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YG Entertainment’s first new girl group in seven years are set to debut on August 8, 2016 with four members Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé. Each member has been trained hard by YG for four to six years and considered multi-talented in music, dance, and foreign language. The name BLACKPINK has a very important meaning that pretty isn't everything it also means that the team not only possesses great beauty but also great talent, BLACKPINK is also a very diverse group with three of the members had been born in different countries making them YGE first multi-national group



Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Vocal

Birth Name: Jennie Kim/제니김/Jennie金
Nickname: Jendeuk
Birthday: January 16th 1996
Nationality: Netherlands
Height: (around) 160cm
Trainee Period: 6+ Years

Miscellaneous: Fluent in Korean, Japanese, and English. She studied abroad in New Zealand at ACG Parnell College.

Appearances and features:

MBC documentary on Koreans living abroad in New Zealand, 2012.
YGEntertainment Youtube Channel posted on Aug 29th, 2012.
YGEntertainment Youtube Channel posted on Jan 20, 2013.

Gdargon – That XX (MV)
Lee Hi – special
Seungri – GG Be
Gdragon – Black (Korean version)

[지드래곤 G-DRAGON] – 블랙 BLACK(Feat.Jennie Kim) @인기가요 inkigayo 130908
G-DRAGON_1013_SBS Inkigayo_BLACK(Feat. JENNIE KIM of YG New Artist)
G-DRAGON_Black feat. JENNIE KIM (Black by G-Dragon feat. JENNIE KIM@Mcountdown 2013.9.12)


Position: Main Dancer, Rapper, Maknae 

Birth Name: Lalisa Manoban/ลลิสา มโนบาล
Nickname: Lalice, Laliz, Pokpak
Birthday: March 27th 1997
Nationality: Thailand
Height: (around) 168 -170cm
Trainee Period: 5+ Years

Miscellaneous: Childhood friends with GOT7′s Bambam. Lisa along with Got7’s Bambam and Ten (Sm trainee) were part of the dance crew ‘We Zaa Cool’. First foreigner to debut under YG entertainment.

Appearances and features:

Group WZC dancing

GTO – Lollipop & LaChaTa @ WeDo Cover 2010 s1final 
YGEntertainment Youtube Channel posted on May 10, 2012: “WHO’S THAT GIRL???” Taeyang’s – Ringa Linga (MV)

Position: Visual, Sub-Vocal

Birth Name: Kim Jisoo/김지수/金智秀
Nickname: Chi Choo, Jichu
Birthday: June 20th 1995
Nationality: South Korea
Trainee Period: 5+ Years

Appearances and features:
Acted in EPIK HIGH’s ‘SPOILER’ +‘Happen Ending’ MV

YGE Actress and CF Model

Position: Main Vocal

Birth Name: Roseanne Park Chaeyoung/박채영/朴彩英
Nickname: Rose, Rosie
Birthday: February 11th 1997
Nationality: Australia
Height: (around) 167 -170cm
Trainee Period: 4+ Years

Miscellaneous: Born and raised in Melbourne & Box Hill, where she attended Canterbury Girls Secondary College.

Languages: English, Korean & Japanese

Appearances and features:
Featured in G-Dragon’s ‘Without You’



Facebook | YG Family | Youtube | TwitterInstagram







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BLACKPINK Tops Charts With Debut Tracks


BLACKPINK Tops Charts With Debut Tracks

Newly debuted girl group BLACKPINK is slaying the charts with their two new tracks!

BLACKPINK made their debut on August 8 at 8 p.m. KST with the release of their songs “BOOMBAYAH” and “Whistle” off their debut single album “Square One.” Within only an hour, the group was already at number one on four realtime music charts.

The two songs were at first and second or first and third place on Genie, Mnet Music, Bugs, and Olleh Music within an hour of release. On Naver Music, they took sixth and tenth place by that time, and “Whistle” was in eighth place on monkey3. On Melon, they sat at eleventh and fifteenth.

