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[NB] [Naver] Black Pink earns an A+ for their first month of debut?



Article: Rookie Black Pink, their grade for one month of promotions "A+"


Source: Segye Ilbo via Naver



1. [+1,221, -48] But they don't even promote?
- Their song is high up on the digital charts but they're never seen on TV so the majority of the public doesn't even know many members are in the group or who they are, probably thinks of them as an indie group
- It's not like they have to say "Hello we're rookie Black Pink" on a TV show to be technically promoting ㅡㅡ why not ask them to come say hi at your house while you're at it
- Even if they do promote more, I don't know if they can sing live at all


2. [+875, -52] But they didn't even promote
- They're like the kids who get an A+ on the exam but they're absent from class every day so their attendance is an F


3. [+917, -76] Another YG media play. Please promote them more in that time instead.


4. [+615, -78] Their popularity would be through the roof if they were promoted more... what a shame


5. [+610, -95] At least we discovered a gem from Thailand in Lisa
- Lisa's really pretty.. ㅠㅠ
- I think Jennie's the real gem
- It's unfair how talented Rose is. Great vocals, visuals, dancing, and even plays the guitar
- I went EH!? when I first saw Lisa but now I find her the prettiest
- Jisoo's pretty too, not that they all aren't


6. [+131, -14] But they have an F on TV appearances


7. [+177, -32] YG needs to stop acting so expensive...


8. [+92, -11] Fans waited for them for years and all YG offers is a digital single and barely any promotion... no respect to their fans at all


9. [+53, -2] Hope to see them on TV more ^^


10. [+67, -9] YG needs to realize that this is an idol group, not your regular singers... it doesn't matter how good of a grade an idol group has because it's nothing if they aren't promoting on TV. It wouldn't be weird to give this group an F based on that alone.



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On 9/17/2016 at 8:57 PM, MiAmour said:

get that free promo jichu...








What a compliment for Jisoo!! if only YG knew how to promote his artist the same way he does actors.. 



[UPDATE] #BLACKPINK ranked #1 on Japan M-On's Top 20 K-Pop songs, 4th week of September
BP could actually close up shop right now...go into hiding and still win ROTY, but fortunately they're planning to comeback in October! I feel so blessed. 
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15 Underrated K-Pop Collabs You Need To Hear Right Now

Just when you thought there was nothing better than your favorite group releasing new music, they link up with members of another group and release an amazing collab track. In no particular order, here are 15 stunning collaborations you absolutely need on your playlist.

Lee Hi – “Special (feat. BLACKPINK’s Jennie)”

Years before her official debut, BLACKPINK’s Jennie lent her voice to a number of YG artists’ tracks. Much like her contribution on G-Dragon’s “Black,” Jennie makes this Lee Hi collaboration an easy essential.




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If you like Whistle in the regular Korean...what about this new crystal clear misheard english lyric version with consistent theme and storyline ?    I am hooked on this version.  Learned the song in no time.  They have Boombayah, too, but the theme there is a little dark.


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BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA! These girls are on fire! Rose is my girl! Please check out my reaction videos. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe :)



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Im so excited for BP's comeback  :blush:


I can't  wait to see this again



I know vocal line is already in lock but rap line better have bars 

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Keep Vote for BLACKPINK guys ::  http://awards.melon.com/mma/vote/fvote.htm  :blush:

Media preview




#BLACKPINK To Increase Promotion Activities For November Comeback

Media preview

YG has great news for BLACKPINK fans!

On October 23, a YG Entertainment source revealed that BLACKPINK will be increasing their promotion stages after releasing their new track on November 1.

The group debuted in August with their title tracks “Whistle” and “BOOMBAYAH,” but unlike other groups, BLACKPINK only appeared once a week on SBS’s “Inkigayo” to perform their songs. But as BLACKPINK received much attention for their debut, both reports and online communities began expressing their opinions for BLACKPINK to promote by appearing on more broadcasts.

In response, the YG source stated, “BLACKPINK has received more love than we anticipated. Starting from the new track that’s revealed on November 1, BLACKPINK will be promoting on not only ‘Inkigayo,’ but also Mnet’s ‘M!Countdown’ as well. They are also planning on appearing on variety programs that are similar to MBC Every1’s ‘Weekly Idol.'”


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[NB] Black Pink to increase TV appearances with next comeback



Article: [Exclusive] Black Pink to increase comeback broadcast activities... 'response to fan support'

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+304, -49] I definitely see star potential in Jennie

2. [+295, -53] I won't believe it until they actually do it because this is YG we're talking about

3. [+188, -37] I can't wait~~

4. [+161, -34] I want to see them fast, hurry up November 1st

5. [+146, -30] Is YG finally getting to work?

6. [+42, -12] You have to expose yourself more especially now when there are so many other idols promoting... the public forgets fast and it's not like they're already legend status like Big Bang. Put them on all the shows you can~~

7. [+1, -0] I'll believe it if they guest on a show like 'Weekly Idol' but I doubt Yang Hyun Suk will allow that..

8. [+6, -2] Yup, we're now in a generation where if you put on a mysterious act, you'll find yourself mysteriously disappearing
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BLACKPINK Will Be Making More TV Appearances after Their Comeback



BLACKPINK’s fans will be able to see a lot more of the quartet later this year.

According to sources at YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK will make a comeback on November 1 and, afterwards, make many TV appearances.

The girl group debuted on August 8 with “WHISTLE” and “BOOMBAYAH” and topped the monthly chart. The album was a remarkable success considering that BLACKPINK is only a rookie, and BLACKPINK was able to establish a strong presence in the Korean music scene.

In fact, BLACKPINK was a group that received spotlight even before its debut. YG announced that it is going to make a girl group that has both the looks and the talent for the first time in 20 years and named the group BLACKPINK.

Many were curious and had high expectations for the music of YG’s new girl group. YG named the group BLACKPINK to mean “Looks aren’t everything”, and BLACKPINK also won recognition for its great music by dominating the charts throughout August.

Fans are looking forward to seeing BLACKPINK again of course but also looking forward to listening to its new music. And they only have to wait until November 1 to listen to BLACKPINK’s new singles.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that the fans and the general public want to see more of the monster rookie. Comments on BLACKPINK mostly consist of complaints that the group isn’t doing enough TV appearances.

Indeed, unlike other rookies that appear in TV shows often for promotional purposes, BLACKPINK only went on SBS’s Inkigayo once a week, five times in total, even though it was dominating the charts.

On this matter, YG commented, “BLACKPINK received a lot of love, more than we’d expected. After they release a new single on November 1, they will be emceeing Mnet’s M Countdown! along with their usual appearances on Inkigayo. Also, we’re considering doing variety shows such as MBC Everyone’s Weekly Idol.”  

It’s good to see YG making an effort to satisfy the fans, and fans are looking forward to seeing BLACKPINK doing more diverse promotions.  

2016. 10. 23.

Source: YG-LIFE

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21 minutes ago, suesie6947 said:

They are in the line up for upcoming Running Man episodes, I am screaming

Hey there welcome, lets scream together :relaxed:

hope you enjoy spazz with us soon ^^

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