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[Drama 2016] Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto(A Girl & Three Sweethearts) 好きな人がいること


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Guest abdullsb

I rewatched all the episodes and love it... the heroine make the show lively and I love her to bits. The hero is  very annoying but I can't help but feel for him unrequited love in the beginning... towards the end I also want to put thumbtacks in his shoes lol ... anyway love their banter and interaction... the heroine eyes full of lurveee:wub:... I love them holding hands for the ending scene !!

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I think I am too late to be here . . . 

but I like this drama so much ( and Hiroine Shikakku ) 

it's very hard to find the translation about Kento and Mirei 


I Love them , I ship them. I love their chemistry. 

and I wish they will have the new project together again in the future.

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