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Here we go, page 7


(This has been up since Aug 31 but blocked everywhere outside of Asia it seems, so not interesting for most English speaking Soompiers probably.)


So we bring you the @alleram95 version of the video synopsis B) Here we go:

EDIT: the images got deleted, so I made my own gif (see next post)



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Queen Cherin - So-Yong (aka Cow-Dragon) - her first fusion historic drama Now playing (Nov 2020) in her Second silver screen main role as Yoon Se-Hee in crime caper movie, 'Collector'

---------------------------------------- http://www.diodeo.com/news/view/1714110 ---------------------------------------- Shin Hye-sun, first newcomer award at 'Scene Stealer Festival' since he

[Issue Interview] 'Five Children' Shin HyeSun - "If I were YeonTae couldn't do one-sided crush like that." http://www.issuedaily.com/news/news_view.php?ns_idx=197828 9.7M followers, 32.8% TV


[Chevrolet] My 1st IDENTITY 2016 CRUZE (female version) - Shin HyeSun

With all Your accomplishments
There was a FIRST

With friends your
FIRST ESCAPE - Do you Remember?

Strutting first steps in your

Your FIRST CHALLENGE created the bold you!

How was our FIRST TRIP together - just us?

YOUR FIRST JOB that you had dreamed of...

THE FIRST PROJECT that was yours alone...

And for all your FIRSTS
The strength that was there always, CRUZE

Overpowering Performance / Precision Handling




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Hyesun is sooooo gorgeous and charismatic in the Chevrolet CF! and Sung Hoon is such a hottie in the "fanmade CF" too! wonder why the Chevrolet management didnt ask SH to film the male version instead, these people really huh... aigoo... cant they just satisfy us fans by bringing them together for anything be it a CF or magazine photo shoot!? they are such a good looking perfect match in heaven... ooopss im sorry... just let me fangirl and be delusional again! geeez, still missing our YeonSang couple a lot...

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@shanana123  She is well known in Korea, but unfortunately not so much internationally due to the fact that not many people watch family dramas.  Every time I see a post with her in it, most international fans don't know who she is and ask "who is she".  She even said that her roles in popular dramas such as She was pretty and Oh my ghostess were not memorable during interviews for new roles, so I am really hoping that her character stands out in Legend of the Blue Sea and that she has lots of screen time.  I never watched Descendents of the Sun all the way through (didn't get the hype and dropped it at episode 5) but I am hoping LOTBS hits big like descendents so that she can become well known like all the costars in that drama. 

Meanwhile, I am grateful for @meechuttso for this thread, and all the news from everyone! Keep it coming!

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1 hour ago, OliviaMT said:


How is she ugly?!  Argg...I can't stand the standard beauty in Korea...


I was surprised when I read the headline too. Lol, her ability to pull off beautiful and ordinary looks is what is helping her land these good roles. Some netizens are just over the top with comments. 

Shin Hye Sun Isn't Bothered By Comments Calling Her Ugly Or A Nobody



dont worry SHS, we are not bothered about the comments either. You're beautiful!!!


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8 hours ago, inlovewithtv said:


I was surprised when I read the headline too. Lol, her ability to pull off beautiful and ordinary looks is what is helping her land these good roles. Some netizens are just over the top with comments. 

Shin Hye Sun Isn't Bothered By Comments Calling Her Ugly Or A Nobody



dont worry SHS, we are not bothered about the comments either. You're beautiful!!!


Thanks, @OliviaMT and @inlovewithtv, I'm glad soompi writers themselves decided to take up the translation to this tidbit, from which I was going to only translate the one line that's important:

SHS: "I look up articles about me a couple times a day. I read all the comments one by one too, only because I’m curious about the stories surrounding me."

I sure hope that includes this thread! :wub: Not to pass it up, I'm going to plug oori-HyeSun-see (this) thread in the reply to that story! :w00t::phew:


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[Issue Interview] 'Five Children' Shin HyeSun - "If I were YeonTae couldn't do one-sided crush like that."


