need," he said. "Wouldn't it be meaningful when viewers look at a character and wish that I were playing the role, even after my retirement. And staff members would think that the role needed me?"


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Pre-order for RDTK Blu ray is now open till Feb22. IT WILL HAVE ENGLISH SUBS!

Pre-order Link for overseas : http://shop3.innolifeshop.com/product/blu086-sbs-dr-romanticblu-ray-directors-cutapre-order/104911/?cate_no=88&display_group=1

PRICE: A WHOPPING US$290!!!! :o (but it includes shipping fee already)

They are generous with the goodies but a minimum pre-order quantity of 700 BR+DVD have to be met otherwise they will not go ahead.

I'm so tempted bec it has Eng subs (for the main drama only not the extras which is the norm) but it is so pricey-its even more pricier than the AOHY blu ray I bought. Release date will be second half of 2017 between Aug-Oct.

@uknowahah wow you got your hands on the OST! thanks for sharing the pics! I usually don't buy OST but I buy the drama itself, looks like I need to save up! gah they only give me 2 weeks to think about it.


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The best medical drama I ever watched in my life. Master Kim's wisdom words moved me. It actually makes me want to work in the medical field. If reality is simple like in Korean drama then this world would have been a perfect place. 

Congrats to the production team, stars and staffs! Thanks for bringing us a great show and performances. It would be great if we get a season 2 though. Still hasn't get enough of the drama. 

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