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[Drama 2016] Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto(A Girl & Three Sweethearts) 好きな人がいること


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4 hours ago, abdullsb said:

@innerchild this jodrama pique my interest... didnt manage to watch it live today.. but what happened? what chiaki did?

Umm... nothing unexpected, let's just say he decided to act upon his new found feelings for Misaki and made her confused all over again. That kinda annoyed me that's why I reacted that way. :P

@doremisol, oops, sorry, I wasn't paying attention.

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@abdullsb Yes, I think so too. Judging from the adoring looks she was giving him throughout the ep 8 and that special cake she made for him, I know that she's now in love with Kanata and she won' t be swayed so easily by Chiaki. But apparently as ina111 had previously pointed out, in this dorama everybody is aware of Misaki's feelings except the person those feelings are directed at. :D I must say after watching with subs I'm even more confused with Chiaki's behavior. Oh, well, dramas...

ratings so far via unleashthegeek

E1- 10.1% E2- 10.4 % E3- 8.7 % E4- 9.5% E5- 8.4 % E6- 8.3% E7- 8.2%  E8- 7.7%

Boys are spotted on the set today.


And Happy Birthday to  Kento Yamazaki! :phew:




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Guest abdullsb

@innerchild i watched the subbed episode...yeah, i want to kick chiaki for inserting himself between his lil bro and misaki...darn it... anyway, if i were misaki..i will tell him out loud in the bus...hahaha..i can see hearts oozing out already right there.... anyway kanaka need to tone down his tsundere attitude...boy, it is hard to win a girl heart when you yell at her like that....

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@doremisol this is just my opinion. I think the phone call was about an offer to misaki to work aboard, and kanata said that he does not like her anymore so that  she could go without reluctance. He want her to chase her dream to work aboard. Moreover, he himself told her that do not give up on her dream and misaki is  someone who came to Sea Sons because she like chiaki (at least that is one of the reason she work at Sea Sons). Thus he thought that she would reject the offer because she want to be with him. That all just my opinion after I watched ep9 with sub. Thanks for the link :)

love this pic




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