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[Drama 2016] Father, I’ll Take Care of You 아버님 제가 모실게요


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MBC presents: Father, I'll Take Care of You
아버님 제가 모실께요

Network: MBC     Episodes: 50     Broadcast Period: 2016-Nov-12 to 2017---     Broadcast days: Saturdays and Sundays 22:00  Genre: Family

Plot: A story about one husband and his wife who marry off their four daughters, only to have them come back home. They’re selfish women who have only looked out for themselves, but after re-entering the family home, they’ll learn how precious their parents are and will have renewed respect for their siblings. "Father, I’ll Take Care of You" is a 2016 MBC drama. 


Kim Jae Won - Lee Hyun Woo

Park Eun Bin - Oh Dong Hee

Lee Tae Hwan - Han Sung Joon

Lee Soo Kyung - Han Jung Eun

Na Moon-Hee - Hwang Mi-Ok
Kim Yong-Rim - Oh Gwi-Boon
Kim Chang-Wan - Han Hyung-Sub
Kim Hye-Ok - Moon Jung-Ae
Lee Seung-Joon - Han Sung-Hoon
Kim Sun-Young - Seo Hye-Joo
Hwang Dong-Joo - Han Sung-Sik
Shin Dong-Mi - Kang Hee-Sook
Seo Dong-Won - Seo Chul-Min





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Park Eun-bin to take leading role in weekend MBC drama


Actress Park Eun-bin (Age of Youth) will take a leading role in the new MBC weekend drama Father, I’ll Take Care of You, the drama that previously cast Lee Soo-kyung(My Little Baby, Let’s Eat) and Kim Jae-won (Hwajeong, Scandal).

Father, I Will Take Care of You is about an empty nest couple eager to finally live their life after raising four children only to have all four of them return to the nest at the same time. These selfish siblings who have only known themselves will rediscover the love they have for each other and their precious parents.


Park’s character is named Oh Dong-hee, an assistant writer bound by her slave-like contract. Her life has been replete with regret and suffering due to a terrible secret she’s harbored for twenty-six years while living under her brother’s shadow. Even though she’s tied down to her job, Dong-hee encounters new people at work who allow her to open her eyes to love again.

Due to Park’s superb performance in the currently airing JTBC drama Age of Youth, she has already landed a new starring role, which will require her to deliver a mature portrayal of an adult woman, after growing up as a child actress and playing a number of youthful characters (Legend, Iron Empress, Queen Seon-deok, Operation Proposal).

This project will be written by Cho Jung-sun, whose previous works include Golden Era of Daughter-in-Law, Sons of Sol Pharmacy, Goddess of Marriage, and Twinkle Twinkle My Heart.

Father, I Will Take Care of You will air in November after Flower in Prison ends.


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Kim Jae Won, Lee Tae Hwan, And More To Headline New MBC Weekend Drama

Kim Jae Won, Lee Tae Hwan, And More To Headline New MBC Weekend Drama

Actors Kim Jae Won, Park Eun Bin, Lee Tae Hwan, And Lee Soo Kyung will be headling a new MBC weekend special drama “Father, I’ll Take Care Of You” (working title).

The four actors competed their first script reading on September 12 for “Father, I’ll Take Care Of You” and will begin shooting by the end of this month.

“Father, I’ll Take Care Of You” is about four siblings who leave the nest to live their own lives but end up moving back into their parents’ home all at the same time. The drama follows the development of these selfish siblings who only care about themselves as they rediscover the love they have for each other and their dear parents.

“Father, I’ll Take Care Of You” will be penned by prolific weekend drama writer Jo Jung Sun whose past works include “Goddess of Marriage” and “My Heart Twinkle Twinkle.” The drama is slated to premiere in November following “The Flower in Person.”

Will you be keeping your eye on this drama?


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New MBC drama to depict story of 'unwanted' large family


By Shim Sun-ah

SEOUL, Nov. 10 (Yonhap) -- What if your children who have already left the nest and gotten married suddenly declared they were moving back in with you? That might be a disaster to most parents who have long been looking forward to enjoying their own lives, free from the burden of supporting children.

The forthcoming MBC weekend series "Father I'll Take Care of You" tells the story of an old couple in that very situation.

"This is not a type of drama intended to depict filial piety," the drama's director Lee Dae-young said during a news conference for the series at the MBC headquarters in Seoul on Thursday. "It will depict the confrontation between generations and siblings caused by the grown-up children cohabiting with their parents and the story of a family that overcomes those troubles with love and affection."

   He said the drama would also reflect the current South Korean society where many married young people choose to live with their parents without the courage or ability to stand on their own feet partly due to the nation's rising housing costs.

"In addition, there is romance between the younger characters," he said.

Veteran actor Kim Jae-won will play the lead role of Lee Hyeon-wu, an executive of a global investment company who returns to his home country 23 years after he left for New York. For reasons that will be revealed later in the drama, he hides his true identity and works as supervisor of an apartment construction site in Bangbae-dong, southern Seoul. Living in a luxurious villa just in front of the home of the Han family, he watches over the neighbor every night with a huge telescope.



Actor Kim Jae-won (Yonhap)

Actor Kim Jae-won (Yonhap)

Kim, however, opened up a bit about the reason, saying that he returns "to take revenge on Han" who is responsible for the death of Kim's parents when he was young. "That is also why he worked so hard in New York to earn 11 trillion won (US$9.56 billion)."

   The singer-actor Kim Chang-wan and senior actress Kim Hye-ok play Han Hyeong-seop and Moon Jeong-ae, an old couple with a big family of four grown-up children, their spouses and kids. Of the four children, only the youngest male, Han Seong-jun (Lee Tae-hwan) is single.

Actor Lee Seung-joon, who played Kang Mo-yeon (Song Hye-kyo)'s colleague in "Descendants of the Sun," takes the role of Han Seong-hoon, the eldest son of the family while actress Lee Soo-kyung plays Han Hyeong-seop's niece and Lee Hyeon-wu's love interest who is a travel book writer, singer, composer, guitarist and owner of a cafe for Tarot card readings.

"I should have looked more like a rich guy with an asset of 11 trillion won, but it was so difficult to make me look that way," Kim said.

The drama marks his first reunion with director Lee Dae-young in 14 years after the 2002 MBC drama "Romance."

   "I didn't know anything about acting at that time," Kim Jae-won recalled. "I filmed it in a really comfortable and happy atmosphere and now feel the same."

   Kim said he hopes the multigenerational drama would present laughter to many viewers as the whole country is in a state of confusion in an apparent reference to an influence-peddling scandal involving President Park Geun-hye's confidante, Choi Soon-sil.

The 35-year-old actor pledged to take off his bottoms if the drama's viewership exceeds 23 percent.

"You know there are many types of bottoms," he said laughing, asking reporters not to expect "something R-rated."

   The new Saturday-Sunday series is to premiere on Nov. 12 at 10 p.m.


This image released by the major TV network MBC shows the official poster of "Father I'll Take Care of You" (Yonhap)

This image released by the major TV network MBC shows the official poster of "Father I'll Take Care of You" (Yonhap)




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How many episodes is this drama supposed to be? I will love to watch it seems is one of those 50 episode dramas ... i'm not to happy about that ...Sounds so sweet, though. Perfect for the November to December months. All about the family and love....I LOVE KIM JAE WON SINCE I WATCHED SCANDAL....

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