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[OFFICIAL] JongJoo|Honey Couple (Lee Jong Suk ❤ Han Hyo Joo)

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CR: Original Owner

Ideal Woman Okay so you ever wonder why as of late there has been so much discussion over his ideal woman? I really don't understand it myself because honestly as I compiled all the things I know

I love this act the most. LJS seem really aggressive (as HHJ always describes him) coming closer to HHJ and about to hug her. He looks really manly here. This man really don't care about other people



Hyo Joo's story today. On Christmas (December 25) she posted a recording of herself reading a poem by a Japanese poet (translated into Korean). It was part of a series of poem recitations by different Korean actors that were made into videos and posted on a channel on YouTube. If you watched to the end, they included the text of a poem HJ wrote at the end of the video that was on the same theme as the one she read. Today she posted a handwritten version of that poem. I really liked it. It reminds me other times when she has talked about life in which she acknowledges the difficult and painful parts, but chooses the good parts. The difficult parts make the good parts sweeter, I guess. A wise person, our Hyo Joo. Anyway, here is the text and my translation of it: 

산다는 것
지금 살아 있다는 것
올해의 첫 눈사람을 바라보는 것
그럼에도 봄의 새싹을 마주하는 것
너로 인해 상처 입는 것
그런 너를 용서하는 것
문득 비집고 들어오는
외로움을 느끼는 것
아무리 괴로워도 웃을 일은 있다는 것
지금 사라 있다는 것
숨이 내 몸안으로 들어왔다 나가는 것을 

알아자리는 것
미움받을 용기를 가지고 사랑하는 것
손을 내밀고 손을 잡는 것
안아 주는 것
Being alive right now
Gazing at this year’s first snowman
And yet facing the shoots of spring
Being hurt by you
And then forgiving you like that
Being enveloped by a sudden
Feeling of loneliness
Something to laugh about, no matter how painful it is
Being alive right now
My breath coming into my body, going out
Being aware
Having the courage to love even if receiving hate
Reaching out and holding hands
Passionately embracing
Giving a hug
By Han Hyo Joo

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1 hour ago, sweetsummer said:


I can't help thinking of JongJoo by seeing this update. :please:

Do you think what I think?


Yes, I totally think what you think. :wub:


Awwww. He really loves this sign, he stuck it in the truck and on tumblers and coasters and mugs, too. I wondered what happened to it when the cafe was sold. It was like the heart of the cafe. I'm so glad to see it still alive in a new location. And he seems pretty proud to have it there. :)

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It's nice to see these two a lot more active on IG, now that she has projects coming and he is out of military. They both had a lot of updates today!


First, finally some birthday pictures for HJ:



(Pictures from HJ's IG today)


And then everything else today is in black and white:


Some stylish buns: 







(Picture credit aluu_minseon)



(Picture is a still from JS's video of him fencing today)



I'm eager to see where this shoot will turn up for HJ:



(Pictures credit to aluu_minseon)


JS reminding us of his recent black and white Elle photos: 




(Credit obviously to Elle, but via JS's IG post today)


And this pretty HJ one which I need to put under the cut since there are too many. :)







Edited by ferily
Maximum of 3 images per post, please put any other images in spoiler tag. Thanks!
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Yes! It’s a happy day to see so many updates from them.  I feel like I couldn’t catch up at one point, haha.  
And finally can see HJ photos with cake.  She looks gorgeous! 

And yes they both have this sort of black and white photoshoots. Matched!



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I’ve been following this thread from the beginning but never posted. I love these two talented actors so excuse me if my brain becomes a little delusional. I was watching the video of Jongsuk fencing and realised the outline of the person taking the video looked vaguely familiar and also the soft laugh at 1:00m in the video. 


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Google trans - The story caught me from the 1st chapter. It is the perfect combination of comedy, romance and suspense. The chemistry between LeeJongSuk and HanHyoJoo is great Smiling face The script, the photography, the production work, the OST… everything is excellent

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JS for OK magazine presumably (China); this from his IG story today, and HJ for her movie that releases this weekend in Japan, The Sun Stands Still (aka The Sun Does Not Move), as posted today on her IG.




More pictures from above:






Source of the OK! pictures is weibo user Ivy. Standing JS photo is off his IG story today (https://www.instagram.com/jongsuk0206/) and her photos are from her post today at https://www.instagram.com/p/CL_a2jzMYal/)


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Hi @Loyal, hi @chococarmela, glad to see you both here. Hope you feel welcome! Loyal, I cannot say who is taking the video in that fencing clip, but both seem to be enthusiastically learning new sports (she was playing tennis for the first time last weekend). 


More pictures from Hyo Joo today, from her Japanese film The Sun Does Not Move, which releases TODAY in Japan. It was supposed to come out last year, but that was when the world went crazy... I hope it does well. Aww, beautiful Hyo Joo. 




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