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@immorethant you so crazy - Love everything you've been doing at wix and youtube. So funny how you were already done with translating the short parts I mentioned. Her birthday clips are long and hard to do, but especially loved the one she guesses her OST works. As always your subs are spot on!


MBTI, she's an INFJ of course, and quick translation of the analysis part here.


Shin Hye-Sun's INFP characteristics starting at 4:40

* Idealistic
	Many random thoughts
	Frequent delusions

   SHS: That hurts

* Likes attention but
	When receives attention can't handle it
	A quiet bell

* Lazy perfectionist
	If you can't do it perfectly
	Don't even bother to start

   SHS: (chills, goose-bumps)

* To a new acquaintance talkative
	But in groups situation like school,
	Awfully selective

   SHS: (Right! x5)
	(got goose-bumps on my arms)

* If something you like get crazy into it.
	But interest burning hot only at start
	Cools off quickly

   SHS: (Right! x6)
   SHS: (Right! x7)
	(real goose-bumps up her sleeve)

* Super lazy 

   SHS: (Right! x8)
   SHS: (Right! x9)

* When some tries Texting/Calls
	Multiple calls ignored
	Is annoyed by them
	Ignores without even reading	

   SHS: (Right! x10)
	I have a few hundred (unread) Kakao-talk messages

	I try to change that habit but I can't

* Internal development highly valued
	Hate talking about private matters to others

	When upset must be alone
	Nobody had better touch her then

   SHS: (Right! x13)
   SHS: (Right! x14)
   SHS: (Right! x15)
   SHS: (Right! x16)

   (Give up Counting)

   SHS: No one can soften it, my hurt emotions

* Don't tend to tell others what to do
	But this is because too lazy to bother
	Not because I don't have complaints

   SHS: (goose bumps)
	Correct, and it's really true 

	Every once in a while, I have something to say
	Like, "I would prefer it this way,..."  but
	But if I say it, I have to explain...
	And discuss together, 
	This is so tiring...
	So "If I let it go it'll get better" I say to myself

* Not too good at knowing how to lean on other and
	Don't like to rely on others
	So I normally try to deal with it alone

   SHS: Right right

* I like to be by myself
	But don't like to be lonely

   SHS: Yes, Right

* Don't want to bother going out
	But once outside, I have fun

   SHS: Right , <BIG> Goose Bumps <BIG>

* Sitting around the house watching TV
	Complete House-Girl (집순이)


* Clueless about money
	But make excuses to spend

* Don't like to argue/fight, so
	I just lose (sacrifice)

* Even if you're nice to me 100x
	But don't responde to me just once
	Makes me introspective about
	What I might have done wrong

   SHS: That's why I thought I was AAA blood-type

	I'm blood type O

* I don't like my personality, somewhat
	But cherish myself (am good to self)
	And love myself a lot

   SHS: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ (laughs)

* Even while wondering why I am like that
	I really love myself so much ...^^❤️

   SHS: (Laughs deliciously at the thought)

	I'm a bit... embarrassed
	Feels like I've turned myself inside out and exposed it

	At times, a bit, I envy others too
	That's true but I

	<BIG> ❤️ 내가 좋아❤️  <BIG> I'm fond of myself
	<BIG> 날 사랑해^^! <BIG>  I love myself

End of MBTI test and analysis.


Tolkien and Alicia Keys?? She in some good company :)



And I LOVED the new posters.


2 things!!

* She has gone back to her Cha Si-Ah antiquities expert role - maybe this time for real.

* She's going to speak Japanese, I bet!





That link from the name that appears on the screen behind her in the first still cut:

https://namu.moe/w/오구라 다케노스케



EDIT. I need to add Secret Forest 2 to her filmography - CAMEO!! I loved that few second scene in Hwang Shi-Mok's dream that finally seems to give Young Eun-Soo, Young-Gum, the closure we all needed.



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Queen Cherin - So-Yong (aka Cow-Dragon) - her first fusion historic drama Now playing (Nov 2020) in her Second silver screen main role as Yoon Se-Hee in crime caper movie, 'Collector'

---------------------------------------- http://www.diodeo.com/news/view/1714110 ---------------------------------------- Shin Hye-sun, first newcomer award at 'Scene Stealer Festival' since he

--------------------------- http://sports.chosun.com/news/utype.htm?id=201606210100157720011050&ServiceDate=20160620 --------------------------- [Interview #1] Shin HyeSun "Cheesy style lik

@meechuttso Oh..thank you so much for the translation !! :kiss_wink::heart:

Would you mind if I paste in my blog too ?




Actually I haven't watched Secret Forest 2, because lately I don't really have time to watch long series,  so I inteded to wait until it ended first to see audience's review.   But now because Shin Hye Sun appeared in this, so I will definitely find time to watch it. :rolleyes:


Oh...I just saw Asianwiki already put Secret Forest 2 in her filmography :lol:


Have a nice day today, 

and tomorrow we will also see Hye Sun again in 'Dogul' press conference , yeah !





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Thanks for all the information. Surprised by SHS cameo in Stranger 2. I've watched first 2 episodes but still have sadness so I tend to watch other things first. Her cameo at the end is now motivation to complete the series. I'm so glad the producers did that. It just seems respectful to SHS fans and to SHS herself. 

