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Excuse for my rant. Im a fan and i love blackpink, i discovered them because of lisa, i saw this video clip where they are on a coffee shop when lisa caled rose loudly "ah park chaeyoung!" And saw their cute reactions. By that time i knew it that im gonna love this group, btw im a Once also. So I followed them, i watched all their guestings, shows, interviews, blackpink house, and anything that is related to them. I saw how they grow, i witness their bondings. Why am i writting this? Because i dont know who to blame on whats happening to them right now? Is it YG only? The members? Im talking about the unfair treatmets the members having. From the stage outfits, endorsments, exposure?. I got triggred by this solo albums, why? To express their own style? Talent?. Why not create one full album consist of the solos of the members, So they can promote the album happily as blackpink. Does the members also want this? Did YG have their opinions about this? Lets be honest, each member dosent have the same amount of fans, and it differs also acording to countries. Even on a group there are this bias that starts to divide them. Why not just enjoy BLACKPINK? I dont believe that the endorses and brands need to choose only one or two members to be their model. I youre going to say me its all about money? Will it cause more PROFIT if it is BLACKPINK as the model?? I dont know what will be the future of blackpink. I wish them all the best.i still love BLACKPINK, but it feels not the same. 

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Hi guys, I am Tabasco from Off The Beach ! 

We are London uni students and we do food and travel vlogs!


In this video, I will bring you guys to where Jennie filmed her SOLO music video and let's check out the interesting places around there! 


The Old Vinyl Factory in Hayes, London was known for its production of many vinyl records by popular musicians of the 20th century, while the Graffiti Tunnel is a pedestrian tunnel under London Waterloo station and next to the London Eye and Southbank Centre Winter Market covered in legal street art & graffiti! 


Keep following us for more kpop videos by subscribing to our channel and liking our videos!

Edited by Tommy Wai Tong

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