As of 11:20 p.m. KST, over three hours after their debut, “Whistle” is still holding the top spot on Genie, Mnet Music, Bugs, and Olleh, while “BOOMBAYAH” sits at second on all four charts. “Whistle” is in first place on Naver Music with “BOOMBAYAH” in third, and “Whistle” sits at ninth on monkey3. Meanwhile on Melon, “Whistle” is in third place and “BOOMBAYAH” is in eleventh.

Which of BLACKPINK’s debut tracks is your favorite?

Source (1)

Just debuted and already topping charts!! :D

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Wish YGE could release these practise videos as part of a dvd.. i would buy it immediately lol






BLACKPINK To Perform “Whistle” And “BOOMBAYAH” For First Time On “Inkigayo”





YG’s new girl group BLACKPINK will be performing their much-anticipated debut stages of “Whistle” and “Boombayah” on the upcoming August 14 episode of “Inkigayo.”


Right off the bat, the rookies have made a splash in K-pop, topping real-time, daily, and international iTunes charts.


Xports News reports that Yang Hyun Suk brought four choreographers from abroad on board for BLACKPINK, and personally selected the moves that he liked, further exciting fans for the upcoming debut performances.


“Inkigayo” airs on August 14 at 3:40 p.m. KST.  


Keep streaming, especially for Whistle!! Go, go!  :D




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@KimJongKookie I agreed with ya, i expected BP will slay hard :D


[NAVER] BLACKPINK, 4 hours after release, Chart 'All Kill' Monster Rookie





YG new girlgroup BLACKPINK achieve an all-kill in every music chart only 4hours after release.
They revealed their new songs titled "BOOMBAYAH" and "Whistle" on last Monday 8th August. Among these two title songs, 'Whistle' ranked #1 on Melon, Genie, Mnet, Bugs, and other various music charts within 4 hours only.
Meanwhile another title song 'BOOMBAYAH' ranks as #5 which proved a great interest towards BLACKPINK
[+4507,-522] With one release, YG Rookies ended everyone kekeke They always hit big when they debut....looking at them via MV's isn't enough
[+2913,-394] Rather than BOOMBAYAH I like Whistle more because it's unique
[+3255,-687] Truthfully at first, I said there was nothing special, once I listened to Whistle it made me crazy and wanted to listen to it more! Whistle is a good song
[+2833,-620] When you listen to Whistle the first time, it's like ' what is this?' but when you listen to Whistle continuously it is a very addictive song. It has an non-rookie aura..
[+608,-95] Not to compare but it was really amazing how YG debuted them kekekeke YG seemed like he wouldn't debut them at all moreover YG only kept bluffing about their debut for few years keke it must have been hard for them as well but their song is good! They will really be a good group later
[+442,-71] I want to see Whistle live stage
[+373,-50] I like this kind of concept... not too innocent, I thought they will use innocent concept completely , finally an eargasm song is released...GIRLCRUSH!!!!!!!!!! ♡
[+466,-85] The special thing about them: rapper isn't only rapping , vocal isn't only singing. Rather than the MV itself I can see how the rappers Jennie and Lisa did their part as sub vocal, so did the vocal line Jisoo and Rose who are the real main vocals
[+414,-72] As expected, the MV has a good quality~ BLACKPINK members are also so thin and pretty, one by one the members showed their presonality~ Cant wait for BLACKPINK^^
[+344,-52] Visual, singing and skills are dope, shall support you guys always FIGHTING
[+375,-64] Whistle is worth to listen since the song itself is good... song selection itself is so important
[+296,-42] Whistle's beat is so addictive
[+175,-17] Since Ive listen the song through the MV, i shall watch it on live stage at least once right?
[+148,-8] This time the girlgroup is as cool as 2NE1, yet they have a cute side as well which makes fanboys love them for sure
[+216,-31] I like Jennie so much, from her look to her talent
[+221,-33] It is good.. and unique as well
[+168,-18] Their MV is more incredible, it wasnt even 12hours after release yet it has 1,5M viewers
[+107,8] Their song quality though and their song skill is different
[+115,12] Our Jendeuk is so pretty, her body is good,  I like her voice when singing and rapping moreover with a lot of aegyo, our lovely jenjen
[+93,-8]  Rose is luring me in
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NOTE:: Guys, Dont forget to use and trend the hashtag #WelcomeBLACKPINK tomorrow! :blush:



