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The 7 Most Popular Female K-Pop Stars On Instagram


Lisa of Blackpink
Whether she’s at the front row of fashion week in Milan or at the launch of the latest Korean beauty brand, the Thai beauty turns heads wherever she goes—and her irresistible beauty is evident in her fanbase. The youngest member of K-pop girl group Blackpink has the highest number of fans on Instagram, adored by a whopping 35 million followers.


Jennie of Blackpink
Like her bandmates, Blackpink’s lead rapper Jennie is as fashion-forward as they come; in fact, she's the first band member to partner with a French fashion house following a number of stylish collaborations with Chanel Korea. The New Zealand-raised 24-year-old boasts 28.6 million followers on Instagram. 


Rosé of Blackpink
Known for her edgy rock-star vibes yet easy-going manner, Blackpink singer Rosé was just confirmed to be the new global face of Saint Laurent for Fall 2020. Born in New Zealand and raised in Melbourne, Australia, the K-pop star is said to be the shyest and quietest member of the group. Her 25.6 million followers on Instagram don’t seem to mind though. 


Jisoo of Blackpink
The oldest member in the group, Jisoo rose to fame with a number of acting roles, music video cameos and huge brand endorsements before her debut with Blackpink. Known for her humorous personality, Jisoo commands a following of 24.3 million on Instagram. 


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Lisa and Rosé visited Bless You Flower Shop in Cheongdam-Gong on July 12, the shopowner posted on IG to thank them for visiting. They seem to have mistaken the date as 11th, shopowner said they were pretty, cute and lovely.


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