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'Uncontrollably Fond' of WooZy - Kim WooBin & Suzy Thread


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13 hours ago, ChunSungIm said:

maybe thats why the drama its pre production,now theres no interaction beetween these two,they already did the chemistry on the drama (maybe for the sake of drama),seems like they respect each other relationship,and dont forget LMH is big bro for kim woo bin.its kinda hard to ship this couple though


They suppose to have fanmeeting through. Other than that, both too busy now, to have some interaction. I also noticed, they're extra careful, to not create any unnecessary rumors. 

p.s. but Lee Seo Won said, that whole cast has kakaotalk chat, where they still talk with each other even now. 

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There are times when the K-Drama genies decide to randomly bless us. Whether its really needed in the development of the story or pure fan service, shower scenes are undoubtedly one of the most looked-out for moments. Well at least for thirsty ahjummas like me, keke.

I’ll give you our Top 10 Hottest K-Drama Shower Scenes. Enjoy!


Uncontrollably Fond

More of an after-shower scene but still scorchin.


Shin Joon-young (Kim Woo-bin)


uncontrollably fond hot shower kim woo bin ahjummamshieskim woo bin abs shower hot ahjummamshies


FULL LIST: https://ahjummamshies.com/2018/04/10/hot-and-wet-top-10-k-drama-shower-scenes/

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