9.7M followers, 32.8% TV rating - is Actress Shin HyeSun's record, 3 years after debut ('4th year' since debut in Korean age system). Although not quite the lead actress, in movie "Violent Prosecutor", KBS2 "Five Children" her presence was decidedly magnified. Especially in "Five Children" with Kim SangMin (played by SungHoon) her sweet "lovers' chemistry" had more than done her part that led to record-setting viewer ratings. After the drama [54-episode] wrap, we began our interview with Shin HyeSun at a cafe in Seoul GangNam district ChungDam village.

SHS: "It all went by so fast before it could even settle in. Before I could look back on how it felt during the shoot, it just went 'poof' already. I am always the same, but feels like so much has passed by this year. To the point where my mind can't even keep up with the time that just passed. After "Five Children" there does seem to be many more people who recognize me. It feels most real when I hear, "It's YeonTae!". All the work I do has been so precious, but for its momentousness also, this was a work I fell in love with."

"Not to the extent of families split [reference to north/south Korea], but anyways now that it's goodbyes and the end, there is some real sadness. It's satisfying that the drama ended so very well, but with the other actors and staff I worked with, it's so sad not to see them anymore. First off, I plan to have about a month of rest. I don't normally do anything while I rest, so it's bit of a quandary knowing what to do while I rest. I'll hang out with my friends or pay respects to elders I haven't seen in a while."

Now that "Five Children", which starting from last February for over 6 months had taken care of weekend family TV rooms, is over, Shin HyeSun is able to have her time to recharge. From last year's "O My Venus", "She was Pretty", "Violent Prosecutor" leading to more attention, and even "Five Children" she had taken on without a break. In all the hecticness, the "Five Children" family that was with her all along was like her real family.

"Recently SungHoon oppa texted me saying 'Happy Birthday'. On my birthday I worked out on Pilate that I just started on, and in the evening went had some drinks with my company (YNK) family. I am not good at alcohol, actually. I don't know how to enjoy its taste or know the drinking culture, but I like the atmosphere. Fun part of me comes out at such places. (Laughs) I am good at having fun."

Lee YeonTae of "Five Children" was quite different from Shin HyeSun's earlier cute and vivacious roles. YeonTae was nice-to-a-fault and was rather blandly, completely uncalculating, and not quick-witted. Pushing back continually SangMin's aggressive gestures of affection for her, there was no better picture of 'sweet potato frustration'. [see previous posts for that definition]

"Since I'm the one acting, I imagine it's true that 'YeonTae's nature' isn't completely absent from my real self. But our actual lives are quite different. Someone who's held a torch for another for 7 years, I don't think such a person even exists around me. Actually I myself can't do that either, I think. I would let him know that I'm interested. With love one needs to be decisive, you see. I am a bit impatient personality, so sometimes I can't even wait and end up revealing the birthday present I got. (Laughs)"

"I couldn't figure out YeonTae at first. It's all thanks to how the writer-nim (nim:honorific suffix) embraced me, and director-nim helped me alot. It was fortunate that I could figure out this YeonTae character. Previous characters, while not sterotypes, their personalities were comprehensible right away. YeonTae was more complicated than I'd thought. Compared to previous characters, I felt there were definite difficulties. What I felt while acting as YeonTae was that I enjoyed [the process of] creating that character and portraying it."

In the drama, her work with SangMin can't be left out. SangMin-YeonTae's progression from openly-hostile beginning to lovers drew sympathies from viewers in their 20's and 30's, realizing popularity rivaling the main lead couple Lee SangTae(Ahn JaeWook role)-Ahn MiJung(So YuJin role). Each week's broacast SangMin-YeonTae's love story progress dominated real time keyword searches in web portals.