[NAVER] Black Pink's Boombayah reaches 10 million views



Article: Black Pink, Debut Track 'Boombayah' Breaks Through 10 Million Views...A Fast Rise


Source: X Sports News via Naver



(Above picture credit to G-dargon)


1. [+603, -73] They're rookies but within just 5 days they amassed 1M...Crazy


2. [+507, -58] Black Pink's charms..*goosebumps* They're pretty and overflowing with individuality


3. [+476, -57] Black Pink are rookies but YG is doing at least some work huh...Let's promote Black Pink a lot domestically


4. [+386, -70] Are they manipulating YouTube too then? How are the people who are saying Beul-Ping (T/N: Korean nickname for Black Pink because they are Beul-Laek-Ping-Keu) is manipulating things going to refute this?


5. [+214, -34] Jennie-yah, Jisoo-yah, Chaeyoung-ah, Lisa-yah now all that's left is to get the awards


6. [+103, -11] Daebak ㅋㅋㅋㅋ On top of that, other than Melon they have recaptured #1 realtime on all charts ㅋㅋ

-I think at 12 they're going to recapture Melon too


7. [+109, -14] In 2014 the rookie award was Winner, 2015 was iKON, so 2016 will be Black Pink?? ♡


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[Daily Sports] Black Pink Jennie's “Painkiller fighting spirit” over ankle injury




Black Pink Jennie showed her fighting spirit.

On 12th Black Pink recorded their first debut stage on SBS Inkigayo, which will be aired on 14th.


After finishing recording “Whistle” and during doing rehearsal for “Boombaya”, while dancing fiercely member Jennie sprained her ankle and suffered an injury.


In the emergency situation, Jennie was immediately sent to hospital for a check-up. According to a participator, Jennie couldn’t stand on her own feet and had to give up recording. But Jennie somehow expressed her will to stand on the stage until the end. Eventually, it was said that Jennie had received painkiller and climbed up the stage to finish recording.


About this issue YG official said “Luckily, the test outcome was not a serious injury. The ankle is only swollen a lot.”


Meanwhile Black Pink’s earlier debut on 8th has been sweeping all charts both domestically and internationally, which is a unprecedented feat for any rookie group to get.

“Whistle” and “Boombaya” stages will go public on 14th through Inkigayo.


Top comments:


[+131,-6] They went though so much hardship to stand on debut stage but... Because of darling the members must have been affected and gone through a hard time. Hope you will recover soon.


[+116,-8] I hope you can recover quickly. Korea fighting!


[+108,-8] This was the first stage so they must have been hurt and tired and it could have been a lot worse. Let’s fly high.


[+100,-6] Jennie ah. Your health comes first and foremost. See you in a better health. Thank you and love you for your hard work


[+94,-8] I’m glad for Jennie. TTTTTTTTTTT


Source: Naver

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[IG] Bambam (GOT7) 's Sister update IG with Lisa


Another record broken



[NB] On the Charts: Black Pink's Whistle

On the Charts: Black Pink's Whistle



Article: The addiction of 'Whistle'.. Black Pink #1 on all music charts

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+2,201, -88] I wonder how many music shows YG will let them perform on. They're rookies, they should be promoting as hard as they can

2. [+1,761, -131] Teddy's still got it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+1,522, -116] Hwiparaparaparaparam

3. [+1,453, -168] The song itself is good and the kids look so feminine with good music harmony. They have charms that both men and women will like~ I hope they keep this up and don't lose their roots.

4. [+1,373, -170] 'Boombayeh' is pretty addictive too once you keep listening to it

5. [+329, -42] Yup, 'Whistle' is pretty good..

6. [+335, -45] Put them on some varieties, stop with the mysterious concept ㅎㅎ not letting them on varieties won't help at all

7. [+253, -23] One of the reasons why trainees will do anything to get into YG

8. [+254, -31] I didn't like the song at first but now I see myself becoming a fan. All four are pretty and talented.

9. [+264, -39] One of the more fun girl groups I've seen ㅎ I think they'll become a one top soon


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