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'Dogul' (Collectors)  press conference on Oct 6th















:sparklyeyes: :heart4:


Director Park Jung-Bae praised Hye Sun here 


"혜선씨는 드라마를 다 볼 정도로 팬이었다. 딕션이 굉장히 좋은 배우로도 유명하다. 극중에서 문화재 강연하는 장면, 일본어, 중국어를 구사하는 장면들이 있는데 굉장히 잘하더라. 최고로 적합한 캐스팅이지 않았나 싶다"라고 말했다. 이를 들은 조우진은 "감독님께서 혜선씨 찐팬인 게 실남이 났던 게 표정이 다르더라"고 힘을 보탰다.


"For Hye Sun, I am a fan and watched all her dramas. She is well-known as an actor who has a very good diction. There are scenes in the movie where she gave lectures on cultural properties, and scenes where she spoke Japanese and Chinese, and she was very good. I think this is the best casting". After hearing this, Jo Woo-jin added, "The director was a real fan of Hye Sun and the fact is that his expression was different."

(This is in the 2nd video from Vstar at 2.32 min. Jo Woo-Jin showed normal expression of the director compared with how his face changed in satisfaction when he watched Hye Sun) 





From this news article

The Director said

"신혜선씨가 일본어를 하는 장면도 있었는데, 일본어 봐주시는 분이 일본인보다 일본어를 잘 한다고 하셨다. 잘 캐스팅했구나 너무 만족했다"

There was a scene where Shin Hye Sun spoke Japanese and she spoke Japanese better than Japanese. She's a very good casting. I was so satisfied.


(Hahahaha... so the 'Innocence' director is her fan, and 'Dogul' director is her fan.  :lol:

I think there are also lots of directors and producers who are her fans and want her in their movies/dramas  :wub:)


Shin Hye Sun said

"시나리오가 너무 재미있게 읽혔다. 제가 맡게 될 세희란 캐릭터도 지적이고 색다른 매력이 있어 끌렸다. 다른 캐릭터도 재미있어서 어떻게 나올지 궁금했다"고 말했다. 이어 "지적이고 세련된 친구라 그런 모습을 찾기 위해 노력했다"며 겸손한 반응을 보였다.

"The script was so fun to read. The character Se-Hee, which I'm going to be in charge of, was also attractive by her intellectual and unique charm. Other characters were also interesting, so I was curious about how it would come out." Then, she showed a modest response, saying, "Because she was an intelligent and classy character, so I tried to give such an appearance."



another article
신혜선은 자신이 맡은 캐릭터에 대해 "세희는 한 눈에 가치가 있는지 알아볼 수 있는 머리가 명석하고 엘리트 큐레이터다. 그래서 사람도 딱 보고 가치가 있는 사람인지를 판단할 정도다. 지적이고 세련됐기 때문에 제 안에서 모습을 찾기 위해 노력했다"라고 말했다. 이를 들은 이제훈은 "찰떡이었다"라고 칭찬을 아끼지 않았다.
Shin Hye Sun said of her character, "Se-Hee is an elite curator with a clear brain to see if it's worth at a glance. So she can just look at the people and judge whether he is worth or not. Because she's intelligent and refined, so I tried to find an appearance from inside (to portray her) ." Lee Je-hoon, who heard this, praised her by saying, "You are perfect."

Shin Hye Sun talked about working together with Lee Je-Hoon after being MC in SBS Drama Awards, from this article,  (also in below video at 1.01 min)




신혜선은 이제훈과 연말 시상식을 진행한 인연을 밝혔다. 그는 “몇 년 전에 ‘연기대상’ MC를 같이 한 적 있었다. 방송이 끝나고 MC석에서 내려오면서 선배님이 ‘나중에 한 번 보자’고 인사하셨다. 그래서 제가 ‘어떻게 뵙죠?’라고 했더니 ‘작품에서 뵙자’고 하더라. 그랬는데 ‘도굴’로 같이 하게 됐다. 바로 그 해였다”고 전했다.

Shin Hye Sun revealed her connection with Lee Je-hoon whom she held the year-end awards ceremony with. He said, “A few years ago, we worked together as MC for 'Drama Awards'. As the broadcast ended and step down from the MC seat (podium), senior (Lee Je-Hoon) greeted 'I will see you later'. So I said 'How will I see you?' and then'Let's see you in the work'. I said like that and it turned out we worked together in 'Dogul'. It was that same year." she said. (The ceremony ended after midnight of 31 Dec 2018, so it's 2019 and the movie was filmed in July 2019)


Hye Sun compared her characters in 'Innocence' and 'Dogul' (From this article)

'결백'에선 진실 파헤치려고 진지한 모습이었다면 '도굴'에서는 진지한 면도 있지만 색다른 매력의 캐릭터라 색다른 매력 보여드릴 수 있을 것"이라고 예고했다.

In'Innocence', I have a serious character who trying to dig into the truth, in 'Dogul', I also have a serious side, but because the character has different charm, so I will be able to show a different charm to you."


