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[Drama 2016] Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 낭만닥터 김사부 Baeksang Best Director


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4 hours ago, angel2013 said:

wow 'violated' is a strong word, what do you mean she is violated in the intimate scene, you mean the first kiss scene? bec the second kiss scene was consensual and they don't have much intimate scene actually in this drama much lesser than what people hope for actually. It's ok to share your thoughts, some do have conservative views but I thought 1% has a lot more kissing and intimate scene than RDTK? although I didn't watch that. SHJ is a professional actress,they will follow the script as it is written, that's what actresses does. If anything, it will be the script or what the director requires that is controversial bec basically actors do what they are told to do. I like that both YYS and SHJ kiss genuinely in the drama bec I really can't take what is describe as 'dead fish kiss'  so maybe I am more open-minded or western educated if you could say ^_^ No worries I won't take offence unless you talk bad about SHJ hahaha sorrie mother hen protective gear kicks in.:D

@angel2013 yes strong words I used for the drama AOHY.  At that time of showing.  I still can't watch it. I'm already hooked with Barley Couple. 

As for 1% I was in the forum already and read thoughts of different people who like you are open minded and very cool. I will try to watch AOHY in future - After I let go of Barley Couple. I never said anything bad of SHJ. Hahaha. Sorry fans of AOHY.  




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Romantic Doctor - Teacher Kim

"Ars Longa, Vitae Brevis" is the first line from Hippocrates' first book, Aphorismi which literally translates to Art is long, life is short. It takes a long time to acquire and perfect one's expertise and one has a short time in which to do it. So we must always make every experience matter - matter for the right reason.

The practice of medicine has evolved by leaps and bounds since Hippocrates' time, medical knowledge constantly changes, which is why all medical practitioners are compelled to keep up with those changes. But as a result, doctors nowadays view patients as statistics, their humanity reduced to a number. I believe RDTK is a love letter addressed to all medical practitioners, encouraging them to go back to basics, teaching them the value of empathy and showing them the value of developing their clinical eye. 

I agree with you @stroppyse, episode 21 beautifully tied everything up with a big fat red bow. I thought episode 20 was a fitting finale, but they went ahead and gave us depth to the characters we have grown to love, better still, they introduced us to a new character, Lee Young Jo. 

As young physicians, probably filled with the zeal of making their marks in the world, TK and YJ had to part ways in order to pursue their dreams. TK went to the Cleveland Clinic (a center primarily known for advances in cardio thoracic care), LJ joined Doctors Without Borders (a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping areas deprived of medical care). They seem to have different ideals, TK was more into the rat race until he got burnt badly and LJ was all about service to others, but the ravages of war left her emotionally empty. What was clearly striking though is how they were alike in inclination. They are both selfless and motivated to help people without any once of hesitation. TK and LJ share this deep bond and no matter where they are, they still gravitate towards each other. LJ may have felt lost but TK provided her with a safe harbor. She marveled at how the once brash and blasé TK seemed to have honed romantic ideals of making a difference where it mattered. They're a apart but not quite. I loved their story arc. 

Juxtaposed to the very young DJ and SJ. They were also faced with the possibility of a separation. SJ selflessly decided to let DJ go, her fear of "Out of sight, out of mind." weighing heavily on her. She didn't want him to leave yet she knew she wouldn't want to be the hindrance to his career advancement. DJ was more pragmatic though, he would not even consider a separation. Where DJ goes, so shall SJ Lol. Aww...they are just too cute. For such a young couple, their relationship goals were distinctly old fashioned. Looking at their backgrounds though, they were both touched by tragedy and they grew up lonely. Being together will really be their natural inclination.

Finally, I truly meant to explore TK's altruism, his humility, how he eventually chose to live life according to his terms, his heroic acts and his brilliance as a surgeon but I think I could sum up this remarkable character in one word - impressive. Let's just leave it at that, other superlatives fail me. 