"It's all thanks to SungHoon oppa. We meshed well together. There was effective synergy in everything. The writer's script, director's production and context were knit together well, and our scences with (SangMin) oppa came out well. In truth, SungHoon oppa, SangMin, they're both so charming. SangMin is 'the best' man, I think. At first there was bit of an awkwardness, but as it progressed we became much closer(friendlier). Especially after the "Happy Together" recording. In fact, we had never sat so close side by side and shared our talks, but it was instrumental in our becoming better friends. Afterwards our conversations on location during shooting became more comfortable also."

Even apart from SungHoon, the whole drama troupe carried on their shooting in a warm atmosphere. "Mom, dad, teachers, they're all such good people. It was so great to be in scenes with mom and dad. I am normally not full of Aegyo ['acting cute'], but in front of the teachers [referring to older master actors] my Aegyo just flowed out effortlessly. With Kim TaeMin (Ahn WooYun) in the middle, Jang JinJoo(Im SooHyang) and I even fought over him at times. After the end of fist half, I couldn't see SooHyang. You know, I really wanted to see her while shooting. Because we had gotten very close. In real life also, SooHyang is a good friend with an experienced and sexy feel, I think."

During "Five Children"'s very long duration there was much to make you laugh, but times of trudging alone also. From February to August, except for autumn, they endured every kind of weather. From each toilsome day of work, what was your memory of a particularly difficult one?

"On the MaPo Big Bridge there's a scene where SangMin sends off a balloon for me, in fact it was sooo cold I thought I was going to pass out. Acting was fun, and the team working well together was good, but in one aspect, the physical cold and heat was difficult. In the scene where SangMin proposed, I was wearing shoes with enamel that covers the top, but when the sun came out the enamel melted and felt like my feet were on fire. The shoes curled up and I thought my feet would burn. At the time SungHoon oppa was wearing long sleeves looking very hot, and watching him endure suffering I was able to endure also."

Even such suffering seemed to turn to shine when ultimately "Five Children" last episode broke the record with a 32.8% rating and resulted in a beautiful ending. "It's something I had piggy-backed on, but it felt totally great. Not a burden, but becomes a source of vitality. Building upon such achievement I feel that I need to work even harder. Since I'm still building my foundation. Viewer rating isn't something to keep dwelling on."

"Thank you for loving YeonTae all this time, and in the future, I would appreciate your loving the characters I play also."

While working on "Five Children" Shin HyeSun has also finished filming the second half of movie "Haru"(One Day). Afterwards, in November SBS top title drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" participation is her plan. "If I work as an actress for a long time, I think there will be times I feel my limitations, experience times of insecurity, but I want to do this work for a long time." As she has resolved, we hope to gain Shin HyeSun's decisive strength through her diverse works in the future.


Another longer interview with plenty of hopeful hints :phew: She's definitely more revealing about how much she misses her time with SH. Thanks to @airgelaal for posting it in the YeonSang thread. It's really good to see peeps other than myself adding news about oori-HyeSun-see, Chinggoos. :sweatingbullets::rolleyes:




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21 hours ago, OliviaMT said:


How is she ugly?!  Argg...I can't stand the standard beauty in Korea...

What?! Ugly & a nobody?! :huh: :( Definitely not!!! B) :rolleyes:


That article reminded me of the post I made weeks ago (which I quote below) at the "Five Children" forum thread to refute negative comments about SHS, her portrayal of YT, and her partnership with SH (as SM).

On 17 August 2016 at 2:52 AM, Daisy Str said:

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," so the way we look at things is subjective. Looking at the older pic of YT-SM from Ep.31 & the newer one from Ep.51:

If that isn't (real/natural & not made-up/cosmetic) beauty/attractiveness (of YT), I don't know what is. But I think what matters more is one's inner beauty, which I see in her too.

If that isn't innate appeal/charm (of "both" YT & SM), I don't know what is.

If that isn't "mutual" attraction between YT & SM onscreen (and good acting ability of both of them, since we're talking about the show), I don't know what is. That onscreen attraction had to be two-way, or else their tandem couldn't have been phenomenal & with undeniable chemistry (as far as I can see, even offscreen). Moreso, every individual is unique, thus what the well-loved YT & SM brought into their phenomenal tandem, made their tandem unique (& special to some or lots of us here).