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@immorethant Thanks for all the goodies! We all getting excited - turns out she speaks not just Japanese but some Chinese too?


This is the clip saying she made LJH flustered by pursuing him with, "how exactly are we going to see each other again?" after his casual 'see you around' after co-MC'ing the 2018 SBS award ceremonies together.


Here is the clip where the director was just fan-boying SHS for every episode of her dramas. The title of the video says, "not working, busy fan-boying" of the director, ha ha very funny. They were also teasing the director about how serious he was on the set, except when watching SHS do her thing in front of the camera - and even during this press conference, he only started smiling when talking about her. :foryou:


With a fan-boy director in her corner, all she had to do was ask LJH what he's working on next. :)


See Collector thread for the 1st 20-sec trailer and subs.

And I updated top of 1st page image of this thread!


Happy happy fan-boy/girl-ing and squealing.:issohappy::issohappy:





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SHS: 일하나 하죠 
     (Shall we do a job together)

LJH: 스카우트 제의? 
     (Scouting offer?)

NAR: 땅굴 파기가 올림픽 종목이었으면 
     (If digging a tunnel was an olympic event)

NAR: 분명이 금메달이야 
     (Gold medal for sure)

LJH: 무덤으로 들아가는 건 내가 책임질 거고
     (Going inside the tomb, I take care of)

CWJ: 자 그럼 내 차례인가? 
     (So now, is it my turn?)

IWH: 어딜 가면 되지? 
     (Where do I gotta go now?)

<BIG> 땅파서 장사하는 <BIG>
      (Digging holes and selling)

<BIG> 도굴꾼들이 온다! <BIG>
      (Tomb Raiders are coming!)

<BIG> 2020 범죄오락무비 - 도굴 <BIG>
      (2020 crime caper movie - Do-Gul, 'Collector')

CWJ: 니가무슨 지렁이냐?
     (You some kind of an earthworm?)

CWJ: 밤새 흙만 처먹게?
     (Stuffing your face with worms all night?)

<BIG> 11윌 대개봉 <BIG>
      (Opens everywhere - November)


There you go sweetie @immorethant - now I lay me down to sleep, and when I awake, expect to see subbed first trailer on youtube by wseori. And do post to the collector thread too!


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Hi mylovekge (a.k.a. @sodandee)  , glad to see you and everyone back again today to celebrate another Hye Sun's day. :heart1:



Even I know I have to wait for many months to see this movie (probably from Apple movie store again), but I'm so excited.

No doubt why the director is a fan-boy of her.  Because she is pretty and tall, she can be cool , cute and charming, she's good at acting and with good attitude, and she can speak Japanese and Chinese so well.  B)



13 minutes ago, sodandee said:

Mind if we repost the trailer? 

Don't mind at all !!  :wub:



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7 minutes ago, immorethant said:

Hi mylovekge (a.k.a. @sodandee)  , glad to see you and everyone back again today to celebrate another Hye Sun's day. :heart1:



Even I know I have to wait for many months to see this movie (probably from Apple movie store again), but I'm so excited.

No doubt why the director is a fan-boy of her.  Because she is pretty and tall, she can be cool , cute and charming, she's good at acting and with good attitude, and she can speak Japanese and Chinese so well.  B)



Don't mind at all !!  :wub:




PDnim is obviously a fan! She keeps praising her and who wouldn't right? I'm actually rewatching ALML right now because my daughter wanted to watch it and I can't help but swoon all over again. She really is a fantastic actress whose range is undeniable! Sheshifts from one emotion to another so flawlessly! 


Speaking of Apple movie, would you know when Innocence is getting release there? 



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48 minutes ago, sodandee said:

Speaking of Apple movie, would you know when Innocence is getting release there? 

I think ‘Innocence’ is available in Apple Itune store and also Google play store now.


DVD boxset is also available in Yes Asia (Taiwan version - should have Chinese and Eng sub).  But the price is quite expensive for only DVD quality (and no special features except trailer and character analysis video which we’ve already seen).

Better buy on Apple or Google store, because it’s 50% cheaper and it’s in full HD quality.



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Today I'm soooo much glad for all Hye Sun's news, photos and videos.

Being her fan we can have only 2 modes, drought or flooding rain.

I will save my happiness of today's flood for the next drought.  :lol:


Good night all dear chingus !! 

Miss you so much and love you all :dorashakes:



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Korean Entertainment-Weekly (now changed to 연중-live I see), short segment with the least cast 4-some.


Yoon Se-Hee - "Sharp and charismatic elite curator Ms Yoon", who is "all together lovely", according to Lee Je-Hoon :)




Welcome back everyone including @sodandee, or is it me, mainly who was gone?  Love to all :7555_attack:

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Too many mirror image ones over at twittersphere - let's correct that. She needs to do much more of this - Aegyo :fullofhearts:


EDIT - @immorethant I finally remembered to link your fabulous wix page to top of page 1 post! Do you have any 2018 October APAN Top Excellence Award gifs that I can put in place of the broken one there?


Edited by meechuttso
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  • meechuttso changed the title to Shin Hye Sun 신혜선 - Now Drama 2020: Queen Cheorin

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