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Queen Cherin - So-Yong (aka Cow-Dragon) - her first fusion historic drama Now playing (Nov 2020) in her Second silver screen main role as Yoon Se-Hee in crime caper movie, 'Collector'

[Issue Interview] 'Five Children' Shin HyeSun - "If I were YeonTae couldn't do one-sided crush like that." http://www.issuedaily.com/news/news_view.php?ns_idx=197828 9.7M followers, 32.8% TV

---------------------------------------- http://www.diodeo.com/news/view/1714110 ---------------------------------------- Shin Hye-sun, first newcomer award at 'Scene Stealer Festival' since he

There are few human characteristics more important than a sense of humor.  To be able to laugh, especially at ourselves, helps keep our lives balanced and re-energizes our souls.  Looking forward to more Mr. Queen. Korean fiction for the soul. 

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10 hours ago, iffy21 said:

@immorethant I am so nervous for tomorrow ...don't want the ratings to drop due the stop knetizens. NO social posts from tvN at all.:sad1:

I think during this time it’s better for production team and actors to lay low so they will not be a target too much and wait for Ep3 to come out and let the rating shows that many people still support and enjoy the drama.  

This morning tvN just release more preview. 


From Ep3 synopsis in official website, I think there shouldn’t be much controversy.




적과의 동침

소용은 병인의 도움으로 위기에서 벗어난다.

철종은 소용을 보호하는 김씨 세력의 움직임을 감지하고 그녀에 대한 의심이 짙어진다.

현대 음식이 그리워진 소용은 수라간을 찾아가고, 대령숙수 만복과 신경전을 벌인다.

호수에 물을 채우기 위해서는 순원왕후의 마음을 사로잡아야 한다!

소용은 자신만의 방법으로 까다로운 순원왕후의 호감을 얻기 위해 노력하는데… 과연 성공할 수 있을까?


Sleeping with the enemy.

So Yong got out of the crisis with the help of (Kim) Pyeong-In.

Cheol Jong awared of Kim's movement to protect So Yong, and became more doubt about So Yong.

So Yong who missed modern foods, visited royal kitchen and began war of nerves with Royal chef.

To fill the lake with water, So Yong had to capture Queen Sunwon's heart!

So Yong tried to please Queen Sunwon, who is difficult in her own way (picky)....but can she really succeed ?





I'm deeply grateful and totally agree with the person who wrote this article.

This gave me hope that there are audiences who still being sensible.




Some translation (google+my adjustment)


‘철인왕후’ 혐한·역사왜곡 논란 속 돌아봐야 할 것은…


Looking back at the anti-Korean and historical distortion controversies of 'Mr. Queen'


1. The controversy about the writer of original novel is anti-Korean

"The fact that Korean, Chinese, and Japanese content is shared with the public across national borders and controversy is broadcast live on the Internet has a heated side. As nationalism in Korea, China, and Japan was strengthened and the controversies over Hanbok and Kimchi became more sensitive, the confrontation against their own culture is on the way. Of course, anti-Korean is bad. In other words, contempt for other cultures in other countries is wrong. However, the appropriate behavior that fits in the era of 'Trans Asia' where contents can come across each other is not a 'Rage against anti-Korean' or a 'Nationalism Olympics'. From us, it is time to look back to whether there has been a disproportionate or insensitive cultural appropriation to other countries in the Korean Wave content. If you are country who exports cultural content exporter, you must have a global sense."


2. The controversy over history distortion


The production crew apologized for the criticism that the line “The Annals of the Joseon Dynasty is just a tabloid” disparaged the value of the Annals. However, it is questionable whether the value of the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, which is a UNESCO World Recorded Cultural Heritage, was degraded.Isn't it just a line that expresses the confusion experienced by modern people who have time slipped in his tone? Of course, it is understandable that it provided a source of misunderstanding to foreign viewers who did not know what the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty or Royal Ancestral rites music were, not Korean viewers. However, if you are a foreign viewer with common sense, you will see it in consideration of the genre and between-the-line meaning. For example, there will not be many foreign viewers who see 'Kingdom' and believe that the Joseon Dynasty was a zombie den.