Furthermore, if that isn't progress (in YT's character from a naive/innocent girl just finding her real "first" love, to a still innocent but resolute woman holding on to her one true love), I don't know what is.

And may I add, SHS helped SH gain popularity as much as (if not more than) SH helped SHS gain it. Even SH said in an interview that SHS, and being paired with her, brought about viewers' heightened interest in him. He's been an actor for more years, and paired with other leading ladies (including the actress who plays JJ), but his popularity has only reached this much after being paired with SHS.

Just my two cents worth... :) :rolleyes:


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You r beautiful, no matter what they say.. Words can't bring u down..  (Christina Aguilera - Beautiful) :wub:

no worries SHS, u have us on your back... :D

i guess there is some probability that she reads this forum too.. Hehehehehehe... And i am delighted about her mentioning about SH a lot in that interview...

6 hours ago, meechuttso said:


SHS: "I look up articles about me a couple times a day. I read all the comments one by one too, only because I’m curious about the stories surrounding me."


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19 hours ago, meechuttso said:


"Five Children" Shin HyeSun - "Want to be an actress with breadth who can do evil roles also."


Save for later...pretty skirt! :phew:




JUST THE NEW, INTERESTING STUFF TRANSLATED (with another pic from same article)


... of course SangMin-YeonTae's role was large [in the success of "Five Children"].

"As the actor opposite me, (SungHoon) really comprehended the role well and took care to make it possible for YeonTae to appear ever more loveable and cute. Even if there wasn't a whole lot of talk during rehearsals, once they were rolling I remember feeling how our breaths (rhythm) were in sync so well. All the senior actors were all so good at the scene. For their treating me not as a junior but making me feel as an equal I am so thankful and feel honored."

In the drama YeonTae, was a 'solo-from-birth-and-forever' character who for 7 years had unrequitedly loved TaeMin and yet couldn't confess and dithered along. On top of that, having zero clue even in the face of SangMin's obvious like for her, she was the clueless-est among the love-clueless. Regarding this, Shin HyeSun spoke up, "my real life dating/love style is completely different."

"My dating style is different from YeonTae. If YeonTae is the type to follow whatever you want, then I am the type to declare my intentions clearly and take initiative. In that regard she's different from me. If there's a similarity, sometimes if you watch me I can also seem quite shy. In that way we are similar."

... most similar to Han Sol from "She was Pretty"?

"All the characters I played, there are similar but dissimilar aspects. If you had to pick one that was similar, with Han Sol (from 'She was Pretty') I might in general be more similar personality and feel perhaps? No matter what type of personality character I'm given I am always trying hard to channel it well. Later on if I have an opportunity I would like to challenge myself with many diverse roles, badly enough to try evil role, or even ghost roles."

... happy working without rest.

"Physically, there's no trouble working hard. Because I am still at a phase where I need to try bunch of different roles, so I want to work hard without rest. Next role, I'll be showing you someone completely different from YeonTae, I think. New star award? I am not getting greedy for it or expecting it at all, but if I get it I would be very grateful." (Laughs)

OBS Plus Kim SooJung reporting - ksj@obs.co.kr


Observation from translating too many of these interviews:whenever she says something sweet about SungHoon (green highlight above), right away she would generalize that nice thing and sounds like she means it for everyone, not just him. This is an example of an unintentional Freudian slip kind of thing perhaps :phew: Or more sinister example, hugging every guy in the crowd when you just want to hug your one guy - just so you don't get accused of the obvious. :phew: We're onto you, oori-HyeSun-see :phew:

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[StarSeoulTV Interview] "The Dream Shin HyeSun dreamt, it really came true."


Actress Shin HyeSun, at age 25, debuted through KBS 2TV "School 2013". Those who appeared with her include Lee JongSuk, Kim WooBin, Park SeYoung, Lee JiHoon, Lee YiGyung, etc., actors actively working now. Then appearing in profitable works like "High School King of Savvy", "O My Ghostess", "She was Pretty", "Five Children", she demonstratively marked her presence.

