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Shin HyeSun "Thrill of being an actress but for a moment... want to be an actress who doesn't rest on her laurels"

KBS "Five Children" which made us laugh and cry on weekend evenings drew its curtains for the last time. In it, Shin HyeSun took on the role of Lee YeonTae who, even in all her blocking and pushing back the direct approach of Kim SangMin (SungHoon), was so lovable. In her Sept 1 interview, Shin HyeSun shared her parting sentiments, stating it "feels like I just graduated from a school."

"It's very sad not to be able to see those that I saw for a long time. Like losing friends you saw every day? Even now, I look back fondly at the sound of being called YeonTae. Those who recognize me have increased alot also. Although I let YeonTae go, I spend each happy-sad day letting the new popularity sink in.

In the role, YeonTae - who for 7 years had one-side crushed on a man without confessing her feelings then lost him to her friend - was actively pursued by SangMin. Of the moment hearing SangMin's confession to YeonTae, "as a woman it made my heart flutter for real", Shin HyeSun confessed.

"I like a direct-approach man like SangMin. In the past I would like a guy I was drawn to first, but suddenly a man who would decidedly express his feelings seems more attractive. I don't want push-pull back-and-forth either. It's not like I've drawn in my mind an ideal type, but if there's an honest man who adores me like with SangMin's style, I would like to meet him."

In "Five Children", Shin HyeSun played an elementary school teacher who may have seemed down to earth but expressed what's on her mind. Her debut was in "School 2013" in which she played in her first role that of a student who resented other girls more beautiful than herself. In "O My Ghostess", she played Jo JungSuk's little sister who had dreamed of becoming a ballerina but had hurt her legs in an accident; then in "She was Pretty", in the role of a woman whose main goal was to find a husband to marry at her workplace, she transformed into a selfish yet bubbly and charming character.

From a good, kindly face, able to project a variety of expressions and make them come alive, Shin HyeSun can express her own unique set of passions quietly but honestly.

"I want to try really evil roles also, and I like thrillers and horror too. What do you think of sexy roles? One to whom even other women would be attracted. There are so many roles I want to act out. If possible, I would like to experience many different roles. Because although I am still lacking, I am confident that I would work hard."

Even from elementary school Shin HyeSun had dreamed of becoming an actress, so she graduated from 'Seoul National Art High School', then onto Sejong University graduating with film and art studies major. Slowly and meticulously Shin had compiled her skills to make her dream come true - "upon actually becoming an actress, the moment when I had decided to pursue my dreams as an actress was actually the most thrilling," confessing of her process.

"Lately I feel that I need to become stronger. Because the thrill of having achieved one's dreams can't last forever. One can't just sit complacent. Being an actress is no longer just a dream but a vocation, and to that extent, one who wrestles with the (art of) acting and becomes more resilient, that's the actress Shin HyeSun I want to be."

Dramas is over, but actress Shin HyeSun is now just getting started. Having been cast in the movie "Haru"(One Day) and drama "Legend of the Blue Sea", her each day of filming is hectic, but endless smile won't depart from her face.

"Thank you for your copious interest and love. Thanks to you, I am working hard and filming. I want to come to you as an actress who doesn't tire you out even after many views."

Kim SeulAh reporting - news@hg-times.com


I think she's doing a few more interviews now. Or she's teasing me knowing I will translate every last one of them. :crazy:

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Shin HyeSun "Started on Pilati, will make shapely body"

Actress Shin HyeSun has revealed her secret to maintaining her physique.

On Sept 2, met with Shin HyeSun at a cafe in GangNam and talked.

Compared to before the start of KBS2 drama "Five Children" she appeared skinner, and when told, "you've lost some weight", she responded, "It's been hot all summer", "working on drama made me lose weight also, but lack of appetite due to the weather made for an opportunity to go on a diet."

When asked about her dieting method, she said "I starved. I normally really eat alot, but I reduced the amount. Feels good to have lost the weight."

