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[Drama 2016] Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto(A Girl & Three Sweethearts) 好きな人がいること


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@ru5h the content are pretty much the same with the written preview, because the written preview was quite detail. 

A few additional info: 1. kanata's birth mother used to work at Season, but when kanata's father died, she left kanata to Shibasaki and asked them to not contact her anymore. 2. when kanata meet his mother at the hospital, his mother does not recognize him and ask him whether he is minami's friend. Kanata said he is minami's friend. 3. minami know about kanata from the letter that chiaki's mother/father gave to her mother. 4. chiaki's father teach kanata how to cook his signature dish so that kanata will teach touma letter on and run the restaurant together. 

but that all as far as I understand based on my limited knowledge on japanese language.  


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Guest ina111

@ru5h I'm happy that you got the image posting to work! :) 
Haha, that kiss from episode 1... had me cheering for the slap that followed. :D

@sfh-san thank you for the summary. That last scene with Kanata's mother made me wonder if she might have figured out Kanata's real identity. When she woke up after her treatment she looked like she was about to say something to Manami, but then she changed her mind.


This episode has reminded me again of how much I enjoy the beautiful settings in the outdoor scenes in this drama. I'm grateful that the production didn't skimp on location shooting. The seaside is so pretty.:wub:

So Toma's issues were all caused by a misunderstanding and a lack of communication? How unusual for a drama. ;):P I had thought that he was resentful either because he wasn't interested in cooking, or because he felt that he lacked the talent. It seems strange to me that neither Chiaki nor Kanata nor the father himself ever discussed the father's plans with Toma. Anyway, I'm glad that the brothers worked out their family issues. I wonder what will be their next challenge.


This may be a bit random, but I just noticed that each of the three brothers has a season character in their name.
Kanata -  夏向 - summer + toward/facing
Chiaki  - 千秋 - thousand + autumn
Touma -  冬真 - winter+ true/real
To round it off, their father's name is 春人 - spring+ person.  (I think the reading is Haruto.) The four seasons! :)
It fits the name of their restaurant, "Sea Sons" which happens to sound exactly like "seasons."

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@sfh-san Thank you for the preview! Aww, those smiles. :blush:
I wonder what was on that paper Kanata snatched from Misaki's hands. 


I tried translating the text previews. (I apologize for any errors and awkwardness in wording! ) 
Short blurb from YahooTV: (Source link)


The presentation for the project with a famous restaurant is now a week away. Kanata is concentrating on recipe making for that, and Misaki is partnering with him as the patissier. She decides that she will reply to his confession when that event is over. Meanwhile, Chiaki has Misaki and Kanata's relationship on his mind. After deciding on recipes through trial and error, Misaki and Kanata appear at the presentation. However, after sampling their food, producer Oohashi says that they cannot serve it in that state...

Longer blurb from Fuji TV site (Source link)



The ill feeling among the Shibasaki brothers is resolved, and the "Sea Sons" operations are back to their former state as well. Kanata's attitude towards Misaki is the same as usual, but because Touma started as a kitchen assistant, it is livelier than before. Chiaki watches this situation intently.

Misaki has two challenges. One is to succeed with the cuisine presentation for the "Dining Out" event she will carry out with Kanata under Oohashi's production. The other one is to reply to Kanata's confession. Misaki has decided on the reply, but she is not clear about the timing. From her own room she consults with Wakaba over the phone. Wakaba tells her to give the reply immediately, but Misaki is hesitant because they're in the midst of the "Dining Out" job. At that point Touma comes and invites Misaki to make some summer memories.

Touma brings Misaki to the fireworks he was enjoying with his brothers. Thinking this to be an ideal chance, Misaki approaches Kanata. She summons the courage and begins to say that she's decided on a reply, and Kanata tells her that they should then go together to look for cooking ingredients tomorrow. This is because Kanata thought that Misaki had decided on the dessert for "Dining Out". (:lol:) In the end, Misaki is unable to give her reply to the confession. Touma who was watching them tells Chiaki that the two of them getting together might be just a matter of time. He also says that it appears that Misaki has gotten over Chiaki. As for Chiaki...

Starting from the next day, Misaki and Kanata begin gathering ingredients. Then the presentation day comes. Misaki proposes to Kanata that the two of them should celebrate if the presentation succeeds. 



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Hi guys, just wanted to check in and tell you that I also watch Sukikoto and for me it's a perfect drama for the summer - beautiful scenery, beautiful cast, predictable but lovely family/romance story, what more can I ask for? :PThis dorama has 10 eps, right? I wonder what can we expect for the remaining 3? I'd love to see some lovey-dovey Misaki and Kanata, but judging from the ep 8 preview and the text preview, (thanks @ina111) we'Il have to wait until the end, argh...

I just hope they won't go to much with Chiaki's new found love for Misaki and the pain it would cause to the others...

Here are some stills and BTS from ep 7


I love how Kanata holds the Tokyo Tower keyring Misaki gifted him together with his keyring for the Sea Sons restaurant :wub:











beautiful_bloom IG :lol:






14045928_165281130542576_761808858128706cr Fuji TV 

I really like chemistry between Mirei and Kento, I even watched 'Heroine Shikkaku' for them. :phew:


You guys should upload more photos as well to make this thread more colorful and lively. :)

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@innerchild Thank you for the lovely photos! I agree with your opinion about this drama. :D 

The preview doesn't tell the whole story, so I'm still holding hope that those two can become a couple in the next episode. I'm thinking Misaki is too honest and open to hold in her feelings for too long. And she's not exactly hard to read either. (For people other than Chiaki, LOL.:lol:) Chances are Kanata might figure out how she feels even before she tells him. :) 

I expect we'll be seeing more of Kanata's mother and sister. I hope that they get some kind of a closure. I don't need Kanata fully reconciled with his mother, but it would be nice if they could have some kind of a relationship in the future.

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@sfh-san Yaaaay, u managed to do it! Now, u should edit your two empty posts with some nice photos. ^_^

Ep 8 stills






14051606_164145130656176_319437679583323 cr Fuji TV

Based on my understanding of Google translate, Mirei said yesterday in the short interview that we can expect some love triangle for the next 3 episodes.:expressionless: Dunno, I could be wrong, I'll post the Japanese text from the Modelpress, so u guys can correct me.

Anyway, I also hope that they'll delve more into Kanata's birth mother and sister story. Could those papers in the preview be related to that?


桐谷美玲・山崎賢人・野村周平、3ショットランウェイに会場揺れる “むにゅキス”シーンで赤面?

― ステージ、すごい歓声でしたね!「スキコト」人気を実感したのでは?





― 残すところ放送は8、9、10話となりましたが、ぜひ見どころを!







5日放送の第8話では、柴崎兄弟のわだかまりが溶け、『Sea Sons』の営業も元通りに。一方で、恋の矢印はさらに複雑に絡み合い、ラストに向け見逃せない展開が待っている。



Video of the three doing the catwalk.:lol:


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Ahhh, I'm melting...:wub: can't wait for this part in tonight's episode, looks like they're going to share an apple or a peach, can't really tell what it is.

Finally it's Monday again! Even though I have to wait at least till Wednesday to watch it, I can't resist but spoil myself by peeping into some SNS posts about the aired episode.

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