I'm going to miss my Monday and Tuesday dates with you all, it was fun doing the live recaps for this drama along with @andy78, @Kasmic, @supergal99 and the others whose names I couldn't remember for now. @angel2013, @anggun11 @daydreamer115 and the rest of the SHJ and YYS fans, thanks for your wonderful insights and contributions to this thread, @stroppyse @gerrytan8063 for your valuable translations, insights and trivia and my co-medical practitioners who were gracious enough to share your opinions on medical issues. They may have presented to us exaggerations in surgical technique, but their efforts for accuracy and realism are laudable, don't you agree? It's a smartly written medical drama no? Thank you @pandalover1 for starting this thread. I hope to meet you guys at the other drama threads, so see you around guys! 

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1 hour ago, nnatasha said:

Hello i'm new soompi user

soo may i ask you is SJ is IB half sister???

Hi there and welcome to the Soompi threads. Thanks for making your first post here. SJ and IB have no blood ties. President Do took care of SJ when her mother died. It was alluded that SJ's mother was President Do's friend or the love of his life? The identity of SJ's father, who abandoned her when she was a kid, was never revealed. 

47 minutes ago, monalisa said:

I've always wondered .... are medical dramas filmed in actual hospitals?

Some of them are, but in real life hospitals are busy and sterile places which makes filming a problem.  So I think they construct film sets that are made to look like the real deal. 

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2 hours ago, monalisa said:

I've always wondered .... are medical dramas filmed in actual hospitals?

According to the credit roll, this drama was filmed in an university campus. The interiors are all mock-ups. The emergency department looks very simliar to other SBS medical dramas, esp 'Doctors'. When the drama Surgeon Bong wrapped up years ago, the director showed viewers the real environment of the medical residents that inspired the mock-up sets used in that drama.

I have encountered a film set some years ago. After two days of filming, we filed a complaint to the management because the film set lightings and intrusion were intolerable. The only way to continue filming was to have the crew come in after office hours.

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8 hours ago, anjelikaeyes13 said:


@angel2013 yes strong words I used for the drama AOHY.  At that time of showing.  I still can't watch it. I'm already hooked with Barley Couple. 

As for 1% I was in the forum already and read thoughts of different people who like you are open minded and very cool. I will try to watch AOHY in future - After I let go of Barley Couple. I never said anything bad of SHJ. Hahaha. Sorry fans of AOHY.  


Oh you were talking about AOHY, I thought you were talking about RDTK, sorry to be on the wrong channel, yes kiss scenes in AOHY may come out as too strong for some that I have to admit -_- though it is acceptable for me bec it is acting.

@drmjs yes I hope to meet all these wonderful people here in other threads too, I remember your advice in SHJ thread too when it sort of first started :wink: 

I am happy to meet so many wonderful people here, just as I did in AOHY thread. It gives me great encouragement to participate in discussions in Soompi thread since I am like practically the only one in my household watching kdramas-I have no one to talk to when the drama is so exciting and good. 

I am also glad to meet YYS fans here who are as nice as the star they love themselves. 

RDTK is another drama that will definitely be in my best drama list(which are not many btw :tongue:) I hope to see the wonderful actors in there in future projects too.

I hope everyone in RDTK will enjoy their reward trip beginning tomorrow, sigh...so sad SHJ and HSK is not able to join them.:(


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hey all! sharing my thoughts here with you guys on the prequel... https://kdramaanalysis.wordpress.com/2017/01/19/romantic-doctor-teacher-kim-prequel-appendix-the-beginning-of-everything/

i actually enjoyed the prequel much more than episode 20.. there were so many cute scenes and my favourite one was the final scene where we got to see young nurse oh work with young master kim.. haha.. i kept smiling at that scene and it was such a good note to end the show on! 

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sharing this trans since it is RDTK ratings promise event! We have our favorite barley tea couple fulfilling their ratings promise by visiting pediatric patients in Hallym University Dontan Sacred Heart hospital which is also the filming location of Geodae hospital, such a meaningful event!

