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1 hour ago, meechuttso said:

how happy I am, just to be here as her fan.

Agree.   :love:

Just to be her fan is enough for me.  So happy, really don't have word to describe my feeling now.

(Probably the same feeling as Bonghwan who he woke up and after checking the history book he found out that CJ and SY had succeeded with their plan. And he felt that his time in Jo-Seon is really not a waste at all and he selected the right side for his all-in). 




Interesting statistic from this facebook post









From IG live today she said that the filming of movie "She's Dead" will finish end of this week.

So next week I hope she has lot of time to rest and eat.  


And after that....Baeksang awards 

And also,  I really can't wait to hear the news of her new work.

(Actually I want to see she does another MV again). 








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@immorethant when is the Baeksang Awards and has she been nominated?


Thanks for sharing the amazing facts of Mr Queen.


Hope we get to see her in some variety shows like Masters in the House along with JH. I would love to her a new drama but she needs atleast a one month rest after MQ and her new film.

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Being a Shin Hae Sun fan is such a joy. The dramas she chooses seem to push the envelope of her already incredible acting skills, breaking new ground each time.  She is such a hard worker and more than once she has said she will work even harder. Music to the worlds ears. I can't wait to see what new mountain she climbs in her next drama. 

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Story of Shin Hye Sun


Made me cry reading this....

Even though I used google translation




(Some part)


"Since I debuted at the age of 25, it's a late age. So, I think I was impatient. I thought I had to settle down before I was thirty,


She said to became an actor was so difficult, but even after she became an actor, it's not smooth.

"Well, in a year (after debut), there was no work except one supporting role and one child role."


"My activities didn't work out as I wanted."


"I had a vague confidence that I would be able to do well once I debut, but it wasn't that. I was a very small person. It's really very painful to spend time with such a feeling of self-destruction."

"The day that I'm still unknown, all my friends worked, but only I kept taking a break and asking myself if I'm a bad person.'


"I was an aspiring student with a lot of hope and a lot of dreams, but after I started working in earnest, I became a depressed unemployment."


“The most difficult time was when faith in myself collapsed.”


"I made a plan when I was younger. I had crazy daydreams. But what I thought when I was younger gradually delayed."


"It was so hard to wait for the next work after making my debut after being unemployed for 3 years." 


"The hardest thing was the feeling of being helpless towards me. I was trying not to miss the string of hope, but there was a feeling that the string was breaking."


"In the past, I didn't have a management agency, so I used to drive myself to shoot

At that time, I focused on minor roles or supporting actors, so even if it took several hours to go down, I just went and waited.

There were many cases where I just had to go home because of a shooting cancelled.


Even when I came back home on a dark night after a day, I packed my clothes again and drove for several hours. I didn't feel that hard because acting was so fun

The only thing that was difficult was the look of my mother who looked at me sadly when I came home. "


(Is this a scene from 'My Golden Life' ?  That Ji-An mother had to see her daughter trying to find a job and had to do many part-times )  :bawling:


After that, ...as all of us know, after suffering for a while

After 'Five Enough' , everything got better little by little and in 'Secret Forest' my photo was put on the poster for the first time.

After that, at the end of my twenties, "My Golden Life" is my breakthrough and I became completely established as an lead actor.

Come to think of it, it seems that I was able to settle before thirty years, as the goal I set when first debuted.


Reading this I love this woman so much and I just want her to have every success in this world


Congratulations for 3000th days after debut !!  :hooray2::fullofhearts:









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Thank you for sharing @immorethant, surely she didnt have it easy. I know everyone has their own "struggle" story to share but hers is one im incredibly proud of everytime I talk about her with my little circle of fangirlfriends who watched Mr Queen with me. And even with all the attention she's getting now, she remains to be truly grounded. You can definitely sense that when she does her IG labangs. I really wont get tired of saying this over and over, I am so so proud of this woman.


I already told you this on twitter but ill say it again, chingu, @immorethant and to @Man-O-Man too, thank you for keeping our little corner alive! Really appreciate everything that you do for this thread! 


I miss everyone! 

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Finally there is another new subber for Hye Sun video. :elated:


Thank you so much !!!  Please help subscribe this channel  :heartxoxo:

I hope there will be more and more subbed videos in the future. 





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I'm new in this thread :-).  I discovered this amazing actress thanks to MrQueen, and now, I'm watching all of her other works. I finished Still 17 a couple weeks ago (loved it), and I'm currently watching Five Enough. She is so beautiful and her acting is one of the best I have ever see. 


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18 minutes ago, Bouhoub said:


I'm new in this thread :-).  I discovered this amazing actress thanks to MrQueen, and now, I'm watching all of her other works. I finished Still 17 a couple weeks ago (loved it), and I'm currently watching Five Enough. She is so beautiful and her acting is one of the best I have ever see. 


Welcome. When you get to My Golden Life and Angels Last Mission Love you will be blown away. I was hooked on SHS after seeing her in Stranger.  

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