When asked about her secret to staying in shape through 54-part non-stop drama work, she said, "I don't like to exercise" and "as I am a year or two older I am starting to feel it's harder on my body, so recently I stared on Pilati. Started last week, and the instructor said I don't have any muscles. I want to shape my body nicely through exercise", she shared.

Choi JungEun reporting -  news@fashionmk.co.kr


 Goofy short article. :tears: Her fans don't need words or muscle tones to admire her pics.

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"Five Children" Shin HyeSun - "To Get YeonTae Role, Auditioned Twice...Got Greedy"


More interesting article. to be translated... Meanwhile, enjoy all these stunning pics :glasses::heart:

EDIT: Here's the translation.

Actress Shin HyeSun was, along with SungHoon, in KBS2 weekend drama "Five Children"'s one of the most visible actors. So much so that there were viewers tuning into the drama just to watch the two people's 'quarrelsome' relationship. Shin HyeSun, who had been unfamiliar to the general audience, through playing the role of female teacher Lee YeonTae in "Five Children", was able to be remade into an actress who's like a familiar friend.

Previous to this, Shin HyeSun was an actress with whose face people were familiar, but whose name wasn't well known. In tVN's "O My Ghostess" she played Jo JungSuk's older sister role; MBC's "She was Pretty" she was Hwang JungEum's coworker; in the movie "Violent Prosecutor" she was a government office worker who kissed with Kang DongWon, etc., she was in roles near or around the main characters. For this reason, "Five Children"'s Lee YeonTae is special to her. Share of screen time would be large, but also the charcter had been clearly defined. On September 2nd in Seoul we met with Shin HyeSun, who shared, "even now every time I shoot I get nervous" and revealed the story of how she earned the role of Lee YeonTae.

"I got to play YeonTae's role through audtion. The first time I auditioned, I didn't know exactly what type of person she was, so it was hard. Thankfully the director gave me one more chance. I got greedy [ in a sense of wanting something one may not be qualified for ]. Previous to this, rather than the desire for the character it was more common to just go with whatever role the audition could land me in. However with YeonTae even before the results came out I had thought that I wanted to play her part. While a good natured and pure hearted girl, yet she had strong dialog lines like that of a 'dirty-rotten wench' (literally 'mold-infested' girl). The thought came to me that I really wanted to play this part."

Although it's been 10 days since "Five Children" ended, Shin HyeSun confessed that "it's sad to part with YeonTae". It's because she had lived as YeonTae for the long 7-month duration. As one who had mainly done 16-part mini-series, Shin HyeSun's becoming greedy for a weekend drama spot had a special reason. It was for her maternal grandmother who could not stay up to watch late-airing dramas.

"While I coveted YeonTae's role, I had wanted to do the weekend drama. Because of my maternal grandma. Grandma can't watch anything after 10pm because it's too late a time for her. For grandma I wanted to do a drama that airs at an early timeslot. Because "Five Children" airs at 8pm, I had thought that if I could be in it grandma would love it. Grandma was truly happy while it was airing. Boasting to her neighborhood friends, she took my autograph also."

Shin HyeSun, at a relatively late age of 25years, debuted through "School 2013". However the dream of being an actress started in elementary school. Believing that she would of course become an actress, she never gave thought to any other dreams. In high school, and while enrolled in college she continued to learn acting, but opportunities didn't come knocking easily. But she wasn't shaken by it. Having steadfastly walked along her own path, Shin HyeSun is using this rare chance that found her as a springboard to continue moving forward little by little.

"I've not yet thought of myself as an actress who's legit/arrived. Truthfully, it's still embarrassing to even declare myself as "I'm an actress". Because the word 'actor' is such a cool thing, that it's embarrassing to use it carelessly. At this point, I need to be able to just absorb/digest any and all roles given to me. It's about being open to many possibilities. As an actress, I feel that I've just really gotten started now. I've taken a mere few steps is all. Compared to how far I've come, the road ahead is soo much farther so I must journey on without tiring. "Five Children" is a drama that gave me the feeling of having been crank-started. It's such a thankful opportunity/project/work."