And found this on twitter, look at that list of medical expert consultants! they really do their homework! to bring us such a wonderful medical drama! kudos to the hardworking production team!

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@heroonthebeach another spot on chingu for your thoughts and also the last scene of Appendix was the last shooting yet TK and NO looks so young and cute!

I learn alot from you guys --- @angel2013, @Kasmic, @drmjs, @stroppyse, @anggun11 and alot more.  It now erased all the bad thoughts of my previous soompi account which I don't know already what I use and even the email.  Angel2013 I think 3 times I failed conveying my thoughts properly yet you are still patient. Thank you! 

We may have same thoughts or different views yet I felt each and everyone's respect to each other!  Thanks that we may all be in different parts of the world but love watching korean dramas.  

Here's my thougts about of  wanting season 2 ---- heheeh Dong Joo joins Doctors Without Borders for 3-6 months together with Dr LJY.  DJ gets more and more experienced and calm even in midst of war or uncertainty.  He often calls SJ and mom.  Then SJ went to an exchange program at Minnesota with TK's  former Cleveland fellow for his program that he plans for the trauma center.  TK was with her but TK went back ahead.  TK's fellow somehow ask SJ to stay for a special project where SJ was unable to say no because its an enhancement to her CS.   DJ-SJ so busy and so busy -- "Out of Sight. Out of Mind." Their 6th months became a year, then two and then 3 year. 

DJ-SJ meets again at the fully installed Trauma center. A little bit shy but more learned and mature. They somehow did have a long talk as DJ somehow remembers that he didnt commit to his promised to communicate.  He does not want to force again SJ but they tried going out and be each other's confidante.  DJ shared his experienced that its far different world out there. SJ saw her DJ matured. But DJ ask SJ if she wants to spend her life without him or with him. Are they both ready to next level but SJ needs to adjust to DJ's plan? Twist (1)

IB-YH stayed with TK. Dr Soo relocated his family :).  Dr Song  also started enhancing his skills since DDH is a small hospital.  PD is back that's where the twist is.  Hahaha.   TK also works in GDH for guiding actual surgeries of residents to strengthen experiences rather than watching videos --- this is one of his request since Chairman ask TK to go back to GDH. Whose the President --- a new guy. Twist (2) Hah enough! I will stop rallying for 2nd Season. Heheh this drama is worth remembering and rewatching! 

I will missed TK's words, TK, DJ, SJ and IB actual surgeries; DJ-SJ bantering and sweetness; IB's robotic responses. NO and DN's supportive role with NP and the two other nurses. 

Saying my thank you, deep appreciations for  views, encouragement, recaps, translations, and everything. Goodbye is a --- see you in other forums. Will still at times lurk here as I am still having a hard time to let go of the drama. hahaha. I also consider everyone now here as my friends! 

“Don’t be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before we can meet again and meeting again, after moments or a lifetime, is certain for those who are friends.” 



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" Hallym University Dontan Sacred Heart hospital, Gyeonggi-do

It is registered as Hallym University Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital (Han Rim Dae Hak Gyo Dong Tan Seong Sim Byeong Won, 한림대학교동탄성심병원) located in Hwaseong-si Gyeonggi-do


Hallym University Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital (Han Rim Dae Hak Gyo Dong Tan Seong Sim Byeong Won, 한림대학교동탄성심병원). Address 7, Keunjaebong-gil, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do 445-907 ( 경기도 화성시 큰재봉길 7) 

How to get there


By subway Take Line 1 to Byeongjeom station Exit 1 then take taxi to the hospital 

Just to note that Hwaseong-si is famous for the Korean confectionery "Hangwa" ( 한과; 韓菓 )

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I really like the way how they use a  song to underscore the message that the drama is trying to deliver. A really good example was the use of "Blowing In the Wind", in episode 20 to highlight the difference between Master Kim and the Director.

