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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Rush to the Dead Summer 夏至未至


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"The incidents which we considered had happened never happened. The people who we conceived we had loved, however, loved us forever."

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Chinese Title: 夏至未至
English title: Rush to the Dead Summer
Genre: Modern, Romance

Directors: Han Yang and Guo Jing Ming

Episodes: 46

Novel Author: Guo Jingming
Broadcast Date: June 11, 2017


Zheng Shuang

Bai Xiaoting

Chen Xuedong


When Li Xia (Zheng Shuang) and her best friend enroll into the arts school Qian Chuan, they meet the legendary Fu Xiao Si (Chen Xue Dong) and Lu Zhi Ang (Bai Jing Ting). Together, the group of youths officially begin their beautiful high school life.
After graduation, the friends part with everyone going their separate ways, but everyone continues to fight for their dreams. However, they're all gradually changing and thus become doubtful about the origin of their friendship.
A span of 10 years makes them realize that other than memories, nothing can be eternal, but they learned to love and grow.

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Watch it here with English subs!

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**

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Additional Links:

Rush to the Dead Summer 夏至未至 Viki English Subbed Episodes

Rush to the Dead Summer 夏至未至 Raw Episodes


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[Drama News] Character Intros & Trailer for Rush to the Dead Summer 夏至未至


Rush to the Dead Summer is a drama based on Guo Jing Ming’s novel of the same name. It stars Cheney Chen and Zheng Shuang as the main leads. The drama aims to premiere this summer with 46 episodes on HunanTV. The story spans over a period of ten years, following a close group of high school friends who drifts apart after graduation and goes their separate ways as they transition into adulthood.

Read more: https://twocentertainment.wordpress.com/2017/03/21/drama-news-character-intros-trailer-for-rush-to-the-dead-summer/


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So many good C-dramas are out yet this thread is so dead. Alternative name for this drama is Love till the End of Summer which sounds a lot better. I like how this drama is similar to Fifteen Years to Wait for Migratory Birds. 

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On 6/14/2017 at 0:29 AM, ashryver said:

Done watching episode 1 & 2, and I'm loving it already. And does it really have a sad ending? My heart is not ready. 


I am also sadden by the ending but I don't consider it sad base on what I read on viki. At least we get to see their happy days their values of what friendship means. Even if they had to part their ways, at least we know that even our lives are not perfect. There will be obstacles in every given life. 

I am most sad with the theme of betrayal of friendship, esp if Qi Qi takes advantage of Xiao Si.. that's too bad because LX considers her as her childhood best friend. 

Through all these obstacles, I hope all the characters receive that true love. No wonder why it is called Rush to the End of Summer. The rays of light and hope were in their adolecense. I really like how the narration is so soothing to one's mind. We know that LX is the main lead because most of the narration I would say is done by her. In a way, she was the most radiant in her youth and I like how the trailers goes from rays of light to darkness later on. Hopefully there will be light at the end of that tunnel and eventally no more rushing to the end of summer. The adapation also goes by Love at the End of Summer but I hope each character learns to grow, love, and forgive--this is where true light begins no matter how big each mistake. I am already crying for the main actor/actress. For once, maybe we will get a different ending. 


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