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Found some more candy! :w00t:B)

On 9/2/2016 at 6:24 AM, shanana123 said:


Hi.. Hello everyone.. I'm new here.. Just joined the forum because of shin hye sun.. Was totally fell in love with her charm in five enough..  

Hoping to see a lot of her updates and will definitely follow any ig or fb account relating to hye sun unnie.. Cheers.. :D


Welcome @shanana123 !!! Bless you.:lol:

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FLUsh, my OCD counterpart in Korea, has been busy with meticulous cataloging of oori-HyeSun-see's CF endeavors. In grateful solidarity, I translate the funny radio ads which reminds me how challenging life as an entertainer / spokesperson can be.

Pizza Hut Smart Lunch radio ad:

Customer: Are you discounting price out of sympathy?

Employee: A pizza this good has a GangNam-feel, we're plenty rich.

SHS: "Lunch price is W5900 Won (~$5 USD)! That's right!"

Everyone: Whoa...

SHS: "Smart-e lunch-ie, for reals, pizza for 5900 Won.

Employee: Doesn't it make you anticipate lunchtime?

Customer: True that....


2016 Chevrolet Cruze radio ad:

Hello this is actress Shin HyeSun.

We all have our unforgettable first time, haven't we?

The first time we stood on stage, the trembling. Got to see a totally different world, didn't we?

Like when we hopped on 'Cruze' and sped away for the first time.

Meet the 'Cruze' that will become your strength for all your firsts.

My first identity - 2016 Cruze


Let's all go have some pizza and trade in our HyunDaes & Kias for some Cruze'.

Oori-HyeSun-see fighting!!  :heart:



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"Five Children" Shin HyeSun - "Pure Look yes, but also Clear Exceptionally Beautiful Smile"


At Cafe KAARE KLINT in GangNam

... sweet chemistry with SungHoon (blahblah):P... Lee YeonTae, as an 'unblemished' pure/genuine lady in the drama, received much love from viewers for her bashful reserve, expressions of love/sympathies, etc., and showing her cute "aegyo".

"please take pretty pics of me" "pure smile" "Shin HyeSun's lovely look" "please keep watching over me"


MORE CANDY from oori-HyeSun-see !! There are 10 pics altogether but only put 2 here... might put them all in here so don't hate on me if I do. Each pictorial better than the last... the black leather skirt! :sweatingbullets::w00t::rolleyes::P:wub:B):phew::):crazy::lol:

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thanks @meechuttso for all the eye candy and translations!!! bless you! <3:heart:


I am looking at all these photos and thinking, there is no way SH is going to let this hottie like her pass but this is SHS's page so I am just going to comment on how awesome she looks - with and without makeup


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@meechuttso  Wow! You have been hard at work!  Thanks so much!  I am loving all her interviews, since news from her is rare. She is such an honest person and I agree with @inlovewithtv , as she does look great with or without makeup.  She's is a natural and unique beauty. Hope she never does plastic surgery!:P

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On 9/2/2016 at 10:17 AM, meechuttso said:


"Five Children" Shin HyeSun - "Want to be a trendy actress even when I'm older"

to be completed

(This is definitely fan abuse, oori-HyeSun-see :sweatingbullets::wub:)


As promised, completed translation - I rather like this abuse by oori-HyeSun-see :crazy:


Actress Shin HyeSun (27yo) through her weekend evening drama appearances setting hearts aflutter ... rose among entertainment prospects to the "Big Powerful Lady" status.

In "Five Children", from 'innocent female teacher' Lee YeonTae's role, Shin HyeSun showed dating clueless ... reborn as dating 'pro' process in lovable fashion, claimed the next generation "RomCom Queen" throne also.

