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#BLACKPINK's Jennie And Rosé Brought Up As Possible Muses For New "Hitmaker" Track


Jung Hyung Don Yong Junhyung Jennie Rose

Some interesting names are coming up as possible candidates for Jung Hyung Don and BEAST member Yong Jun Hyung’s new track!

On the January 5 episode of MBC every1’s show “Hitmaker,” Yong Jun Hyung invited Jung Hyung Don over to his studio to listen to a new guide track that he had made. Jung Hyung Don listened to it seriously and contemplated possible lyrics.

Jung Hyung Don proposed, “Let’s think of something shocking,” as they thought about some possible muses for the track. Yong Jun Hyung said, “First off, I think it’ll be good if it were a girl,” as Jung Hyung Don agreed, saying, “We can’t have any more guys.”

He continued, “After listening to the song, I thought of BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Rosé.” He jokingly added, “If you call them BLACKPINK, you’re old fashioned. You need to call them ‘BLPING,'” shortening the syllables of the group’s name similarly to how Korean slang is often formulated.

Yong Jun Hyung continued to think of possible muses, saying, “I think it’ll match well with Bolbbalgan4. I think it’ll work well if they sang it in a light voice.”

Who do you think they’ll have on the track?

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[KNETZ comments abt Lisa photo on BP instagram]

Title: "Blonde and pure aura"...Blackpink Lisa, beauty that makes hearts flutter

1.) [+1350][-80] I bet if they made a Lisa look-a-like doll, it'd sell really well.  Doll-like really seems like the perfect way to describe Lisa.  I hope to see Blackpink comeback soon ^^
2.) [+972][-50] It's a doll!!!!!!!!
3.) [+813][-45] Lisa's so pretty...looks like a doll ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
4.) [+767][-42] The blonde suits her well and she's so fckng pretty ㅠㅠ same with her body
5.) [+665][-47] Multi-talented Lisa...she's able to give off cute, charismatic and beautiful vibes ^^
6.) [+325][-19] Is she a doll?  Of all celebrities I've seen with blonde hair, she's up top ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
7.) [+300][-19] She's Asian but has western features...her limbs are long as well...pretty
8.) [+284][-17] Lisa's proportions are really..~!!!  She's like a doll~  Blackpink, when are you coming back~  Come back soon~!
9.) [+254][-23] Lately, it seems that I've only been listening to Blackpink's songs.  The songs are great and I like Jennie's voice as wellㅠ
10.) [+214][-16] Lisa dances and speaks Korean really well...it's obvious how much effort she puts in, I'll always cheer you on~~~ Blackpink hwaiting Lisa!!!
11.) [+204][-20] Lisa's a doll...so pretty ㅠㅠ
12.) [+188][-15] There aren't enough words to describe how doll-like Lisa is...seriously pretty!!!!!!
13.) [+165][-13] Lisa is pretty
14.) [+187][-23] Antis at work first thing in the morning~ Blackpink's definitely hot topic
15.) [+177][-20] Fckng pretty  I didn't know it at first, but her beauty has increased in PWF...Lisa
16.) [+140][-10] Lisa's dancing is really daebak....ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ seriously pretty
17.) [+141][-10] Lisa's such a cute doll...we'll be able to see Blackpink again soon, right?
18.) [+147][-18] Visuals.talent.body.charms...everything is good
19.) [+114][-9] Blackpink is love ^^
20.) [+74][-1] By May, they'll probably be the fastest to hit 3 one million marks.  'Boombayah' MV has 88 million views, 'Whistle' MV has 70 million views and 'PWF' has 57 million views.  'PWF' also gets around 58,000 views per day, so by May seems like a more than reasonable window.  Then they'll have obtained a triple one million within 9 months of their debut.



blackpinkofficial IG

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On 1/5/2017 at 7:46 AM, MiAmour said:





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Cute fanart! BP stylist can do no wrong :heart:


Jisoo obviously has the visuals for SM, but I think it's a smart move by her especially with the recent success of YG Stage. They're really good at picking the right roles for their artist. 

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