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jisoo talking about seulgi’s comment
Jisoo: I saw Seulgi’s comment later and was like “What? How do you know this?” Seulgi and I met after a long time, so we took a photo and I uploaded, then she took that and put “hello, hello” ... How do you know that? Were you a Blink?



Jisoo found out there was a song Seulgi worked on, and Seulgi begged her not to listen to it “please don’t listen” but Jisoo said she’s going to listen and even told Blinks to listen. When Seulgi asked her not to listen, Jisoo said “No, I’m going to listen to it in front of you.”



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"How You Like That" by @BLACKPINK is now the song by a girl group with most music show wins in 2020 (10 wins).



Jennie: Blinks, thank you so so much for giving us 1st again. I want to tell our staff that they’ve worked really hard, our members also worked hard, and we miss you Blinks!

Rosé: Blinks thank you so so much. To our members that worked hard, thank you and I love you! Thank you! 



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