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[Chinese Webseries 2016] SWAP 错生


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Hi! New fan here, late for the party as per usual :D


This series seems to only deserve the hype and recognition it got from the good looks of the cast and the videos made by Yao Wang and Yang Yeming. 


Truthfully it was their videos that brought me here and considering their fanbase on social media I'm surprised this thread has died.


I've got some questions if anyone could be so kind to enlighten me.


I've always wondered how much their videos were scripted since they were edited and posted by the production team. Anyone knows? One of the producers or directors (not sure) said that they were being themselves with only guidelines. I wonder because if they were that good actors this show would be a smashing hit lol


Also, saw a video from a tv show with 4 of the stars and Benxi said she'd seen them kissing. She looked genuine and later embarrassed so I wanted to know if there was any backlash for them or if it was treated as a prank.


Lastly, it's good to see this duo working together but it seems their playful interaction is well and truly over (for professional or personal reasons one can only guess).


Thanks inadvance for anyone who can help me :heart:

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