"First time filming one project for so long. While working for 9 months, became so close to the 'Lee YeonTae' character. 'Bitter-sweet' is used for situation like this it seems. Even now I'm in the process of 'exiting' YeonTae. The senior actors, colleagues, staff with whom I worked, were all so exceptional. Looking back, bathed in the encouragement of so many people I grew a 'hand taller' it seems."

All interview long, with her cute way of talking and unique eye-smile, Shin HyeSun very much resembled "Five Children"'s Lee YeonTae. She said that in fact she does have a lot of similarities with YeonTae.

"YeonTae is a good and lovable character who nevertheless is immature. Especially the look of pathetic-ness that YeonTae showed could be anyone, it seems. And me included of course. In fact I'm not of a 'snappy' got-it-altogether type personality (laughs)."

With viewer ratings well above 30%, "Five Children" was popular of course with middle age, seniors but also captured the imagination of younger generation. Thanks to that, her fan base has become diverse also. But above all else, what makes her feels really good is the fact that she was able to show devotion as a good filial daughter to her family, especially to her grandmother.

"My maternal grandma goes to bed early ... can't watch mini-series starting at 10pm. But "Five Children" she always watched the first airing. Each time after the broadcast, she would say (to me) 'aigoo, our talent', and be so proud. Watching her grand-daughter appear on TV made her happy." <-- Duh B)

Now barely 3 years since debut (4th year in Korean counting system). For her who was still relatively a stranger to the studio  ... her co-actors and those more senior to her were a real source of strength. Especially with the same newbie class mates SungHoon, Im SooHyang, An WooYeon, their mere existence was a comfort ('had their back').

"With SungHoon-oppa, SooHyang and WooYeon, after shooting we ate together and shared chats in the Kakao-talk chatrooms. Especially with partner SungHoon oppa even at the beginning we could work well together, but as we got closer it got even better. Jang Yong, Park HyeSook (mom, dad role) 'teachers' took totally great care of us like real parents, so I could do my acting comfortably."

Shin, who lacks acting experience, would like to do many more character roles. Any roles given from now on, no matter what, she'll do with all her strength; still there are certain roles she covets.

"I would like to do an 'evil' character who doesn't just act evil. Not already existing dramas' typically evil role who harms other people and takes revenge, etc., but a true evil-to-the-core person. I want to become a truly truly evil person." :vicx:

Shin HyeSun received attention this year not only through drama but in variety program also. In a short time KBS 2TV's flagship show "Happy Together" she appeared twice and became topical. In the broadcast, instead of flowery and exaggerated eloquence her honest and forthright appearance gained approval of the audience.

"In any case I was going out there to talk about myself, so I had resolved to not pretty it up. But it was unexpectedly relaxed and fun, so perhaps stories just flowed out? Is that in fact the 'Yu-magic' (they speak of)? (MC Yu JaeSuk) (laughter)

While possessing plenty keen sense for doing variety programs, there is in fact another class of variety programs Shin HyeSun has set herself to appear in. It's none other than 'eating shows'. Regularly she takes care to watch SBS "Baek JongWon's Home-Made Food Master" program. Shin HyeSun has claimed the title of "Master-Fan" of "Five Children"'s So YuJin (An MiJung role)'s husband Baek JongWon.

"In the past I had watched 'Korean Food Big Win'?? and thought Baek JongWon 'uncle' is the coolest", and then watching 'Baek JongWon's Home-Made Food Master' I've become an absolute fan. I wasn't able to tell So YuJin un-nee (older sis) directly, 'cuz I envy her. Personally I like Dduk-Bok-Gi (spicy steamed rice cake snack) and Ramen type munchies."

From starting with KBS "School 2013", tVN's "O My Ghostess", MBC's "She was Pretty", movie "Violent Prosecutor", drama "Five Children", her hot streak is continuing. Shin HyeSun is working with Byun Yohan in movie "Haru"(One Day) then onto Jeon JiHyeon-Lee MinHo couple's "Legend of the Blue Sea" by "My Love from the Stars" writer Park JiEun.

