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[Official Thread] Lee Jong Suk ❤ Han Hyo Joo || KangJoo/Manhwa/Worldly Couple


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cr. LJS's IG (jongsuk0206)





@nonski may God bless you do a good job in creating that first page. FIGHTING!

I don't even need to think, anything for jongjoo couple. this is the second real life couple that i ship (beside Changmin in healer). because as much as i ship Chul-Joo, i also ship jongjoo. ahha. their chemistry just burst the roof. break the thermometer. LJS all along has this quality to act noona romance, but his feat with HHJ, is just in another league by itself. very diff from what he deliver with Lee Bo Young and the same age PSH. (sorry for PSH and LJS shipper, no offence.)

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last post: b4 i go back to work. Jongjoo couple 'make' me sin a lot, and steal times during work to drool them:

"She has nothing but good words for her co-star, Soompi reports.

She said Lee Jong Suk’s character as Kang Chul is not far from his attitude in real life. He is sexy, handsome and has great manners.

After hearing Han’s compliment, Lee also praised her co-star by saying she has a charming way of talking. Describing Han, he said she is not just tall and pretty but also smart." (cough cough cough)

@nonski, you may want to check it out, idk , think there may be another thread under for jongjoo, or chuljoo.
(add on: oh dear, i just find out, yeah there is another one. i too, forget there is another one. how could i forget? sorry, i should have remember and find out, and warn u.) anyway, the more the merrier. keke

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Thank u for creating this page . I am a big fan of Hyo jo and Jong suk and would like to see lot more of them together. may be  now they should next film together with full hot romance and hot photoshoots too. After all they r right now  the hottest couple in town.



Jong Joo Couple fighting .

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"W Korean drama cast members Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk were allegedly caught holding hands recently. Because of this, people have been speculating that the two are dating in real life.

The lead stars of MBC’s fantasy drama recently had a pictorial for the show’s promotional materials, as seen in the clip at the end of this story. It was during the shoot that the two were allegedly seen holding each other’s hands even though the photographer was not shooting them."


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