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YG Entertainment said that BLACKPINK will attend and perform at the VMAs. "BLACKPINK is preparing a special stage that will make the award show shine… The members and their staff are doing their best to give fans, from all around the world, a meaningful moment.”


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BLACKPINK Comeback Live Countdown


“the broadcast will take place on a large set similar to their music video set. BLACKPINK plans to introduce “PINK VENOM” as well as to talk about the behind the scene of the MV, spoilers about their upcoming activities at the live broadcast”



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Girls' Generation HYOYEON mentioned LISA in a radio show 


Q: Girl group top dancer, who is Hyoyeon pick for idol GG dancer line?

HY: Chungha, Momo, Lisa & Karina.
- she also made a joke & asked if the dj knows all of them



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BLACKPINK ‘Pink Venom’ [Light Up The Pink] Campaign 2022


-SEOUL 8/18-8/19 8PM(KST)
-TOKYO 8/19 8PM(JST)
-SHANGHAI 8/19-8/21 7PM(CST)
-BANGKOK 8/19-8/21 6PM(ICT)
-LA 8/18 8PM(PDT)



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