"For all the overwhelming love towards me these months, I am so thankful. However, I am starting to get greedy. So that all your interest in me doesn't just end here abruptly, I would like to show you my better work still. Whether mentally or physically I want to train myself diligently to be able to act for a long, long time. Even when I'm older I would like to be a 'trendy' actress. The kind who doesn't get passed up by the next generation."

Newspim Park JiWon reporting - pjw@newspim.com Photos by Kim HakSun - yooksa@newspim.com


Some repeat but a lot of new stuff learned, and to look forward to! She's petitioning to get on food / cooking / reality shows!! :w00t:


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I guess it's time for Korea to make a remake of Chinese drama "Shan Shan comes to eat". SHS and SH are perfect for leads and what is more important, lead girl eats a lot :D

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Wow, so many goodies. Thanks @meechuttso! SHS is sooo pretty!

SH got a lot of interviews towards the end of the drama. I guess now, it is SHS' turn ;)

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Shin HyeSun "Couple role with SungHoon, Date in Real Life would be Big Trouble"


Actress Shin HyeSun has weighed in on the probability of progressing to an actual relationship with SungHoon.

In KBS2 drama "Five Children" (last episode 8/21), Shin HyeSun, in the role of dating newbie Lee YeonTae, painted a fresh picture of romance with Kim SangMin (actor SungHoon). Shin HyeSun and SungHoon took their sweet atmosphere from the drama to variety programs like KBS2 "Happy Together 3" and earned big reactions from the viewers.

However, in her interview with DongA dot com, Shin HyeSun, on the topic of progressing to real lover status with SungHoon, "if we were to date in real life, that would cause a big scandal" she diverted.

Shin HyeSun doesn't "tend to be set on an ideal type. Just one, I look at the height. My height being 171cm [5'8" for you Americaners], I would like my boyfriend to be taller than me. Looks, physique, really don't matter", adding "in that regard, SungHoon oppa is tall. Only the height is my ideal type", she quipped frankly as if to reveal(/point out) her rapport with(/affection for) SungHoon.

And "I thought I was experienced at dating, but everytime I run it by my friends they're like 'wuuuut?, you?~'. Looking at it objectively , I'm not someone who's particularly capable at dating/relationship", adding "push-pull/back-and-forth['PPBAF'] is frustrating so I tend not to do that. But in love relationships that (PPBAF) is important. So at the beginning I purposely make an effort to do 'PPBAF', but it's not easy", she told of Shin HyeSun's real self different from the drama's Lee YeonTae.

"Honestly I don't think I'm a total dating-clueless like Lee YeonTae from 'Five Children'. I'm an ordinary person. Of course up to this point in my life nobody has liked, clung onto me like Kim SangMin either. (she laughs) Basically I tend to be interested in the other person who shows fondness for me, and if good feelings arise then I open up my heart."

Finally Shin HyeSun adds "I don't receive a single Soe-Gae-ting ['blind date', requests for meet/intro through friend, third party] request. Of course right now I have no plans for dating either. Perhaps because of my older sister who's 2 years older is already married, nobody from the family is rushing for me to be married soon either. Wouldn't it be expedient to put off marriage as much as possible?" she conveyed her thoughts about marriage and dating.

Next off, Shin HyeSun is busy with movie "Haru"(One Day) and preparing to shoot SBS new Wed/Thu drama "Legend of the Blue Sea"(LotBS)

DongA.com Jeon HyoJin reporting - jhj@donga.co.kr


(Added unrelated pic for those who don't like to read. Many more here: http://thestar.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2016/09/05/2016090501104.html)


Every day, there's something funnier than the last :w00t: Oori-HyeSun-see is crying out for help!  Double posting (shipper thread) on this one because it's important (to us fans):rolleyes:


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