In fact, that dialogue is not the authentic story represented by the Annals, but it contains the imagination of the other side of unrecorded history. The 'how' and 'why' are important. To imagine the other side of history is not a distortion of history....(this part the writer referred to another Korean movie which I don't have enogh knowledge to translate, so I skipped).....'Queen Cheorin' imagined a different Cheoljong other than the Cheoljong recorded in the dynasty. It is an imagination that Cheoljong, who was recorded as the “Scarecrow/puppet King,” caught in the gap of the sedo politics, tried to reform Joseon through his double life. This idea is not unfamiliar. If King Jeongjo, Crown Prince Sohyeon, and Gwanghaegun had succeeded in reforming, the nation's good luck would not have changed, and would not have been constantly looking for candidates for reform monarchs.

As part of such imagination, it is projecting the last hope of the dying Joseon to Cheoljong. In particular, isn't it interesting to him, who is a 'Boy from Ganghwa', because it can give him a people's character that no king of Joseon ever has.


3. The controvery of using real historical figures of supporting characters


Poongyangjo's clan association responsed with strong warning, saying that it had damaged the honor of a supporting character (Queen Shinjeong). The production crew changed the family name to'Pung Anjo' and'Ansong Kim' in the introduction section of the website. There was a controversy over the role of admiral 'Bae-Seol' in the movie 'Roaring Currents' (명량). This is because the movie did not sympathize with the descendants who are angry with the ancestor's defamation after seeing historical creations. If you are a citizen of a modern country, you must object the history of the ruined old system. The history like the people of the Joseon Dynasty is not supposed to be privatized as the work of my family. It is true that Andong Kim clan and Poong Yangjo clan contributed to the ruin of the country. If you dare to identify yourself as a member of a family rather than a citizen of a modern state, regret/remorse on the actions of your ancestors should be taken precedence.


4. The criticism of parodying the name of the'Octagon' club


In particular, the controversy is growing as the co-production company'Studio Plex' is found to be a subsidiary of YG Entertainment, which was involved in the Burning Sun case. The scene of the'Octajeong' gisaeng house is controversial in many ways. Although it seems to be a disgusting representation of the room salon culture, it is because a queer element is found in the guest reception scene after recognizing that (So Yong/Bong Hwan) is a man and woman (transvestite). Opinions are divided on whether to view it as a transsexual fantasy (of a man) disguised as a woman or as a lesbian practice of a transvestite with a soul of a straight man. In fact, the setting that the soul of a modern man dwelled in the body of the queen itself has the strong meaning gender confusion. It is still too early to predict the way the drama will turn into. However, in the midst of that, Shin Hye Sun's acting, who leads 90 % of the play, is outstanding. For the time being, I want to watch more of the drama with the heart of supporting Shin Hye Sun.

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I sincerely hope that any controversy about the historical commentary in the comedy drama Mr. Queen will translate into even bigger audience ratings than the near record breaking ratings it has already achieved. People who weren't interested in this drama before may now want to see what the big deal is. If they have a functioning sense of humor they are in for a really good time, with the added bonus of watching Shin Hae Sun, one of Korea's best actresses, doing her acting magic. 

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@immorethant @meechuttso @Ni Wen and everyone else Happy New Year and hope you're all well!:partyblob:



“Mr. Queen” Climbs To Its Highest Ratings Yet + “The Uncanny Counter” Returns To Air On Slight Decrease

“Mr. Queen” Climbs To Its Highest Ratings Yet + “The Uncanny Counter” Returns To Air On Slight Decrease

Jan 2, 2021
by E. Cha
Viewership ratings for tvN’s “Mr. Queen” continue to soar!

On January 2, the hit historical fantasy-comedy drama successfully continued its streak of hitting a new all-time ratings high with every episode. According to Nielsen Korea, the latest episode of “Mr. Queen” scored an average nationwide rating of 12.4 percent and a peak of 13.6 percent—setting a new personal record for the drama and taking first place in its time slot across all channels, including public broadcast networks.


Meanwhile, OCN’s “The Uncanny Counter” saw a slight dip in viewership as it resumed airing after a one-week hiatus. The latest episode of the superhero drama scored an average nationwide rating of 8.4 percent and a peak of 9.5 percent.


SBS’s “Delayed Justice” scored an average nationwide rating of 4.6 percent for its latest episode, while TV Chosun’s “The Goddess of Revenge” earned an average rating of 2.3 percent.


Finally, KBS 2TV’s “Homemade Love Story” stayed strong with average nationwide ratings of 27.7 percent and 31.8 percent for its two parts.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of “Mr. Queen”!