In "O My Ghostess" she was post-accident wheelchair-bound Kang EunHee role; in "She was Pretty" she was female employee Han Sol whose real self between a snob and a realist was ambiguous, looking to score with the CEO's son. In "Five Children", good-natured but innocent-to-a-fault "free pass when you bring her home to meet your parents"-awardee*** Lee YeonTae. The 6-plus months it took to shoot "Five Children", for Shin HyeSun it all passed by too quickly.
[*** New netizens' title bequeathed to celebrities or people who seem model son/daughter-in-law material - e.g., Park BoGum, Lee SeungGi, etc.]

"From debut until now, time flew by in a whirlwind. Before I can realize what happend it passed by. During "Five Children" I thought about how by the time it ends half of my 28th year would be over [Korean age 28, she recently turned 27 'American age'.] I wished it wouldn't end, but it's already over and I'm preparing for the next steps. Although time passed quickly, I don't wish I was younger again or to go back to the past. Because I'd have to audition again, find a (management) company, and mentally suffer again."

Shin HyeSun's latest title in her filmography, KBS2 TV "Five Children", a 50-episoder, started filming last January and ended in August. As one would imagine from a half year plus project in filming alone, with all the co-actors of course and also with all the staff, Shin HyeSun grew very fond of. Working with mother(role) Park HyeSook, father(role) Jang Yong was not difficult. She felt strange thinking this combination of people she would never meet with again.

"I thought our team was a team full of angels. The actors just need to do their screen portions, but that's not the case with the staff. Cold or hot, nonoe of them ever grew impatient. If it appeared voices were getting raised, they always made us relaxed with smiles, and I was so moved. Worked the most with Jang Yong and Park HyeSook. At times they were more comfortable to work with than those my age. They would accept my playfulness, and when I wanted to be with them more I wanted to Aegyo ('act cute'). At the scene when YeonTae's father reveals his heart for his daughter [to SangMin after his formal vist and request for her hand in marriage, ep.49], it was enough to make me tear up. At the [happy] scene where you're getting your dad's permission for marriage you shouldn't be tearing up, you know. I thought of my own dad at that moment also. To teacher Jang Yong I am one of his many daughters. He's currently in another drama ['My Gabsoon'], and I am rather jealous (laughter). He's so kind to the juniors and takes such good care of us."

Shin HyeSun is an actress who's much blessed. "High School King of Savvy"'s writer Yang HweSeung and producer Yu JeWon's acquaintance led to "O My Ghostess" work. And too, "HSKoS"'s writer Cho SungHee she met up with again in "She was Pretty". Although an actress who has not rested since her debut, Shin HyeSun, who debuted late (at age 25) did have times of worry also.

"Chances did not come often. I wanted to debut early but I didn't know how. Taking a leave of absence from college, I took profile photos and asked around at film studios. I put in my profile, but couldn't get past the paperwork. People would say 'you gotta flunk the audition 100 times' [before you get a chance], or that a certain celebrity failed so many times at auditions, but I was thinking 'I would love to fail at audition even once', because I didn't have any chances at auditions.":(

As we observe 'debuted-at-25' Shin HyeSun, now demonstrating her presence in dramas, the phrase 'late, slowly blooming flower' came to mind. However this was a flower that was destined to bloom sooner or later. The dream that she had dreamed out of nowhere from primary school on had already come true.

"I think that you have to think such thoughts to not get weary and give up. Not trying to sound smart (laughs), but they say flower that blooms early fades early too? Everyone my age group it's pretty tough as you know. In trying to become an actress, I'm thinking, 'good thing I didn't give up'. I have never thought of being anything other than an actress. My one dream was to be an actress. This is the only work that makes me feel passionate about. If I hadn't become an actress I would be an unemployed person ('sitting around playing and eating'). In primary school, becoming a 'talent' was my dream. 'Coz celebrities are 'romantic fantasy'. For the 'what do you want to be when you grow up' question I always put "talent", but at some point I was embarrassed to say it. So from then on I said I don't have any dreams:huh: It was in my heart, but it was a dream I didn't want found out."