The lyrics:

How many roads must a man walk down
Before they call him a man?
How many seas must a white dove sail
Before she sleeps in the sand?

How many times must the cannonballs fly
Before they're forever banned?
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind
The answer is blowing in the wind.

How many years must a mountain exist
Before it is washed to the sea?
How many years can some people exist
Before they're allowed to be free?

How many times can a man turn his head
And pretend that he just doesn't see?
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind
The answer is blowing in the wind.

How many times must a man look up
Before he can see the sky?
How many ears must one man have
Before he can hear people cry?

How many deaths will it take till he knows
That too many people have died?
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind
The answer is blowing in the wind.

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@anjelikaeyes13 I do encourage you to join the threads because your views are very insightful and refreshing. The beauty of joining a forum lies in our interactions with one another. For as long as we genuinely respect each other's opinion even if our ideas differ as night from day, healthy discussions are always welcome. As for myself, I find it enriching to read opinions on the drama other than my own. 

I believe it is SHJ's time to shine. She has been having a great run lately, especially after her breakout role as Oh Hae Young in Another Oh Hae Young. She's really the whole package, beauty and brains with just the right amount of quirkiness. I know there are handful of people turned off by her and would view are acting as somehow "reaching", she's too zany etc. But those are the qualities that made me like her more, she's not afraid to show her bad side, she may contort her features and make her seem unattractive but in my opinion, it makes her all the more lovable. I guess, it all boils down to taste. I'm just glad the Korean public is now recognizing her talent and brilliance as an actress (her awards are proof of it).

In RDTK I have discovered HSK. His presence and charismatic acting made this drama such a pleasure to watch. I hope the younger generation of actors will be able to learn from him by example, that less (histrionics) is indeed more. 

On the drama itself, hmmkay the setups were obvious and the lessons they tried to convey were handled a bit heavy handedly, but they found a way to present them in refreshing ways. That's just hard to do nowadays. Also, the guys who wrote the drama are probably my own mentors' age (I'm now listening to old 70's tracks hehe) lol...but the story they showed us were universally simple truths every person should be imbued with - kindness, empathy and altruism. Every now and then we need to be reminded of these values. 

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After 21 weeks on air, the medical K-drama Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim finally concluded this week on Monday. Among all other K-dramas airing on Korean public television, it was king as it dominated in viewership even surpassing the overly hyped and promoted The Legend of the Blue Sea starring Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho. As a matter of fact, Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim was so popular, it was somewhat of a “death sentence” for any other K-drama to air alongside it. Case in point: Hwarang which failed to garner any real attention except for the one day Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim did not air because of the 2016 SBS Gayo Daejun.

In the end, Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim concluded as expected with the highest viewership among all Korean public television K-dramas. However, it even defeated its medical K-drama predecessor Doctors starring Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye. As a result of their accomplishment, both Shin Hye and SBS rewarded the cast and crew of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim.

Korean viewership company TNmS Media Korea recorded 24.7 percent for the nation and 28.4 percent for the Seoul National Capital Area while AGB Nielsen Korea recorded 27.6 percent for the nation and 29.0 percent for the Seoul National Capital Area. On average for the entire series, TNmS ratings were 18.4 percent for the nation and 22.0 percent for Seoul National Capital Area and for AGB Nielsen, 20.4 percent for the nation and 21.9 percent for the Seoul National Capital Area. Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim was about 2.0 percent higher than Doctors.


K-drama fans of Doctors should not be upset that Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kimbeat it simply because its success further proves that the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) knows how to produce a medical K-drama better than anyone else. Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim is the fourth SBS medical K-drama to dominate on their television station since 2013 when they started with Doctor Stranger starring Lee Jong Suk. It was followed up by Yong Pal starring Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee which was then followed up by Doctors. Each medical K-drama was better in terms of viewership than the last.

For Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim, it was evident it would more than likely surpass Doctors when it reached 24 percent in viewership. Park Shin Hye showed her love and support for her fellow “SBS doctor actors” by providing the cast and crew a celebratory snack truck. Yoo Yeon Seok who plays Kang Dong Joo thanked Shin Hye via Instagram.


ark Shin Hye also sent the snack truck not just to congratulate Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim in its success, but also to support her fellow co-stars from previous works. She worked alongside Yoo Yeon Seok and Han Suk Kyu (Teacher Kim) in the K-movie The Royal Tailor. She also worked alongside Jin Kyung (Nurse Oh Myeong Shim) in Pinocchio.

And if love and support from Park Shin Hye wasn’t enough, SBS themselves rewarded the cast and crew of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim with a vacation, as reported by Soompi. SBS provided a statement on the upcoming vacation in which only two actors, Han Suk Kyu and Seo Hyun Jin, would not be able to go.

“Starting from January 20 to 24, [the cast and crew] will be leaving for a vacation to Cébu, Philippines as a reward. Han Suk Kyu and Seo Hyun Jin will unfortunately not be attending the vacation due to their personal schedules, but the other actors will be going on vacation.”

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. Now that the medical K-drama has concluded, let’s hope that the next SBS K-drama taking its place, Defendant starring Ji Sung, Um Ki Joon, and Yuri of Girls’ Generation, can lead on. For those who were not able to watch Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kimwhile it aired, the entire series is available to view on OnDemandKorea, on DramaFever as Doctor Romantic, and on Viki as Romantic Doctor Kim.




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@anjelikaeyes13 aww no you are patient with me too, sometimes I speak faster than I think, which is bad hehehe but I am learning to be more considerate like my bias SHJ who always think of others and wanting to bring happiness to those around her.

@drmjs me too! I discovered HSK thru RDTK drama! Saeguk was never my kind of genre and i understand he did a lot of Saeguks and RDTK was his first modern drama in more than 20 years? I think he is also more active in films.

@gerrytan8063 thanks for the info! I almost wanted to go there when I was in Korea last year, but after learning that they are basically filming more about Doldam/indoors, I decided not to :wacko: cos the chances of me catching them filming will be very slim.

Right now I am waiting for drama wrap up interview for the 3 main cast Han Suk Kyu, Seo Hyun Jin and Yoo Yeon Seok, other cast like Yang Se Jong and Jin Kyung's interview has come out already.

Wow tomorrow is their trip, I heard someone say the weather is not so good there right now, but I hope they will still enjoy their holiday and have a fantastic time. Poor HSK and SHJ who can't join them.

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"  thanks for the info! I almost wanted to go there when I was in Korea last year, but after learning that they are basically filming more about Doldam/indoors, I decided not to :wacko: cos the chances of me catching them filming will be very slim."

I have done a few film or drama location oriented trips in Korea after the dramas, mostly they are historical drama & the place & location or even food in the drama that historical figure are associated with

After the SBS drama Secret Garden, I went to Jeju-do to locate the kissing bench 


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@drmjs  HSK is a gem amongst the older generation. I am lured to RDKT because he so particular actor. So it must be a good script to have him.

SHJ: I just found out SHJ graduated applied musicology for her college --- no wonder she's good in singing and her best friend is Ku Hye Sun (who loves directing short films). Waaahhhahahaa and this is the most unbelievable --- I watched Godess of fire 1 full run and time to time last episodes and she was the other lady that likes Kim Bum and my heart breaks for her there.   I also watched Feast of the Gods where I really like Sung Yu Ri; The Duo with CJM and LSY.   The Daughter of Emperor -----   I am so terrible. Huhuu... so I am duh.....practically stupid.   @angel2013 - I must be whipped. Terrible, terrible. I am disrespectful. I didn't even remember her. I said she's not in my radar. Waaaaaaahhhhhhh. I am going crazy! I am so embarrassed. Sorry Chingus.

Weather now is better in Cebu. I hope they go to Oslob and Badian. 

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