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I am very much enjoying Mr. Queen. Judging by the ratings, so are many others. I just read that there will be some 10 minute mini episodes after the main drama ends. Sounds good to me. Looking forward to hearing more about She's Dead in the coming months. Not sure I like the title though.

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How can someone be so hilarious? I almost died  laughing too much when she used the flowers to beat herself, like it's some kind of exorcism.  Shin Hye Sun is really amazing when it comes to her acting. 

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  • 2 weeks later...




Some nice fan (owner of this video) had uploaded the whole Live on YouTube. (Above link)

Hope someone can sub this soon. But meanwhile let's just enjoying watching this cutie. 

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13 hours ago, Ni Wen said:




Some translation gathered from Eng and Korean twitters (my apology for any incorrect and my grammar :P)


  • She said she just finished shooting movie today and going back home. Someone asked how about tomorrow, she said tomorrow she will be at home.
  • She also mentioned about KJH that he's good at live IG and she said she's close to him because of shooting Mr. Queen together for many months. (from May till Jan) 
  • For favorite dish, she said she likes sweet and sour pork
  • For beverage she likes ice choco, mint choco and tea. But doesn't like drinking coffee
  • For icecream, she likes walnut icecream, but actually she just likes all flavours of icecream
  • Asked whether she likes playing game, she said she didn't play game much because she's not good at it.
  • She was asked twice if she's having a boyfriend and she said no (but when answered the 2nd time she blushed). But she said she also wanted to have a date.
  • She was asked to give a wink and later she said she did the right eye wink better than left eye (and show us)
  • Asked about her phone, she said she's using Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus
  • She's taking the role of influencer in the new movie she's shooting (She's Dead). So she said she's trying to be familiar with doing live broadcast. (But it seems that she didn't do it often. At the end she wanted to end the live IG but didn't know how to do it - so cute :kiss_wink: )
  • At first she intened to do the live IG until the battery ran out, but being in the car and had to look at the screen and read many messages gave her motion sickness, so she ended her live sooner (someone commented probably this is the first time that celebrity IG live was ended due to motion sickness :lol: - YNK also said in twitter that next time they will tell SHS to prepare motion sickness medicine in her purse :lol:)   





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5 hours ago, immorethant said:

 At the end she wanted to end the live IG but didn't know how to do it - so cute 

She's really CUTE!! And during the whole live she seems so lost and just smiled and stared lol. Anyone can see she's really not good at it. 


Thanks for the translation. She ended because of motion sickness? Thats so funny:lol: I saw some snippets of trans in Twitter too. But i wanna see it on the clip itself. 

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From https://www.soompi.com/article/1450748wpp/the-uncanny-counter-remains-no-1-on-most-buzzworthy-dramas-list-shin-hye-sun-and-kim-jung-hyun-top-actor-ranking


It's been YEARS since my happy eyes have held that chart with my favorite 3 letters, 신혜선, atop it - Yes! Yes!!


And it's been like a month and a half since I logged in here, Chingoos. I was so depressed to see that @immorethant's wix page had disappeared, but I'm so glad you're back, at least here, girl! And to @Ni Wen and @iffy21 and @Man-O-Man and everybody - hi friends! It's a strange time when her fame has made her a household name everywhere now, this thread is quieter than ever, ironic isn't it? But I have been enjoying this drama series like none other - the production quality and the story itself is just so amazing that I can't help but wonder how they wooed Shin Hye-Sun to the role and if she had an idea of the degree of success this will turn out to be.


Now watching Shin Hye-Sun on screen is such a different experience. The pride I feel with each scene with her on screen that unfolds is indescribable. And to hear the thousand praises of her impeccable comedic timing. To see her absolute command of every scene on screen even in this star-studded and beautiful cast of hundreds and their royal costumes. I dunno what I can add. Contentment is a strangely boring thing. :tounge_wink:


So @immorethant what did happen to you? Are you doing OK?













These may be over a month old already, but first time I'm seeing them. https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=30203579&memberNo=33175148&navigationType=push


So gorgeous - every dream of seeing Shin Hye-Sun in Hanbok fulfilled for 2 lifetimes with this drama. The most incredible costume design and display ever on screen. We bow and thank tvN, the entire production team, and of course our Queen Forever, Shin Hye-Sun, my Joong-Jun-Mama-Forever!  :heart2beat:

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  • Guest changed the title to Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

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