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter - Spring when flowers blossom. Among the four seasons, where is Shin HyeSun spending her time?

"Because of my late debut, Winter? Fall? In my heart it's Spring. My heart is a flower that blooms in the Spring. I would like to think that I am a flower still blossoming. Even in a cold wind, I would like to become an actress who can withstand it well."


No free eye candy pics so you can concentrate on reading, fanboys and girls and love her for her inward beauty. B) But is it just me, or all her stories are so sweet and inspiring? Late-blooming beautiful flower, oori-HyeSun-see :wub:

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2 hours ago, meechuttso said:

"Because of my late debut, Winter? Fall? In my heart it's Spring. My heart is a flower that blooms in the Spring. I would like to think that I am a flower still blossoming. Even in a cold wind, I would like to become an actress who can withstand it well."



Awww.. She said she is Spring... Isn't spring equals to light green which means yeondoo?.. Hehehe.. B) (correct me if i'm wrong)

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[SS Interview #1] Shin HyeSun "Dating fellow actor approve, want a taller feller"B)


Every project she does has been going well. Shin HyeSun is currently riding what actors consider the best kind of luck to have - "hit show" luck.

If you recall her recent work, only the 'hit show' projects over which everyone oozes 'Aah!' appear. Debuted with KBS2 "School 2013" with star actors Kim WooBin, Lee JongSuk, etc.; with tvN "HS King of Savvy (2014)", tvN "O My Ghostess", MBC "She was Pretty (2015)", movie "Violent Prosecutor", KBS2 "Five Children (2016)", she rose to big popularity, and in November SBS "My Love from the Star" writer Park JiEun and Hallyu star Jeon JiHyeon, Lee MinHo's collective project, SBS "Legend of the Blue Sea" appearance is just ahead.

Although one of the 'hot stars' recently receiving the most attention, when asked, "has your popularity settled in?", her very shy, "who me?" demeanor is also part of her plain appeal. After graduating from (Seoul SeJong Film & Arts) College and debuting late, with her distinctly optimistic/positive personality she has come step by step to the viewers' side.

SS: After wrapping up 9 months of shooting "Five Children" you must finally be getting some rest.

SHS: Yes, for the first time in a long while I rested well. Month of September is wide open. First I want to go to a dog swimming pool. There's a place you can take your pet. As the drama started, I received a Bichon-Frise puppy, but he's all grown up already. I really hardly played with him at all, so this time I plan to let him play with me alot. In human age he's about 4 years(?) so I want to make some memories with him.

SS: Aren't you going somewhere with friends?

SHS: With college friends we've planned to go but haven't decided where. We are voting on it. Haha. Everybody's wishy-washy so I don't think we'll come to a decision. Whether to go far or find a residence hotel near Seoul we are just thinking about it. There's a friend who's in a performance and one getting ready for wedding, so getting together after a long time I think we'll yack endlessly. It's nice to be busy, but it's difficult on relationships, so that's a bit painful.

SS: After "Five Children"'s record breaking hit, [viewers'] recognition of you has soared. Is your popularity sinking in a little?

SHS: To be honest when I'm not shooting I am meeting up with friends, company family, and real family, so I have not had chances to feel that. Do I need to go where there are lots of people to feel it? Haha. Now that you mention it recently I went to a supermarket to do groceries and a certain 'mom' and I made eye contact, and she was like 'OMONA - O My Goodness!!', so surprised, that I myself went, "Eeeeek" (startled sound), yea that did happen. Haha. People who recognize me going "It's YeonTae!!" is kind of a novel experience, that's true.

-SS: THe fact that you don't feel your popularity is it because you're a home-body?

SHS: You're right. I'm still living as a home-body. Rolling around the house I watch ???, eat what I want to eat, sleep as much as I like, when I did that my stress level dropped way low and peace came over my mind. During filming I was so deprived of sleep that while resting few days I slept until my back ached, and it feels goood.

-SS: "Five Children"'s YeonTae was frustrating***, but in a sneaky way was also a dating-pro (high level) it seemed. In fact isn't she a notch above "She was Pretty"'s Han Sol? [*** Frustrating for the viewer like swallowing a steamed sweet potato without water.]

SHS: I think that's really the case. Han Sol seemed like a sly vixen, smart-*** feel, but had a way of rubbing you the wrong way and had a naive side. On the other hand YeonTae while she seemed like she was awkward / frustrating, once she started at love she seemed at a 'master level'. It was fun.

-SS: Is it thanks to looking soo good together next to SungHoon? Have you not received truly so many questions about the possibility of progressing to real life dating? [Translator note: and yet we thank you for asking her once more for us :phew:]

SHS: At first getting questions like that is really fun, you know. For it was to the point where even the staff I saw every day were asking. But as I received more and more of that question it became so burdensome that even if there was 1 in 10,000 odds of such a feeling, I would say, "never mind, I won't do it", I wanted to say. Still it's coming from people who kindly enjoyed watching us, so I am just grateful.

-SS: You are much taller than I had thought. 172cm (5'8"), height must be important in your choice of boyfriend.

SHS: Look a bit taller today, right? Wearing some heels. Haha. Personally I like a man who's taller than me. Not like taller than 190cm (6'4"), but so I can lean on him it's better if he's tall enough for that. Looking back, of the men I'd met with there doesn't seem to have been many tall ones. Only one person over 180cm. Anyway if our height are similar I can't wear shoes with heels. Shoes change with the man's height. Fortunately recently I don't tend to wear heels, so I'm merely wishing for someone a bit taller when standing. Well, right now I'm wishing I just had a boyfriend, period. It's been 2 years since I dated. Haha.

SS: Even while saying they're 'busy busy', actors/actresses truly seem to be dating a lot. They are skipping sleep to date it seems.

SHS: I wonder. Perhaps everyone is industrious. Dating you should try alot. Experience at love definitely helps in acting, you know. Dating other actors, I'm all for. Before I used to think, "I want to meet someone who has a different life and a different line of work", but I've changed. I think it better to be with people who can understand/sympathize with you on a wider level.



Oori-HyeSun-see. She's killing me. Part 2 and more later / tomorrow , whenever :sweatingbullets:


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On 9/8/2016 at 2:47 PM, inlovewithtv said:

Thank you for the last post lol @meechuttsoI'd like to think that "it's been two years since I dated" a hint to potential admirers to ask her out. 


Not it sure if this has been posted n translated here. Found it in naver




lol and she loves Ramen like us 




LOL. Thanks, @inlovewithtv ! I think this is exciting news. If I was Nongshim I would have chosen her as a spokesmodel 'coz of this:


Name: Shin Hye Sun
Korean Name: 신혜선
Name in Hanja: 申惠善

But she's pictured with Sang 생 Ramen, which could mean raw or uncooked or unadulterated ;) or like if you have no make up, it's 쌩얼, etc. If she's going to endorse 생라면 then I'mma go buy a pallet-full :w00t:


"Not fried, Wind-dried", it says. Spicy Taste (L), Gentle Taste (R)

I think I'm seeing a pattern here. Whatever oori-HyeSun-see mentions that she wants to do, soon she's getting to do it. So in 5Kids when SangMin and YeonTae were dressed like smurfs cleaning, he asks her what she wants to eat afterwards, she says, Ramen, That was probably not totally accidental. And in one of the recent interviews where she said she wants to do variety show with cooking/eating, she quickly added that she likes to munch on Ramen. So I am almost certain she'll be on TV endorsing Sang Ramen very soon, and she'll also make appearance on cooking show by So YuJin's husband also! :phew:



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